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Climate First Bank launches residential solar loan platform

The solar loans, available to Florida customers, come with no dealer fees. The company seeks partnerships with residential and commercial installers in the state.

Bank of America banks on Electrify America EV charging

The company announced plans to double its EV charging exposure and intends to have 350 electric vehicle chargers at 90 branch locations.

Museum to spread solar energy savings to local nonprofits

The Discovery Museum in Acton, Massachusetts installed an oversized solar parking canopy, which will deliver 50% of its generation to the museum, and 50% will be sold to local nonprofits at a discount.

Low-income rooftop solar loan program launched in New England

Massachusetts and Rhode Island low-income families that do not qualify for traditional loans will have an option made available through a partnership by the Capital Good Fund and installers Cotuit Solar and Got Sun Go Solar.


Solar jobs: 80,000 trained in the last three decades, over the next three years… double that

Elizabeth Sanderson, executive director of Solar Energy International, joined pv magazine to discuss solar job training, the ongoing Commerce investigation, and the growth of the industry.


Electrify America EV charging network now 100% powered by renewable energy

The electric vehicle charging network provider signed a virtual power purchase agreement on a 75 MW project with Terra-Gen, and now owns enough generation to support its chargers with 100% renewable energy.

House of Representatives joins growing opposition to solar anti-circumvention investigation

A group of 85 Representatives signed a letter expressing “grave concern” about the devastating economic and environmental impacts of the investigation.


Michigan utility adds two solar projects with enough power to supply 150,000 homes

Consumers Energy announced it entered agreements to add 300 MW of capacity across two solar projects to its generation mix.

Solar that works in the shade

Conditions that are 10% shaded can render a typical solar panel useless, but Optivolt said its technology can deliver up to 25 times more power in the shade than conventional panels.

Is residential solar worth it?

Many homeowners invest $15,000 to $30,000 or more in solar. How does this cost compare to the status quo of paying the utility company?


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