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Strong policies expand the solar industry, creating more resilient future

The Paris Agreement of 2015 marked a milestone in the effort to combat climate change, and since then, governments including Canada and the United States have undergone a political and economic transformation focused on achieving net-zero goals, with renewable energy resources, particularly solar energy, playing a vital role.

Flirting with fossils: the faux crusade for ‘responsible solar’

An ostensibly fossil-friendly group has been quietly orchestrating faux concern campaigns to disrupt the renewable energy landscape. We outline the history and apparent motives of Citizens for Responsible Solar, and its growing network of affiliates.


The domestic content guidance loses sight of the goal to invest in American energy independence

We need a domestic content standard that would draw distinctions between panels made entirely here and those with imported components.

The income graduated fixed charges in California will harm customers with low electric bills

Monthly fixed fees proposed by the three major investor-owned utilities in California are expected to lead to higher bills for people who consume low amounts of electricity.


NEM 3.0 sparks the growing potential of virtual power plants

Exploring California’s energy transition with the help of alternative battery technologies.

A new era for solar energy? Not without tackling these challenges first

Supply chain, tariffs, workforce, permitting and interconnection, and energy equity issues surround the rapid buildout of solar energy in the U.S.

Maryland community solar poised for take off

Maryland’s new community solar program provides a blueprint that other states can follow, helping to increase use of locally generated energy and offering numerous benefits to communities.

Invested in our planet: Financing the clean energy transition

As Earth Day approaches, Johannes Rittershausen, co-founder & chief executive officer of Convergent Energy and Power discusses investment in the energy transition.


Best practices in installing power optimizer MLPE systems

Three tips to help optimize commercial solar installations.

Solar utility workers require ruggedized technology

As demand for solar energy grows, connected, ruggedized technology helps today’s limited solar workforce to work in any condition, helping expand the renewable energy infrastructure.

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