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Grids & Integration

Sunrise brief: Utility-scale solar far less costly than the cheapest fossil fuel source

Also on the rise: Five Puerto Rico reservoirs could host 596 MW of floating solar. Weather-related damage to solar assets exceed modeling expectations by 300%. And more.

Flexible interconnection with curtailed output can benefit everyone, analyst says

Allowing flexible interconnection for large solar projects can reduce costs and speed deployment, benefiting developers, ratepayers and utility staff, said a presenter at a North Carolina conference of utility regulators.

U.S. commercial real estate to host VPP-connected flywheels and batteries

U.S.-based technology provider Torus has agreed to supply nearly 26 MWh of energy storage for Gardner Group’s commercial real estate portfolio. The project will integrate battery and flywheel energy storage systems (BESS, FESS) with Torus’ proprietary energy management platform.

A new federal transmission rule won’t help renewables projects anytime soon

Although promptly deploying grid-enhancing technologies and advanced conductors could speed interconnection in the short term, a new federal transmission rule will improve interconnection only once new transmission is built, said panelists on a webinar.

Sunrise brief: California community solar in peril

Also on the rise: Technology-neutral proposed tax credit called ‘game-changing policy’. Less than 3% of farmland could power the Midwest. And more.

Grid analysts challenge Bonneville Power’s pace in adopting advanced conductors

As the White House encourages utilities to use advanced conductors to help interconnect new renewable generation, the federally-owned utility Bonneville Power is moving slowly to use the high-capacity conductors, analysts said.

Texas is the proving ground for a new way of electric grid operation

Texas is uniquely suited to adopt virtual power plant technology due to its competitive, deregulated market. Its success highlights the “perverse incentive” of vertically integrated utilities in other states to make capital expenditures without discretion to raise profits.


Bringing lithium-sulfur batteries closer to commercialization

Researchers at the University of South Carolina have successfully transitioned their highly-durable lithium-sulfur battery technology from coin to pouch cells and reported competent energy densities.

FERC transmission rule to shore up the nation’s power grid

The ruling, which is being praised by industry groups, is the first time in more than a decade that the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has addressed regional transmission policy as well as the need for long-term transmission planning.

DOE proposes ten “national interest” transmission corridors

Eight of the ten transmission corridors proposed by the U.S. Department of Energy would facilitate transmission between grid regions; one would expand transmission within the Mid-Atlantic’s PJM grid region; and one would expand transmission in the Northern Plains.

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