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Expanding community solar can bring jobs and economic benefits to hard-hit communities

Community solar offers a unique opportunity for recovery in a Covid-racked economy, but needs to go beyond the contained role it has traditionally held in the American energy landscape.

YouTube: A proven marketing platform for growing your solar business

YouTube videos are becoming a vital part of consumers’ solar buying journey, providing a unique opportunity for solar marketers. Marketing pro Rich Feola offers insights into how to use videos to boost your solar company.

4 steps mid-sized companies should follow when considering solar

Smaller companies can benefit from solar, and often are expected to do so by large companies that need to trim the environmental impact of their supply chains. Here are four steps to take when considering solar.


Making ultra low-carbon solar the global standard to decarbonize the PV industry’s supply chain

We need to transform the end-to-end global supply chain for solar to be a truly clean energy source, writes Michael Parr. He says this will take a strong signal from corporate buyers and policy makers.


Underperforming solar assets shade the entire industry. Here is how to fix it

The growing deployment of solar assets can’t be contained. For the health of the whole industry, we owe it to ourselves to deploy better projects.

Creating an alternative PV supply chain is no cakewalk

The SEIA in late 2020 launched a campaign against forced labor and said it was “strongly encouraging” member companies to adjust their supply chains by June. Here is what will likely happen.

An energy strategy worthy of Texas

Going it alone with the ERCOT market as currently structured and regulated has been tested and found inadequate, writes a former state utility regulator. “Texas should not waste this crisis.”


The Texas blackout is a man-made disaster of epic proportions

The ERCOT market has served Texans well, producing low energy costs and the nation’s leading market for renewable energy. This same system also failed the state’s residents and businesses spectacularly in a moment of great need.


Military veterans are poised to help lead record solar growth

The Solar Ready Vets Fellowship program offers a pathway to connect solar companies with military veterans.

Four key solar market trends from 2020

Data firm REsurety identifies four trends that illustrate how solar power markets performed in 2020.