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Calculating potential impact of EPA’s $7 billion Solar for All program

Solar for All can jumpstart the solar market and expand the benefits of solar far beyond the initial five years of the program. Clean Energy States Alliance notes that after the award decisions are announced, additional states will be evaluating strategies and more households will benefit from this funding over time.

The importance of community solar in all-of-the-above renewable energy strategy

Recent studies show the many benefits of community solar, and to keep it on an upward trajectory, the Coalition for Community Solar Access encourages growth in third-party programs.

Massachusetts lawmakers urged to adopt “million solar roofs” equivalent

In California, Governor Schwarzenegger’s million solar roofs initiative spurred the nation’s largest small-scale solar market. Environment America created a petition to support a 10 GW buildout of solar in Massachusetts to preserve its forests and other lands.

Arizona approves “discriminatory” charge on rooftop solar customers

The Arizona Corporation Commission approved a request from utility APS to raise rates and add a punitive charge to rooftop solar customers.


Sunrise brief: U.S. residential solar prices drop, strong interest in storage

Also on the rise: Shoals to invest $80 million in Tennessee manufacturing expansion. Beaming radio frequency solar power from space. And more.

U.S. residential solar prices drop, strong interest in storage

The 18th edition of the EnergySage Marketplace Report finds the residential solar segment in the U.S. is rocked by persistent inflation, the California NEM 3.0 and rising loan fees. Yet prices have fallen and consumer interest in storage is strong.

Georgia utility “adamantly opposed” to community solar

Georgia Power is “adamantly opposed” to a bill that would establish a market for community solar. The state ranks high in the nation in utility-scale solar deployment but is near the bottom in rooftop and distributed solar.

Sunrise brief: Debunking solar myths–solar is unreliable

Also on the rise: Rooftop solar has technical potential to meet 45% of U.S. electricity demand. Raising consumer confidence critical to energy transition. And more.

U.S. community solar installations expected to more than double by 2028

The cumulative total of community solar installations is expected to reach 14 GW in the United States by 2028, according to a report by Wood Mackenzie.

Raising consumer confidence critical to energy transition, finds EY report

Energy providers, government and the broader energy ecosystem must raise up the access, appeal and affordability of clean energy to help speed the transition to clean energy.

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