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Energy Jobs: First Solar, Enel X, CELI, 7X Energy, National Grid, Terabase, i1 Energy, 8minute

Executive, career and boardroom moves in solar, storage, cleantech, utilities and energy VC.

Battery energy storage systems integrated in solar facilities to receive tax incentives

Tax incentives spurring deployment of energy storage are limited in their application, as they require the system to paired with solar. On top of this, the requirements to receive the tax incentives do not always align with advancements in battery technology and/or system design.

The net metering successor tariff ‘NEM-3’ proceeding in California has officially kicked off

This is a highly anticipated, high-stakes proceeding that will effectively modify the rules for the NEM tariff in California, arguably the single most important policy mechanism for customer-sited solar over the last decade.


WoodMac responds: investment in residential solar still strong, asset performance is healthy

Wood Mackenzie has responded to a criticized report, clarifying that Covid-19 impacts on residential solar finance are much less significant than initially expected — and that faster-than-expected recovery for investments in the industry have kept investor confidence high.


Texas solar will outshine California in 2020

The Covid-19 pandemic continues to cast a cloud on industries around the world, but the U.S. utility-scale solar segment is still growing. Around 3 GW of solar PV is set to be installed this year in Texas alone, but opportunities also abound across several other southern U.S. states.


Energy Jobs: Recurrent Energy, Sunnova, Generate, Tesla, Sun Light & Power, McCarthy Building Companies

Executive, career and boardroom moves in solar, storage, cleantech, utilities and energy VC. Plus, a few select job openings.

Which US cities have the highest proportion of solar-powered homes?

Since the 1970s, solar-powered energy has been making a powerful push in the United States — which cities have been leaders in embracing the revolution?


Think we can’t place a value on resilience? Think again

A new critical load tiering approach solves the elusive value-of-resilience challenge and facilitates the proliferation of solar-driven microgrids.

Energy Jobs: JB Straubel’s battery recycling startup, Powerhouse, Total, Broad Reach Power, Span, Facebook, Clean Energy for Biden

Executive, career and boardroom moves in solar, storage, cleantech, utilities and energy VC — plus some select job openings.


Software could have prevented California’s rolling blackouts

Load flexibility software does what utilities and grid operators have been begging and pleading for homeowners to do manually.


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