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Energy Storage

Storage paired with solar shows steady growth, Berkeley Lab says

The report pegged the cost of adding storage to PV on the order of $700-1,300/kWh of storage capacity and the present-value benefit to the host customer of roughly $500-1,000/kWh.

Tesla Powerwalls in California join the movement to create virtual power plants

Made up of distributed residential energy storage, these “plants” stabilize the grid and often end the need for new fossil generation. Tesla customers in California are the latest to join the movement.


Sunrise brief: The path steepens to 80% renewables by 2030

Also on the rise: Sandia develops a grid-scale battery storage technology, NREL researchers write code to make legacy inverters smarter, and take a moment to admire these solar panels.

Sunrise brief: Making the case for installing solar on 30 million homes

Also on the rise: A solar-friendly infrastructure bill is facing early tests in Congress, the NAACP develops solar power principles to address inequity, and more energy storage enters service in California.

Here’s how a solar-friendly infrastructure bill may get through Congress

In the thread-the-needle world of the evenly divided Senate, success or failure may hinge on the actions of two senators and one gatekeeper whose name you may have never heard.

Calpine and GE bring an energy storage project online in southern California

The project contains a 20MW/80MWh standalone battery energy storage system, and has a 20-year Resource Adequacy Power Purchase Agreement. 

Go big and go home: The case for solarizing 30 million homes

A new report argues for the largest solar buildout the country has ever seen, which it said would create 1.77 million jobs and drive $69 billion in energy savings over five years.

Sunrise brief: Longroad brings 200 MW of solar online for Microsoft

Also on the rise: A 500 MW pumped storage project gets seed money from California, supply chain issues are pushing up prices and delaying projects, and Pine Gate Renewables completes a 108 MW project in North Carolina.

Sun Streams 2 enters service with Microsoft as long-term offtaker

Sun Streams 2 is one of four Arizona projects that Longroad acquired from First Solar. The PV and storage portfolio totals roughly 900 MW with the potential for 1-2 GWh of battery storage.

Pumped storage project gets seed money… now the work begins

The proposed 500 MW long-duration energy storage project in San Diego County starts a multi-year process to win federal and state approval. It wouldn’t enter service before 2030.