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Utah PSC decides to lower export rate, impacting a recovering rooftop solar industry

In a long-fought battle, Utah's PSC just decided to lower the rooftop solar export credit rate from 9.2¢/kWh to about 5.8¢/kWh. Both solar advocates and the utility are expected to be unhappy with the decision.
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White Pine Renewables looks to hit it big in large-scale C&I solar

The development company has eyes on the largest of large-scale solar for commercial, industrial and municipal customers, an untapped segment where the founders see great opportunity.

Morning Brief: Tesla working with Panasonic on 4680 battery cell pilot line at Giga Nevada, Another profitable quarter for Freedom Solar

Also in the brief: The Trump administration is burying dozens of studies detailing the promise of renewable energy, Kansas utility goes for "grid access" charge, plus sonnen working with Stanford

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How high-powered modules enhance your solar investment

pv magazine Webinar

High power heads to the rooftop

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pv magazine test

The latest batch of energy yield results from the outdoor test field at Xi’an, China are out.


What Tesla’s solar pricing strategy tells us about how to thrive during market disruption

And how has homeowner thinking changed since the pandemic?
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Breaking: PanelClaw acquired by Esdec in a consolidating solar racking market

The solar racking market has quiet revenues of billions of dollars and continues to consolidate -- driven by equity firms such as Esdec and Tenex. The market segment has become a small hotbed of M&A.

SunPower raises guidance after solid Q3 driven by energy storage, new homes and new ways of selling solar

It took a pandemic, but the residential solar and storage industry has finally figured out how to lower customer acquisition costs. SunPower is seeing residential storage attach rates greater than 20% in California.
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REC Silicon could restart poly production at Moses Lake

The Norwegian polysilicon maker has been been frozen out of the Chinese solar market by political tensions between Beijing and the U.S. and mothballed its Washington State production line last year. However, two recent business agreements could change al...

Morning Brief: Solar FlexRack goes Northeast, Aggreko delivers grid stability, Namasté Solar and Solaris win up to 10 MW of PV at CSU

Also in the brief: The Trump administration is burying dozens of studies detailing the promise of renewable energy, plus battery stewardship and recycling

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VSUN supplies modules to utility projects in the US

Since 2020, VSUN Solar, a Japanese solar PV module manufacturer, has successively provide high-efficiency and reliable solar modules to US utility projects from its Vietnam production base.

Citadel Roofing & Solar Opens West Sacramento Office with 50 Employees, More to Come

New Office Opened to Meet Demand for Solar & Energy Storage Products among Homeowners and Homebuilders

PV Hardware moves its North American headquarters to California

With over a GW deployed nationwide, the company opens its new Demo Tracker Training Facility and Safe Harbor storage location on the West Coast. • With this move to California, PV Hardware takes the natural step to maintain its steady growth in the country

Palmer Redesigns Website for Leading California Solar Company

Citadel Roofing & Solar's new website is optimized for lead generation and capture, SEO and consumer education.



More and more homeowners want backup power

Nearly half of all respondents to a new Sunrun survey have had their interest in backup power increase since the outset of the pandemic, with millennials and Gen X showing the most significant interest.

US residential solar set for a record-breaking year — despite and because of 2020

Over the course of this strange year, American residential solar companies such as Sunrun, Vivint, SunPower and Tesla claimed they could weather the Covid storm with remote selling and new online strategies. It turns out they were right. BloombergNEF forecasts that Americans will install 3 gigawatts of solar on residential rooftops in 2020.

Launching a startup during an international pandemic

With the difficulties of launching a company exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic, EnerVenue has been able to not only survive the challenges, but use them to the company’s advantage. pv magazine sat down with CEO Jorg Heinmann to discuss how the company leveraged risk into opportunity.

Women entrepreneurs are essential to last-mile distribution of renewable energy technologies

A new fund has been launched to provide microgrants of $3,000 to $10,000 to the women entrepreneurs and community organizations working to provide clean, reliable and primarily off-grid power to remote communities.

State solar news: Net metering attacked in Vermont and Utah, Maine goes big in PV

In Vermont and Utah, net metering is under attack — in danger of being significantly devalued or eliminated. In Arizona, the state’s rooftop solar export rates have been saved for at least another year. Outside of policy, Maine has announced the winners of the state’s largest-ever renewable solicitation.

WoodMac responds: investment in residential solar still strong, asset performance is healthy

Wood Mackenzie has responded to a criticized report, clarifying that Covid-19 impacts on residential solar finance are much less significant than initially expected — and that faster-than-expected recovery for investments in the industry have kept investor confidence high.



Morning Brief: The Trump administration is burying dozens of studies detailing the promise of renewable energy

Also in the brief: Global solar PV installations to hit 115 GWdc in 2020, Trump’s pullback of pollution controls is even more hazardous than you think.

One size does not fit all female residential solar adopters

Solar marketing has a gender gap, says Matthew Hirsch, chief marketing officer at TerraCurrent. To sharpen its messaging toward women, the industry needs to consider the various social factors involved in converting female leads into customers and brand champions.

Morning Brief: Scientists at US automakers have known since the 60s that car emissions caused climate change

Scientists at two of America’s biggest automakers knew as early as the 1960s that car emissions caused climate change, a monthslong investigation by E&E News has found. The discoveries by General Motors and Ford Motor Co. preceded decades of political lobbying by the two car giants that undermined global attempts to reduce emissions while stalling […]

American solar states: Net metering caps nearly met in Michigan, project denial appealed in Pennsylvania

Significant solar developments are happening all across the country, with Wisconsin looking to add nearly 200 MW of utility-scale solar and AEP coming to terms on a power contract for a 50 MW project in Ohio.

