Grids & Integration

Solar drives up evening wholesale prices in California

The duck curve is real, and is driving up prices and increasing ramping requirements in the evening.

Hawaii regulators approve HECO’s 100% renewable energy plan

After years of trying to get utilities fully on board, HECO has issued a five-year plan to double solar and renewables on the road to achieve 100% renewable electricity by 2040.

California’s energy transition needs more than cap and trade

The state’s landmark program, which includes carbon price high enough to affect the electric power sector, has been extended. However, California may have bigger challenges when it comes to transforming its energy system.

Trump appoints uncontroversial energy lawyer to head FERC

Kevin McIntyre has a lot of experience with federal energy cases but has made few waves, and so far the solar industry is taking a wait-and-see approach.

Leaked DOE study draft: U.S. grids are getting more reliable, not less

A leaked draft of the study ordered by DOE Secretary Perry appears to show what we already knew: That grids are getting more reliable, not less, as wind and solar are added. But the political tampering with the facts may already be happening.

Tesla, Neoen to build world’s largest lithium-ion battery in Australia

The installation will be paired with a wind farm in South Australia. At 129 MWh, it will become the world’s largest lithium ion battery project, and is being developed in conjunction with French renewable energy firm Neoen.

HECO grid plan could enable 3x as much rooftop solar in Hawaii

Six months after regulators rejected the first plan, HECO has proposed another vision for the state’s electric grid, which is heavier on software than hardware.

Great Recession-level economic losses could become reality if climate change left unchecked, research shows

Inequality will widen with many poorer parts of the US on course to see their income reduced by 20% if climate change continues to accelerate.

Brattle Group finds no need for “baseload” on the grid

The group’s report for NRDC attempts to put to rest one of the central myths underlying U.S. Energy Secretary Perry’s pending report on the nation’s grid

U.S. cities move forward on the Energy Transition, without Trump

The annual U.S. Conference of Mayors has endorsed a 100% renewable energy target for 2035, electrification of transport and other measures, following 31 cities setting or already meeting 100% renewable energy goals.

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