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It’s time to fix our nation’s broken interconnection process

The good news is that we know what to do. Interconnection has been studied extensively by numerous industry groups and research organizations, which have arrived at some essential guiding principles for reform.


Considerations for solar projects during heat waves

High temperatures can affect different components of PV systems. Inverters can fail, the efficiency of solar modules can decline, and existing cell damage can become worse. However, investors, planners, and operators can adjust to heat waves in a number of different ways.

Five things to consider in designing and commissioning high performance solar-plus-storage projects

No two projects are alike, and sharing the lessons learned from working on these highly complex systems can help accelerate the deployment of energy storage with essential clean energy assets.

Californians will still get burned under solar killer proposal

NEM 3.0 would be disastrous for locally produced solar energy and harm vulnerable communities who want access to local solar and jobs. 


Can homes with solar+storage act as virtual power plants?

A case study on the efficacy of residential solar and energy storage in forming virtual power plants during peak demand events is shared by Dr. Ahmad Faruqui, economist-at-large and grid controls expert.


Making the most of PV and Li-ion battery storage

In the third in a series on virtual power plants, Jigar Shah discusses the range of possibilities for aggregated, behind-the-meter solar and storage in the United States today.


Solar tariffs are not the answer

As energy touches all aspects of our economy, tariffs compromise the ability of solar to provide inexpensive, clean energy. Michael Lamb, chief executive of New Power Partners tackles the problem of US tariffs imposed on Chinese solar goods.


How a FERC decision could unleash solar and storage deployment

FERC’s proposal could open up the interconnection backlog and pave the way for solar and storage projects to be completed more quickly, resulting in much more solar and storage being deployed, and moving us closer to meeting our climate and energy goals.


Senator Schumer: Prioritize sweeping clean energy legislation 

Passing the climate and clean energy jobs provisions of Build Back Better is our best chance to achieve the necessary reductions and avert climate disaster; we simply cannot wait any longer.


Why every state can learn from Hawai’i’s solar journey

Hawai’i Senator Chris Lee voices support for a program that would allow residential solar and energy storage customers to enroll in battery aggregation programs, strengthening the resilience of the grid.


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