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Puerto Rico nears awards for 800 MW solar and 220 MW storage, toward multi-GW goals

Puerto Rico’s utility has submitted solar and storage project bids to the government for approval, while a second bid process has been announced. A backlog of distributed solar interconnection requests is being cleared.

U.S. House Committee questions TVA on “hindering” distributed solar

The Committee’s letter added that TVA’s customers “pay too much for electricity.” President Biden’s nominees for TVA directors could govern the utility by May, contingent on Senate confirmations.


LBL explores how to compensate battery owners for grid value

Current price signals to distributed battery owners “do not align with grid value,” says a study from the national laboratory.  


To access low-cost renewables, a Colorado co-op plans to exit Tri-State utility

United Power plans to work with other power suppliers over the next two years to secure alternative power supply on the open market.

Renewables deserve better approaches to resource adequacy: ACORE

A new report finds room for improvement in regional approaches to setting the capacity value of renewables and storage.

Group asks that Entergy improve its resource planning

The utility overestimated costs for renewables in its resource plan and did not seriously consider solar-plus-storage hybrid systems, a stakeholder group said.

Energy efficiency is a good substitute for long-term storage, NREL study says

Reducing building energy usage by about 60% is key to a least-cost 100% renewable energy grid, the study found. 


States choosing smart inverter settings could follow Hawaii’s lead

States don’t need to reinvent the wheel when evaluating smart inverter requirements, said a Sunrun policy director, noting that delays in setting requirements could lead to “wasted infrastructure.”

In California and Hawaii, the benefits of smart inverters are just beginning

Smart inverters have opened up opportunities for people with smart inverters to be paid for providing stored energy on demand and other grid services.


Strategies to enhance the value of utility-scale PV is focus of Berkeley Lab study

The study considers options including an inverter loading ratio of up to 1.7 and DC-coupled batteries, and how increasing levels of PV on the grid influence the optimal PV system design.

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