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Array of groups celebrate the death of DOE’s coal, nuclear bailout

The odd alliance of renewable energy, the oil and gas industry, environmentalists, energy experts and regulators who opposed the Grid Reliability and Resiliency Pricing rulemaking have congratulated FERC on declining to comply with Secretary Perry’s order.

Political, solar vets launch advocacy group to get clean energy on ballots

With the 2018 midterms looming ahead, the Energy Future Project wants to boost solar, wind and other renewables’ profiles and mobilize the “silent majority” that supports them to get out and vote.

FERC terminates coal, nuke bailout proceeding

Federal regulators have rejected orders from Energy Secretary Perry to design open-ended subsidization of coal and nuclear power plants, and are initiating a new proceeding to look into reliability matters.

Solar corporate funding rebounds in 2017 (w/ charts)

Venture capital, debt, securitization and project finance were all winners in 2017, as were solar stocks. However Mercom Capital warns that the pending Section 201 ruling could cause significant damage to the sector in 2018.

Cypress Creek constructs 1 GW of solar in 18 months

The developer continues its nationwide expansion, building 800 MW of solar capacity in North Carolina, South Carolina, Oregon, Texas, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New York and Vermont alone.

FERC: 43.5 GW of utility-scale solar proposed in the U.S. through 2020

While the federal agency continues to struggle with reporting accurate data on existing solar, it has recorded a large volume of proposed projects over the next three years.

California is already getting 30% of its power from RPS renewables (w/ chart)

The latest report from the California Energy Commission shows that the state is within striking distance of its 33% by 2020 renewable energy mandate, with solar providing more than a third of RPS-eligible power.

Sunnova begs Congress: You must help Puerto Rico restore power

The island’s largest residential solar installer is asking Congress to modify the investment tax credit (ITC) into a cash-grant program, which it says would encourage private investment in the area.

Michigan reports big solar growth in 2017

The Michigan Public Service Commission’s report on net metering shows significant growth in both net metered solar and large installations in 2017.

Xcel reports record low prices for solar plus storage

Documents from Xcel’s Colorado subsidiary show a medium price for PV with battery storage of $36/MWh, the lowest known price to date.

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