Three ways solar can mimic Apple’s marketing in a price-sensitive solar market

The latest op-ed by solar marketing guru Solar Fred looks at what solar can learn in terms of marketing, brand loyalty and customer experience from what is arguably the most popular personal technology brand on the planet.

Report: Diversity deferred, even in solar, is still diversity denied

In Part I of our three part series, veteran reporter Frank Andorka examines the sobering top-line news from The Solar Foundation’s Diversity report released tonight – and explains why he thinks this industrywide initiative might be different than those that came before.

Are cute panda-shaped solar projects the formula for getting international media attention? Not quite.

In his latest op-ed for pv magazine, marketing guru Solar Fred explores the difference between clever guerilla marketing tactics and mere gimmicks.

The case for U.S. solar manufacturing

In this op-ed for pv magazine, SolarWorld Americas CEO Juergen Stein argues that more stringent trade measures are needed to protect U.S. solar cell and module manufacturing from subsidized Chinese imports.


It’s time for solar, wind and energy storage to jointly campaign for 100% renewables by 2050

Solar, wind and energy storage industry communicators and advocates, it’s time for us to jointly and individually state a very public goal of attaining 100% renewable energy in the United States by 2050.

Could The Solar Trade Petition Destroy The Industry? Not If It Fights Back

In this op-ed for pv magazine, Tony Clifford of Standard Solar argues that the solar industry must mobilize politically to fight the Section 201 investigation initiated by Suniva.


Is the standalone residential solar inverter obsolete?

In this guest post for pv magazine USA, Enphase co-Founder and VP of Products and Strategic Initiatives Raghu Belur looks at the future of residential solar inverters versus AC modules, drawing parallels from the personal computing industry.


Trump’s Infrastructure Council shrouded in secrecy

On July 19, President Donald J. Trump established ANOTHER “advisory council” to deal with the nation’s infrastructure. Oh, you didn’t know that? Well, according to a lawsuit, few others did, either.

Does Trump know government isn’t a feeding trough?

For someone who promised to “drain the swamp,” the president seems hellbent on filling the Department of Energy with his Wall Street cronies and walking, talking conflicts of interest.

El Paso has impressive clean energy potential, but its utility is trying to block solar’s growth

In this op-ed, Environmental Defense Fund’s John Hall argues that El Paso Electric’s recent rate proposal, including discriminatory rates for pv system owners, will undermine the city’s ability to reach its potential.


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