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Grids & Integration

HVDC transmission serves mostly wind and hydro power, not solar

A report from The Brattle Group and DNV recommends clearing barriers in the U.S. to high-voltage direct current (HVDC) transmission. HVDC transmission projects show many cost-saving use cases, but so far, transmitting solar power is rarely among them.

U.S. utility testing 5 MW, 10-hour organic solid flow battery

German battery manufacturer CMBlu is supplying its 5 MW, 10-hour-duration organic solid flow long-duration battery technology to a US utility project, featuring high-performance organic energy storage molecules.

Bringing ERCOT’s speedy interconnection process to the rest of the U.S.

Texas grid operator ERCOT is enabling rapid growth in solar and wind capacity through an interconnection process known as “connect and manage.” That approach could be used across the U.S. with modifications, according to a new study.

Sunrise brief: California electricity pricing exploded in the last three years, far outpacing inflation

Also on the rise: Funding for second-life EV battery materials manufacturer reaches $4 billion. Model procedures for fixing distributed solar and storage interconnection. And more.

Model procedures for fixing distributed solar and storage interconnection

Any state could adopt current “best practices” for interconnecting distributed solar and storage by instituting model procedures published by the Interstate Renewable Energy Council, the group suggests in a report.

Sunrise brief: Arizona approves cut to solar compensation rates 

Also on the rise: “Make it burn” and other lithium-ion first responder guidance. Coalition urges Biden Administration to scrap hydrogen hub plans. And more.

Floating PV plant operators may achieve additional revenue through non-evaporated water

A group of researchers from Italy investigated the economic competitiveness of various ground mounted and floating PV systems with regard to cost and performance, taking into consideration revenues due to reduced water evaporations. They found that the use of non-evaporated water at photovoltaic system sites can achieve revenues greater than $3/kW if used for irrigation and higher than $4/kW if sold to generate hydroelectricity.

Sunrise brief: Five major solar panel suppliers found in violation of antidumping laws 

Also on the rise: Clean energy jobs seeing growth across the U.S.

Federal government proposes new rules for green-grid construction

The DOE established an interagency program to try to streamline the approval and construction of transmission grids with a timeboxed approach to the research collaboration building and renovation phase. 

How New York State can stay on track with green-grid goals 

The Office of the New York State Comptroller suggests streamlining three parallel processes to ensure a carbon-free grid by 2040.  

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