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Utility-scale developer to recycle 95% of value of end-of-life solar panels with SolarCycle

Silicon Ranch, a major U.S. utility-scale solar developer with a 5 GW portfolio, entered an agreement to recycle its panels at the end of their useful life.

How long do residential solar inverters last?

Multiple factors affect the productive lifespan of a residential solar inverter. In Part 2 of our series, we look at solar inverters.


California law to require automated, instant rooftop solar permits

Cutting project timelines and costs, automated permits support a more rapid buildout of clean energy.


Virtual Power Plants (VPP) to unlock energy savings, backup power for renters

VPPs represent an innovative way to efficiently use distributed solar and storage, offering savings and backup power to renters. In California, PearlX and Sunnova, among others, are launching services that connect renters with solar, backup energy storage, and bill savings.

Why did I reform my views on Net Energy Metering (NEM)?

Grid controls expert, economist-at-large, and California residential solar customer Ahmad Faruqui shares his views on net metering reform.


California renters will now have access to community solar

A new market for residents to opt in to renewable energy contracts opens in California following Gavin Newsom’s signature on the Community Renewable Energy Act. The law will now be evaluated and implemented by the California Public Utilities Commission.

How long do rooftop residential solar panels last?

Multiple factors affect the productive lifespan of a residential solar panel. In the first part of this series, we look at the solar panels themselves.


Longi announces new 415 W residential and commercial solar panel

Unveiled at RE+ Anaheim, the 54-cell module features outputs up to 415 W and 21.3% efficiency.

Trina introduces two TOPCon solar panels

For commercial, industrial and utility projects, the Vertex N was released, and the Vertex S+ is available for residential installations.

Solar tariffs caused a year of uncertainty; could a US-based supply chain help?

The supply of PV modules to the United States has been challenged by potential tariffs on goods shipped from four Southeast Asian nations that provide 80% of US solar panels. The disruption stems from an ongoing investigation into allegations of antidumping violations. US President Joe Biden has halted tariffs related for two years, but challenges still loom.

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