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Generac to bring EODev hydrogen fuel cell power generators to North America

The generator uses a fuel cell and a lithium iron phosphate battery, so it is silent and emits only warm water and filtered air.
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Morningstar unveils DC/AC inverters for off-grid applications

U.S.-based solar controller producer Morningstar has launched a new line of off-grid inverters, featuring six models ranging from 150 W to 2,500 W. Production and deliveries are scheduled to start this year.
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Sunrise brief: RWE to become second largest solar operator in the U.S.

Also on the rise: A 100% solar community in Florida suffered no power losses from Hurricane Ian. Grid operator MISO is making progress on renewables interconnection. And more.



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Essential tips for successful installations

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The case for residential, commercial Battery Energy Storage Systems in the MENA region

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Certified Feed-in Management for decentralized power generation

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How to diversify and grow lead generation without additional ad spend

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Tailoring mounting systems for the Asia-Pacific

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pv magazine test

The latest batch of energy yield results from the outdoor test field at Xi’an, China are out.

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Solar FlexRack trackers supplied for 42 MW Illinois community solar portfolio

The company leveraged its experience in cold weather projects to support the clean energy deployment.
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A 100% solar community in Florida suffered no power losses from Hurricane Ian

Just 12 miles from Fort Meyers, Babcock Ranch was built with climate resiliency in mind.
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New Jersey considers regional clean energy market in PJM footprint, to speed renewables

New Jersey would grant clean energy credits to solar and wind project owners and require the state's utilities to buy them to meet clean energy targets, under a proposal by New Jersey regulatory staff. Other states could join in the proposed market.

8minute Solar Energy changes name, expands its vision

As Avantus, the company looks to deploy its proprietary power plant technologies and digitally connected delivery systems at the gigawatt scale.  
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RWE to acquire Con Edison’s clean energy business

The transaction is valued at $6.8 billion. The combined portfolio almost doubles RWE’s operating assets in the United States to 7.2 GW, making it the fourth largest renewable energy company and the second largest U.S. solar operator.

Press Releases

Enverus rises to meet solar planning challenges with acquisition of RatedPower

— Enverus, the leading energy SaaS company, announced today that it has acquired Madrid-based RatedPower, a SaaS company developing solutions that automate and optimize the feasibility study, analysis, design and engineering of solar power plants and electrical infrastructure to maximize the potential of photovoltaic (PV) plants and reduce their Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE).

Philadelphia Solar participating in SPI RE+ 2022 in California

Through its participation in SPI exhibition 2022, Philadelphia Solar announced signing two supply contracts for total 330MWp. These two contracts are part of Philadelphia Solar export plan for 2023, while discussions are ongoing with several customers to sign other major supply contracts complementing Philadelphia Solar export plan for 2023.

Mounting large PV modules quickly and easily: AEROCOMPACT optimizes CompactFLAT SN mounting system for PV installation on flat roofs

Austrian PV racking expert AEROCOMPACT has launched a rail-based mounting system – CompactFLAT SN 2 – for all common module sizes, including large-area solar modules up to 2. 384 m x 1.

Hummingbirds AI Joins the Panasonic XCELERATE Software Application Developer Program for TOUGHBOOK Solutions

Hummingbirds AI announces its partnership with Panasonic Connect North America in joining the company’s XCELERATE Software Application Developer Program for TOUGHBOOK® Solutions. The XCELERATE program presents the perfect opportunity to work closely with Panasonic Connect and its expansive partner ecosystem.



What kind of salary and benefits can I expect in the solar industry?

The RO Energy Solar Salary Guide sheds light on compensation in solar careers.

Sunrise brief: Solar supply chain issues–from duties to tariffs to COVID-19 and the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act

Also on the rise: Advanced conductors could enable 27GW more renewable power per year. Solar-powered data server network developed to frame the internet as a natural resource. Stanford flips the switch on new solar array, powering campus with 100% renewables. Project between Maui Electric and Paeahu Solar moves forward. Global tracker provider FTC Solar posts 130% growth in 2021. Newer and larger solar plants perform better, while older plants pick up steam with repowering.

Making sense of solar supply chain issues

From duties to tariffs to COVID-19 and the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act, a look at the supply chain issues threatening the solar module supply market.

U.S. residential solar trends, 2021

In 2021, residential solar reached several milestones and extreme weather raised customer interest in home energy storage systems.

Sunrise brief: Michigan utilities signal support for raising a cap on rooftop solar

Also on the rise: Report sheds light on low- and moderate-income solar program performance, and renewables bucked a slump in U.S. energy production in 2020.

Solaredge records pandemic progress despite tough final quarter

Full-year revenues nudged up despite tough comparisons with the end of 2019 for the final quarter of last year. The inverter maker expects to log revenues of $385-405 million in the current three-month window.



