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Consider maximizing California’s front-of-meter distributed solar, advocates say

California should evaluate front-of-the-meter distributed solar on an equal footing with transmission-connected utility-scale solar and behind-the-meter solar, not as an afterthought, say several advocacy groups.

Los Angeles looks to expand community solar to lower-income customers

Expanding community solar is among the strategies that would help the Los Angeles municipal utility improve equity, found a study led by NREL and UCLA.

Reconductor existing transmission to “unlock” renewables, says UC Berkeley study

Large-scale reconductoring of existing transmission lines could cost-effectively double transmission capacity within existing rights-of-way, a study says. Renewable energy projects near reconductored transmission lines could more easily interconnect.

RE+storage better than a Colorado utility’s proposed 400 MW gas unit: Strategen

Developers’ bids for solar, wind and storage projects provided in response to a Colorado utility’s all-source procurement enabled an easy comparison of those projects to the utility’s proposed 400 MW gas unit.


California aims to absorb renewable generation with flexible demand appliances

California plans to shift 3 GW of load from dirtier, more expensive times of day to cleaner, less expensive times by setting flexible demand standards for many types of electric appliances. Global interest in California’s work is high, said a state agency commissioner.


DOE seeks state-backed clean energy projects for up to 80% loans

A U.S. Department of Energy official explained how clean energy projects in many states, if they win a state grant or equity investment, can also access federal loan support. Either states or project developers can take the first step toward securing loan support.

54,500 GW-miles of within-region transmission needed for a clean grid, says DOE

Within-region transmission must increase 64% by 2035 to enable a clean grid, says the U.S. Department of Energy. The study will support DOE’s potential designation of National Interest Electric Transmission Corridors.

DOE requests input on draft roadmap to fix utility-scale interconnection 

The draft roadmap developed through DOE’s i2X stakeholder process details 34 approaches that would help speed interconnection and lower its cost. Last year’s stated goals to reduce interconnection costs and timelines by 50% within five years are not mentioned.

Overhaul regional grid operators to speed renewables, says energy lawyer

Harvard law lecturer Ari Peskoe says the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission should require regional grid operators to add “under-represented voices” such as state regulators to their boards, to help speed adoption of new technologies.

California sets first appliance standards to balance renewables

To help balance variable renewable generation, California has set flexible demand standards for pool controls. The standards will help the state achieve its target of 7 GW of load flexibility by 2030 while saving consumers money.

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