Energy Storage

The Solar Decathlon winner designs solar+lifestyle living space

Virginia students have won the 2019 Solar Decathlon Design Challenge with their treeHAUS highly sustainable solar+storage+trees+food waste+sound and so much more design, focused on expanding their local campus’ student housing resources.

New York energy storage incentive details: $280 million available *today*

New York State has launched bulk and retail energy storage subsidies to support the first 1 GWh of the state's 1.5 GWh target. The bulk incentive starts at $110/kWh, while retail starts in Block 1 at $350/kWh.

John Hancock buys into Duke’s wind, solar and batteries

The insurance company has agreed to buy a minority stake in 48 wind, solar and battery assets, which will provide $415 million before taxes to Duke Energy.

2 GW of pumped hydro storage proposed for Arizona

Of Earth’s 500,000 potential sites for closed-loop pumped hydro storage, the largest U.S. site under development is in Arizona. If the project is built, the potential for pairing with solar could open new opportunities for solar development.


Sunrun’s fancy new HQ, Hawaii’s precious GEM$: pvMB 4/17/19

Welcome, welcome, welcome to today’s edition of the pvMB. Today we’ll be looking at Lumidyne’s new DER integration tool, Carrie Zalewski’s Illinois Commerce Commission chair appointment and more!

More super-sized solar could be coming to California

A 500 MW project is being considered today by the Kern County Board of Supervisors, the latest in the ever-growing list of mind-bogglingly large projects in California.


Your home’s solar and batteries could power the LA grid

Sunrun has proposed that the City of Los Angeles set its sights on 75,000 residential solar+storage systems (860 MWdc of solar plus 1.2 GWh of energy storage) by 2030 with the goal of replacing one of the region’s three retiring gas plants, while saving $60 million in electricity costs.

You can’t kill the solar industry — and all attempts just make us stronger

In this op-ed for pv magazine, Tony Clifford of Standard Solar highlights the indomitable spirit of the solar industry, passing and thriving in the face of all hurdles with Olympic effectivity.


Tennessee seeks 200 MWac of renewables + energy storage

TVA has launched a solicitation for renewable energy projects with a minimum size of 2 MW, noting a preference for energy storage. The request for proposal pricing structure takes into account energy storage, seasonal and time of day pricing.


APS’s battery addition extravaganza

Hundreds of megawatts of battery storage are coming to the desert via a request for proposals as part of APS’ initiative to add around 1 GW of clean-energy projects by mid 2025.


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