Energy Storage

Form Energy’s stealthy ‘aqueous air battery’ with 150-hour duration gets another $70 million

The holy grail of energy storage has always been low-cost and long-duration. Form Energy intends on deploying a 1 MW/150 MWh system with a Minnesota utility before 2023, an unprecedented energy storage duration if successful.


Blue Planet Founder Henk Rogers on lithium battery chemistries and vanadium flow batteries

In his search for an effective long-term energy storage technology, Rogers gave vanadium flow batteries a try, leaving him with a number of 4-foot-cube tanks of vanadium redox electrolyte stranded on his ranch. They are available to a good home — make him an offer. Bring a trailer.

SunRun’s Q3 earnings reveal strong growth and dynamic positioning

“Order volumes have increased significantly” and Sunrun expects to grow megawatts deployed by over 20% sequentially in the third quarter.

Australia makes another massive battery play

The state of Victoria is on track to host one of the world’s largest lithium-ion batteries. The 300 MW/450 MWh Victoria Big Battery will be constructed on the outskirts of Geelong.

Tales from the frontlines of the solar and storage interconnection struggle in California

How California got template single line diagrams for solar and energy storage interconnection.

Clean energy election roundup: Nevada to go 50% renewable by 2030, Columbus 100% by 2023

A number of important clean energy initiatives were on the ballot across the country: Boulder, Colorado’s effort to form a municipal utility, Denver’s clean-energy-focused sales tax increase — plus one major utility in Wisconsin’s unprecedented commitment to solar.

Too cheap to keep: How throwing away power is the best way to balance the grid

Don’t build a battery that costs $1 billion, only works 2% of the time and only moves around 100 GWh of electricity. Instead, build an Energy Imbalance Market or an Extended Day Ahead Market for $100 million that moves around hundreds of GWh of electricity.


The drama and intrigue of a long-duration storage bill in California

What appears to be an innocuous and neutral bill to promote gigawatts of long-duration energy storage in California is alleged to be a Trojan horse for Florida utility NextEra’s pumped hydro plans. And while that long-duration energy storage drama plays out, load serving entities are not waiting for state regulators — they are starting to procure 8-hour storage on their own.


White Pine Renewables looks to hit it big in large-scale C&I solar

The development company has eyes on the largest of large-scale solar for commercial, industrial and municipal customers, an untapped segment where the founders see great opportunity.