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Clearway, Enel executives propose three ways to fix utility-scale interconnection

Systematic transmission planning within grid regions, a “connect and manage” approach to interconnection, and using automation in interconnection studies were key solutions that could make interconnection faster and lower-cost, two leaders of renewables development firms said on a webinar.

Flexible demand through participation by large customers in wholesale markets

Large industrial users of electricity that could use less electricity at high prices, or more electricity at low prices, could bid prices for their demand in day-ahead wholesale markets to help set market prices, integrate renewables, and lower system costs, according to an ESIG report.

CAISO transmission plan to support 17 GW of solar within a decade

The California grid operator said that interconnection requests for projects in the zones specified in its transmission plan would receive priority in its interconnection study process.

PJM’s pace of interconnection will not meet demand through 2028, says NRDC

States in the PJM market with renewable portfolio standard targets will “barely” be able to meet those targets through 2027, the environmental group NRDC said, while the region will consistently fall short of an estimated renewables potential.

Electrification could cost California up to $50 billion if loads are not managed

If California infrastructure needs for high electrification were met exclusively with distribution assets, without real-time dynamic rates and flexible load management strategies, the cost could reach $50 billion by 2035, a study by Kevala found.

Puerto Rico cannot afford to repay any of utility PREPA’s debt, says analyst

To rebuild its grid with renewables, Puerto Rico cannot afford to repay the legacy debt of bankrupt utility PREPA through proposed higher electric rates, an analyst said.


New Hampshire utility offers dynamic rates for distributed storage exports

An owner of an 8.6 kW PV system and eligible battery system could earn up to $1700 per year in credits under a New Hampshire utility’s dynamic rate program. Certain standalone storage systems, electric vehicles, and EV chargers are also eligible.


Five state energy leaders describe how IRA incentives are helping their states

Officials from clean energy states discussed how the Inflation Reduction Act is advancing rooftop solar, customer savings, economic development, and grid reliability, and described the extent of community support they see for the clean energy transition.

Green hydrogen production can be profitable in much of the U.S.

Green hydrogen projects can be profitable in “wide swaths” of the U.S., supported by new federal tax credits for clean hydrogen, according to a financial modeling analysis by the policy consultancy Energy Innovation.


National Urban League traces the past and present of environmental justice concerns

Environmental justice now means equal protection from environmental harm, equal employment in the renewable energy industry, and alleviating energy poverty, says an essay in the National Urban League’s report “2023 State of Black America.”

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