Residential PV

Sungevity rebounds with two Hawaiian grid edge providers

The residential solar company’s move in one of America’s most complicated solar markets may be a key to getting ready for a more complex future.

Locals suing for net metering, utility wants scale and energy storage

Jacksonville, Florida’s municipal utility has gotten rid of net metering and lowered the rate paid for excess solar produced electricity. Concurrently, the utility is pushing larger scale solar and energy storage programs.

Solar installation costs declined 5 to 11% in 2017, little so far in 2018

This year’s version of Berkeley Lab’s Tracking the Sun report saw residential installs fall 6% to $3.50 / W, small business fall 11% to $2.90 / W and large business fell 5% to $2.20 /W in 2017, with light changes in early 2018. However, these averages cover wide price variances in different markets.


Arizona regulators provide mixed ruling for solar in TEP, UNSE service areas

In the same meeting that they rejected a discriminatory grid access charge, Arizona regulators have moved PV system owners in TEP and UNS’ service areas to a value of solar methodology which creates long-term uncertainty for the market.

Sunrun commits to 100 MW of solar power on affordable housing

California’s Solar on Multifamily Affordable Housing (SOMAH) program has a 2030 goal of installing 300 MW of solar power, and Sunrun’s 100 MW commitment aims to satisfy one-third of that by 2028.

New Mexico kills attempted hike on discriminatory solar fee

New Mexico regulators have killed the standby fee that critics say has paralyzed rooftop solar in the territory of Southwestern Public Service.

Duke calls for extending net metering in South Carolina through March 2019

The power company says that this will allow time for a more careful crafting of a successor program.

Utah’s rooftop solar market on the skids with net metering change

As Utah’s net metering market declines, it is unclear if a successor program is picking up the slack.

Bill to extend California’s SGIP energy storage subsidy passes committee

If passed, SB 700 will extend the Self Generation Incentive Program for another five years and add up to $700 million in funding. It now has eleven days to pass the Assembly before the session ends.

Enphase going Einstein with IQ8 solar power inverters

The IQ8 will allow off grid solar power without the need for energy storage by instantly recognizing local load demands and meeting them with available solar-generated electricity.


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