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What’s in the Inflation Reduction Act for the solar industry?

A high-level, cursory summary of the IRA 2022 is focused on the details pertaining to solar power professionals.


US Congress passes landmark Inflation Reduction Act

Passage of the act sets US solar industry on a new trajectory—increases Made in the USA manufacturing, boosts solar and battery recycling, incentives electric vehicles, and more


Sol Systems develops bifacial, single-axis tracking solar project with pollinator habitat

Monroe County Water Authority recently flipped the switch on the 5 MW ground-mounted solar array in Penfield, New York.

Sunrise brief: Designing for 100% renewables with real-time retail pricing could yield benefits of 9% or more 

Also on the rise: Catalyzing solar in the US: a manufacturer’s perspective. FranklinWH announces additional financing for its home energy storage solution. And more.

Designing for 100% renewables with real-time retail pricing could yield benefits of 9% or more

Including real-time pricing of retail electricity in the design of a high-renewables system would “markedly” lower the system’s cost, researchers found, in an analysis for the island of Oahu, Hawaii. For continent-scale systems as well, they said the resulting demand-side flexibility is likely substantial.


Catalyzing solar in the US: a manufacturer’s perspective

The Inflation Reduction Act, if signed into law, will provide important incentives that we expect will catalyze significant investment in US solar manufacturing, facilitate the creation of a stable domestic solar supply chain, and allow the US to aggressively pursue the decarbonization of its economy with less reliance on imported solar products.

Waikoloa solar + storage project will contribute to more than 7% of island’s electricity needs

BayWa r.e. will construct the solar-plus-storage facility on the Big Island of Hawaii, which will feature tracker-based bifacial solar modules and a lithium-ion battery system.

Sunrise brief: Solar industry responds to Senate passage of Inflation Reduction Act of 2022

Also on the rise: Ampt lawsuit asks that SolarEdge remove inverters and controllers from market. North Carolinians would save $18 billion through 2050 with high-renewables carbon plan. And more.

US Senate passes Inflation Reduction Act of 2022: An industry reacts

Solar industry leaders weigh in on Senate passage of the IRA, the bill that carries $370 billion in energy security and climate spending.


SEIA and environmental groups comment on proposed changes to Community Reinvestment Act

In May federal banking regulators proposed sweeping changes, which include shoring up the underserved against climate disasters, but SEIA and environmental groups asked them to go further in financing renewables to benefit LMI communities.

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