Grid operator MISO is making progress on renewables interconnection, says trade group leader

The Midwestern transmission operator MISO is moving to increase transmission and otherwise facilitate interconnection, said a regional trade group leader, yet she also recommended further improvements by MISO and neighboring grid operators.

Solar to the rescue as part of Hurricane Fiona relief

Solar Landscape joins non-profit Let’s Share the Sun to provide solar to Puerto Rico community.

How long do residential energy storage batteries last?

Multiple factors affect lifespan of a residential battery energy storage system. We examine the life of batteries in Part 3 of our series.

Solis highlights backup and repowering solutions at RE+

Solis now offers a “whole home solution power hub” to provide power to every device in the home in the event of an outage.

Sunrise brief: Residential solar pricing up an inch 2021, up a foot in 2022

Also on the rise: California law to require automated, instant rooftop solar permits. Strategies to maximize clean energy development while being good land stewards. And more.

Strategies to maximize clean energy development while being good land stewards

SEIA white paper lays out framework for engaging with communities and minimizing impacts of solar siting.



Sunrise brief: The Inflation Reduction Act may exacerbate the lithium problem 

Also on the rise: How long do residential energy storage batteries last? Solar to the rescue as part of Hurricane Fiona relief .

The Inflation Reduction Act may exacerbate the lithium problem

The lithium battery production bottleneck will block the adoption of 350 million electric vehicles by 2040 unless supply chain constraints are removed.

Jupiter Power and Energy Vault to secure 2.4 GWh of domestic energy storage equipment

Energy Vault will focus on maximizing U.S. localization and deployment of energy storage equipment that will qualify for the Inflation Reduction Act’s Domestic Content Bonus Credit.

Sunrise brief: California renters will now have access to community solar

Also on the rise: More solar backsheets to be made in America. Why did I reform my views on Net Energy Metering (NEM)? And more.

Endurans Solar expands production of Made-in-America solar backsheets

The IRA includes over $60 billion for domestic manufacturing across the clean energy supply chain, incentivizing companies like Endurans Solar to increase domestic production.

Longi announces new 415 W residential and commercial solar panel

Unveiled at RE+ Anaheim, the 54-cell module features outputs up to 415 W and 21.3% efficiency.

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What to consider when attaching a battery to rooftop solar

A growing share of residential solar projects now attach energy storage batteries. In part one, we consider the backup power feature of batteries.

Sunrise brief: Standard Solar and Scout Clean Energy acquired by Brookfield Renewable

Also on the rise: Solis highlights backup and repowering solutions at RE+. Utility-scale developer to recycle 95% of value of end-of-life solar panels with SolarCycle. And more.

Standard Solar and Scout Clean Energy acquired by Brookfield Renewable

Brookfield to invest up to $2 billion in the two renewable energy powerhouses, bringing its development portfolio to 60 GW.

California law to require automated, instant rooftop solar permits

Cutting project timelines and costs, automated permits support a more rapid buildout of clean energy.

Virtual Power Plants (VPP) to unlock energy savings, backup power for renters

VPPs represent an innovative way to efficiently use distributed solar and storage, offering savings and backup power to renters. In California, PearlX and Sunnova, among others, are launching services that connect renters with solar, backup energy storage, and bill savings.

Residential solar pricing up an inch 2021, up a foot in 2022

Government research suggests that residential solar prices increased by about 10¢/W in the second half of 2021, and are up 20¢/W in the first half of 2022. However, accounting for inflation, residential solar prices are flat or decreasing.



Nature Conservancy favors low-impact renewables deployment in the West

Deploying renewables in a high electrification scenario for the western U.S. in a way that avoids "the most sensitive natural areas and working lands" would cost "only 3%" more than a scenario without that constraint, found a study promoted by the land conservancy.

The mobility rEVolution: Zero-cobalt cathode for highly stable lithium-ion batteries

U.S. researchers say they have developed a way to make cobalt-free lithium-ion battery cathodes, while Ford says it has broken ground on a new $5.6 billion production complex for electric vehicles and batteries.

Solliance hits 30.1% efficiency on perovskite/silicon tandem solar cell

The Solliance consortium achieved a 29.2% record efficiency for the solar cell in November 2021, from just 28.7% in March 2020. In recent months, it increased the perovskite cell for the tandem device from 17.8% to 19.7%.

Solar Resilience: Keeping communities connected

Distributed solar energy systems can play an important role in increasing the resilience of the nation’s grid.

Sunrise brief: Are we educating enough power system engineers for the renewables transition?

Also on the rise: Fluke unveils the Solar Multifunction Tester 1000 at RE+ in Anaheim. Solar tariffs caused a year of uncertainty–could a U.S. solar supply chain help? And more.

American-Made Solar Prize pitch showcase at RE+

Ten hardware and ten software track finalists compete for $1.4 million prize.

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