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Solar for manufactured homes: the next frontier for energy equity

Manufactured households represent an often-overlooked portion of low- and middle-income solar access equity, one that presents its own unique challenges and opportunities on both the individual and community level.


We need interconnection reform to unlock the benefits of energy storage

Outdated interconnection policies remain a significant barrier to unlocking the full value of energy storage on the distribution grid. Here’s how to fix it.


IHSM clean energy insights: High module prices and shipping costs jeopardize 2021 installation outlook

In the first installment of a new monthly blog by IHS Markit, Edurne Zoco, executive director for clean energy technology, writes that high prices and increased freight costs are putting solar PV procurement teams under extreme pressure, particularly those teams with connection deadlines this year that were anticipating a more favorable pricing and logistic environment in the second half of 2021.

Software can reimagine breakthrough battery tech to power the electric future

By understanding the challenges that impacted the solar industry, battery material manufacturers will be better equipped to scale next-generation technologies from the lab to have a real-world impact.

Eyes in the sky: How solar plant owners can benefit from aerial inspection technologies

When asset owners don’t take advantage of aerial inspection tools, they may miss a chance to mitigate risk and optimize the health of the DC side of their system… and may leave money on the table.

The American supply chain is alive and well!

We’re on the cusp of what could be a rebirth of American manufacturing and innovation in energy resilience, says the CEO of Eos Energy, as corporations race to reduce emissions and meet climate change goals.

Minnesota is primed to turn a page on the conflict between solar growth and farmland preservation

Proposed legislation could better balance the goals of solar developers to add capacity in prime resource zones, which also overlap some of the state’s best farmland.

Interconnection is broken: Radical rethinking is needed to achieve clean energy goals

We’re running out of time to transition our electric grid to clean energy sources at the pace needed to meet climate goals; it’s time to rethink the way states approach interconnection or it will kill our prospects.


On-site and off-site community solar options: What’s right for you?

In the second of our series focused on commercial-scale solar, we look at community solar options as a viable alternative for tenants and owners alike.


Consider these three options if your business is exploring solar

Here are three basic models most businesses should weigh as they consider how they can best adopt solar energy.

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