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Grids & Integration

‘Report card’ hands the energy sector a C- for infrastructure. It’s an improvement.

The report from the American Society of Civil Engineers said renewables are driving an increase in electric transmission infrastructure spending. But reliability remain a problem, as Texas can attest.

Report assesses solar impact on ISOs and reliability

The Berkeley Lab report covers the seven organized U.S. wholesale power markets and is based on historical hourly solar generation profiles for every plant larger than 1 MW.

Three energy startups to watch in 2021

From panel coatings to power line monitoring and a meter collar that could save homeowners up to $2,000 on a solar installation, Daniel Goldman of Clean Energy Ventures highlights companies that he thinks will break through in 2021.

The Dominican Republic’s largest solar installation will use Trina modules

Trina has shared that it will be supplying 268,200 430/450 W double-glass TSM-DEG17M modules to the 120 MW Sunflower Solar Park, set to be constructed in the country’s San Cristobal province.

Solar, wind, storage superpower: Part 2

In the second of a three-part interview with pv magazine publisher Eckhart Gouras, Tony Seba and Adam Dorr discuss their concept of “SuperPower” and argue that by investing in even more solar PV and wind power, electrons will become so cheap that a Walmart would give them away to draw shoppers.


Solar, wind, storage superpower

In an interview with pv magazine publisher Eckhart Gouras, Tony Seba and Adam Dorr discuss their concept of “SuperPower”: by investing in even more solar PV and wind power than the lowest-cost system defined by the “Clean Energy U-curve,” the gain in additional energy, or “superpower,” is exponential to the money invested.


5 takeaways from a new NREL report on electrification’s future

The report looks at the potential impacts of widespread electrification on the U.S. electricity system—specifically, generation and transmission infrastructure investments, fuel use, system costs, and emissions.

Clear clogged interconnection queues with transmission planning: report

Interconnection queues, in which solar, wind and storage make up 90% of the projects, are “excessively slow, creating a backlog of unbuilt projects.” The culprit is inadequate transmission planning, says a new report.

California plans for summer 2021 with 2,000 MW of new storage

CAISO’s new CEO says that rolling blackouts last August were a pivotal moment for the state. For 2021, he is focused on ensuring the grid has ample resources — including DERs — and well-functioning markets.


NYPA focuses on solar and storage in its 10-year plan

The New York Power Authority’s board of trustees approved a 10-year strategic plan for decarbonizing New York’s energy infrastructure. Large-scale solar and storage both figure prominently.

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