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Assessing capabilities of residential solar + storage systems amidst long-duration outages

With stories about outages during extreme weather events driving adoption of residential behind-the-meter (BTM) solar + storage, a recent Berkeley Lab report offers an expansive analysis of the performance capabilities of these systems when they are most vital.

As China expands energy storage manufacturing, the U.S. can step up to compete

By investing in factories to build zinc-ion batteries for energy storage, the U.S. can rapidly establish a complete energy storage supply chain.


It’s time to combat utility opposition to solar

As part of Aurora Solar’s Empower 2022 online solar summit, Bernadette Del Chiaro, from the California Solar & Storage Association, will moderate a talk about electric utilities and how they have abused their monopoly position to discriminate against solar in the U.S. Here, she gives pv magazine a taste of the presentation.


Using AI to optimize and unlock the value of co-located solar and energy storage

When combined with on-site generation assets, battery storage systems can be used to ride out the worst of the price volatility – discharging during high prices and absorbing excess energy from generation.


The Inflation Reduction Act may exacerbate the lithium problem

The lithium battery production bottleneck will block the adoption of 350 million electric vehicles by 2040 unless supply chain constraints are removed.


Why did I reform my views on Net Energy Metering (NEM)?

Grid controls expert, economist-at-large, and California residential solar customer Ahmad Faruqui shares his views on net metering reform.


26 million acres needed to achieve zero-carbon goals

By dedicating about 1% of the country’s land to solar energy—an area roughly the size of Kentucky—we could enable the nation to power itself with zero carbon emissions.


Rallying for the ‘Solar+ Decade’

With energy challenges abounding, PV has emerged as a crucial part of the solution – building resiliency, creating jobs, and cutting emissions. In pursuit of energy markets and a system that embraces these features, Solar Energy Industries Association CEO Abigail Ross Hopper is advocating for more stable trade and policy settings, in order to facilitate the expansion of PV, in line with its “Solar+ Decade” goals.


Solar Resilience: Keeping communities connected

Distributed solar energy systems can play an important role in increasing the resilience of the nation’s grid.


Three major drivers in solar growth

Three forces are driving solar adoption today: the economics of energy, the energy crisis driven by the war in Ukraine, and a growing global focus on green and net zero initiatives. What matters is that these three drivers change the dynamics of investment – there is a growing body of capital looking to align with low-carbon, net-zero initiatives. Yet as the debate rages about operational versus overall sustainability, what is the future of solar for ESG finance?

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