Intelligent energy management can be the Waze of the grid

The recent FERC order to open the country’s wholesale energy markets to aggregated rooftop solar, batteries and EVs, moves energy management technologies to the forefront of the transitioning electric economy.

NIPSCO to bring an additional 1 GW of solar to Indiana by 2023

The utility has announced three new, massive solar projects, set to be developed by subsidiaries of NextEra Energy Resources. With these projects confirmed, the utility has now secured roughly 1.4 GW of the 2.3 GW it is looking to bring on-line to replace its aging coal fleet.



Enphase reports 3Q revenue rebound, aided by new storage product

An improved quarter for Enphase was carried partially by the American launch of the Encharge storage system, as well as impressive revenue improvements in the European market.

Solar startup wins $7.6 million in VC funding for innovative ribbon silicon furnaces

Leading Edge Equipment Technologies falls in the kerfless solar wafer or direct solar wafer category. According to the company, its “drop-in” manufacturing technology reduces wafer costs by 50%, increases commercial solar panel power by up to 7%, and reduces manufacturing emissions by over 50%. It’s the emissions piece that might be winning over investors.

Can CIGS thin-film solar manufacturing re-emerge in the US? Can First Solar play a role?

A scientist intimate with First Solar’s earlier efforts in CIGS makes the case for the CdTe pioneer to re-enter the technology.

Canadian Solar to launch 600+ W photovoltaic module

Bigger PV module designs are now hitting the market, but the production of larger, more powerful solar panels is challenging. Canadian Solar is launching its new Series 7 modules with pv magazine in a webinar on Oct. 29. Our editorial team recently caught up with Canadian Solar’s chairman and CEO, Shawn Qu, and director of module R&D, Alan Xu, to discuss the company’s latest efforts to shake up the market.

A solar module stress test for all seasons

Scientists led by NREL have developed a new stress testing protocol for PV modules, one designed to simultaneously expose modules to multiple stresses, as they likely would be in the field. Putting modules through this test, the researchers have already been able to reveal new information regarding backsheet degradation, and they promise new insights into other degradation mechanisms.

Morning Brief: Human rights allegations in Xinjiang China could jeopardize solar supply chain

Also in the brief: Time to see how serious industry is about ESG and D&I versus LCOE. Plus Hawaii solar on the rise.

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Leader of Swinerton Renewable Energy speaks on construction, solar projects and warfare logistics

The head of EPC Swinerton Renewable Energy: "We look at a solar project as somewhere between warfare logistics, with thousands of people and trucks driving into the middle of nowhere, and a manufacturing facility. Somewhere between there lies a utility-scale solar project."

First Solar earnings: strong results, Q4 guidance reinstated and a 445 W module on the way

Increased net sales and income per share are coupled with 1.6 GW DC of bookings, reports of a 445 W module and environmental recognition for the Series-6 line, point to yet another successful quarter for the company.

Will clean energy SPACs survive current Wall Street bubble? 

The experts say yes. SPACs representing $53 billion in investments accounted for about half of all IPOs this year — providing a pathway to public markets for emerging clean tech companies developing disruptive, pre-revenue technologies.  

Morning Brief: Trump thwarted in latest bid to kill solar-tariff loophole, plus pallets for PV modules

Also in the brief: Iberdrola’s deal worth $8.3 billion adds PNM Resources to its Avangrid business. The value of energy storage for military resilience. And Also emotional ownership is the key to delivering community solar.

Breaking news: US Presidential candidate speaks cogently about energy transition

Joe Biden, a U.S. presidential candidate, is encouraging an equitable energy transition, upgraded transmission infrastructure and rejoining the Paris climate accord.

California PUC addresses inequities in energy storage ‘equity resiliency’ incentive and shifts $100 million

“I think it’s somewhat unfortunate that the developers have focused so much of their attention on signing up well customers … as opposed to focusing on medical baseline or low-income residential customers,” said a CPUC commissioner.



Vietnam opens 450 MW solar plant

Ho Chi Minh City-based construction company Trungnam Group said its army of laborers took just 45 days to perform site clearance for a project which took shape within 102 days.

Blackstone enters the electric bus and van race, plus the return of seed-stage solar investing

A weekly round up of investments and exits in solar and energy transition technologies.

America’s highways have significant solar potential

A report just released by the University of Texas at Austin’s Webber Energy Group has tackled how much solar each state could develop along interstate interchange and exit locations and how much this solar could potentially be worth.

Swift Solar looks to reinvigorate and push the perovskite market forward

Born from an Oxford research group, the startup is looking to make its name by developing all-perovskite tandems, something no other company has done.

Morning Brief: Installer Sigora Solar acquires Aztec, Generac acquires Enbala, Louisiana goes solar

Also in the brief: Macquarie Group and Siemens AG are forming Calibrant Energy, a venture that will invest in the energy-as-a-service sector in the U.S.

Investors bet $27.5 million that Nanotech Energy’s graphene battery breakthrough is the real thing

The startup claims to be “the world’s top supplier of graphene” and plans to release a non-flammable, environmentally friendly lithium battery that can charge “18 times faster than anything that is currently available on the market” — within the next year.

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