Grids & Integration

An interstate HVDC transmission system could save the US $1 trillion by 2050

Chart of the day: Researchers with Vibrant Clean Energy have created a model that outlines how upgrading the nation’s existing transmission system or building an entirely new one could save the country hundreds of billions of dollars by 2050.


Proposed $16B project combines world’s largest PV farm, largest battery, longest undersea HVDC cable

Here’s a high-level cost estimate of what transmitting solar power underneath an ocean might cost for the proposed $16 billion Australia–ASEAN power line.


Too cheap to keep: How throwing away power is the best way to balance the grid

Don’t build a battery that costs $1 billion, only works 2% of the time and only moves around 100 GWh of electricity. Instead, build an Energy Imbalance Market or an Extended Day Ahead Market for $100 million that moves around hundreds of GWh of electricity.


Vietnam opens 450 MW solar plant

Ho Chi Minh City-based construction company Trungnam Group said its army of laborers took just 45 days to perform site clearance for a project which took shape within 102 days.


America’s highways have significant solar potential

A report just released by the University of Texas at Austin’s Webber Energy Group has tackled how much solar each state could develop along interstate interchange and exit locations and how much this solar could potentially be worth.


Morning Brief: Installer Sigora Solar acquires Aztec, Generac acquires Enbala, Louisiana goes solar

Also in the brief: Macquarie Group and Siemens AG are forming Calibrant Energy, a venture that will invest in the energy-as-a-service sector in the U.S.


Solar and wind generation continue to expand rapidly while coal is in a tailspin

The EIA’s most recent Electric Power Monthly report shows that solar has accounted for nearly 3.4% of the country’s generation so far in 2020, with wind being responsible for another 8.5%. Meanwhile, coal has plummeted to just 17.8% of the nation’s total, down nearly 30% from just last year.


Morning Brief: Energy secretary slams ‘radical environmentalists,’ touts gas and nuclear as California’s energy future

Also in the brief: $1 million fine at stake as Minnesota solar developers fault Xcel for project delays, more on interconnection.


SEPA rolls out blueprint for tackling integrated distribution planning

Order 2222 raises the stakes — distributed resources are already starting to have material impacts on utilities’ planning efforts, and higher penetrations of distributed resources will amplify the need for better forecasts.


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