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Grids & Integration

Maine utility admits solar interconnection faults, hiring consultants

Central Maine Power Company admitted that its solar power interconnection processes were at fault in 2020-2021, and has offered a settlement that includes hiring grid analysts, funding a working group between the industry and utility, and greatly tightening upgrade cost estimates.

NREL study finds that managing EV charging complements grid-connected renewables

Managed charging is valuable in systems with high levels of variable renewables because it provides the flexibility to match supply and demand.

Safety a top focus for major solar inverter provider

SolarEdge met with pv magazine to discuss the safety features of its products, as well as codes, standards, and workforce training.


A provisional victory was scored for Massachusetts PV interconnection. What’s next?

pv magazine was joined by Borrego to discuss a recent provisional win for solar developers in the state, and how the future of interconnection costs may be distributed.

Lockheed Martin to provide flow battery for 103 MW Alberta solar + storage project

The Saddlebrook Solar + Storage Project will be a 102.5 MW installation, paired with 6.5 MW/52 MWh of Lockheed Martin’s GridStar Flow battery technology, and will be the largest flow battery energy storage facility in Alberta.

Shoring up the solar industry’s resilience to cyberattack

As solar and storage technologies are deployed on the grid in record numbers, there’s no time like the present to take steps to prevent solar and storage from being vulnerable to cyberattack.


Hydrostor plans 400 MW / 3200 MWh compressed air energy storage

The plant would be able to deliver 400 MW of electricity for 8 hours, and would be comparable in size to some of California’s largest fossil fuel power plants. 

NREL to evaluate AI energy management system for solar microgrid

A mountain home community in Colorado will connect to the cloud based “foresee” platform, which will autonomously control an internet-of-things comprised of solar PV, heating, EV charging, water heating, AC, and more.

Long-duration thermal storage system based on silica sand

Developed by Italian dry bottom ash handling system provider Magaldi Power, the system produces green thermal energy — steam or hot air — which can be used directly in industrial plants or for the generation of electricity using steam turbines.

Calculating the value of a community solar program

Researchers teamed up to analyze the economic benefit of adding 30 5 MW community solar installations to Michigan’s grid annually for six years. Their results may surprise.

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