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Final rules for renewable energy development on public lands

The Bureau of Land Management issued final rules for renewables development on public lands.
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Solar cell prices fall for 3rd consecutive week

In a new weekly update for pv magazine, OPIS, a Dow Jones company, provides a quick look at the main price trends in the global PV industry.
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Mercedes to bolster PV system at manufacturing facility with SolidFlow battery

The goal is to have a green energy source that runs around the clock.

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Utility scale solar tracker installation

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Managing risk in times of module oversupply

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Procuring bankable PV and energy storage as a complete solution


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A new twist on thermal storage

PowerPanel offers a PV and thermal storage solution that combines simple, safe and easy to manage hot water with advanced thermoplastic technology and architecture.
Markets & Policy

Enphase Energy releases control software for home solar, battery systems

Enphase Energy, a California-based microinverter specialist, says its new power control system will give North American customers that use its energy systems more flexibility to build larger projects.
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Legal experts dispel fourteen false claims about solar, wind and electric vehicles

The Columbia Law School collected and rebutted 33 false claims against clean energy technology as part of its ongoing research on climate change.
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Sunrise brief: California Supreme Court to review rooftop solar net metering

Also on the rise: Renewables and storage interconnection backlog grew about 30% last year. California’s electricity multi-crisis can be aided by virtual power plants. And more.
Markets & Policy

California Supreme Court to review rooftop solar net metering

The state’s highest court granted review to a lawsuit challenging a “regressive” rooftop solar policy called NEM 3.0.

Press Releases

GRID Alternatives Receives Prestigious Solar Training Credential from IREC

OAKLAND, CA; April 10, 2024 — GRID Alternatives has been accredited by the Interstate Renewable Energy Council (IREC) for its Installations Basics Training 200 Program, which provides hands-on training to entry-level solar installers. GRID’s IREC Accreditation will be held at Headquarters, with Central Valley being the first affiliate to secure accreditation.

Residential Inverter from Briggs & Stratton Energy Solutions Receives UL 1741-SB Certification

The SimpliPHI 6kW Hybrid Inverter from Briggs & Stratton Energy Solutions has received UL 1741-SB certification. The residential inverter finalized its IEEE 1547.

Amicus O&M Cooperative Receives $1.5M Federal Grant to Advance Equity and Excellence in the Solar O&M Technician Workforce

Amicus Operations and Maintenance (O&M) Cooperative has received a three-year, $1. 5M grant award from the U.

Navitas Embarks on an Ambitious Journey to Expand its Services in the United States

Navitas Resourcing Group, a pioneering force in the renewable energy recruitment sector, proudly announces its strategic expansion into contract recruitment services across the United States. This venture represents the company's first foray into contract recruitment in the region, supplementing its already robust permanent placement offerings.



Solar-plus-storage agrivoltaic installation commissioned on O’ahu

Located on University of Hawaii land, AES launched a solar energy installation with an energy storage system, one of a dozen solar projects AES is constructing throughout the state.

Sunrise brief: Naked Energy to manufacture solar electric plus thermal in U.S.

Also on the rise: New Jersey farm studies agrivoltaics with vertically mounted solar. Solar is beginning to sunset natural gas use in Texas. And more.

Solar is beginning to sunset natural gas use in Texas

The top state for solar deployment in 2023 is seeing tangible changes to its daily electricity supply, lowering the need for natural gas peaker plants, said the Energy Information Administration.

New Jersey farm studies agrivoltaics with vertically mounted solar

Rutgers reports that the vertical system fits well with the aim of the project, which is to study the benefits of agrivoltaics where there is a large energy demand and limited space.

Sunrise brief: Focus on impact of eclipse shows significance of solar on the grid

Also on the rise: Free solar projection tool beats commercial competition. Solar on canals to test potential to conserve land and water in West. And more.

Illinois agrivoltaic project successfully permitted, despite local challenge

The 4.95 MW Nesler Road agrivoltaic/community solar project will be installed on 36 acres and will grow hay along with generating enough clean, renewable solar energy to power 1,100 Illinois homes each year.



Solar electric plus thermal systems to be manufactured in Texas

Naked Energy signed a deal with ELM Solar to manufacture its VirtuPVT and VirtuHOT systems in Dallas, with units available for purchase in 2025.

Sunrise brief: New solar antidumping tariffs are on the way, said Roth 

Also on the rise: Non-lithium battery startup nets $78 million Series C funding. SolarEdge acquires EV charging optimization and management startup. And more.

Sunrise brief: Tesla reports record energy storage deployment figures

Also on the rise: Microsoft signs two large solar power purchase agreements. Amphenol begins operations at solar junction box factory in Arizona. And more.

Amphenol begins operations at solar junction box factory in Arizona

The company announced the first line of its Mesa manufacturing facility is operational.

Solving the challenges of a growing EV industry

The U.S. Department of Energy announced funding for 17 battery recycling projects and also announces the launch of Battery Workforce Initiative to train tomorrow’s workers.

Sunrise brief: California pivots to propose $24 average fixed fee to electric bills

Also on the rise: Solar module prices remain steady amid unchanged market fundamentals. U.S. solar industry week in review. And more.

Markets & Policy


California’s electricity multi-crisis can be aided by virtual power plants

By operating distributed resources like solar, batteries and demand response devices in concert, California ratepayers could be paid $500 to $1,000 per year while improving resource adequacy.

A guide to help homeowners understand how to go solar

Researchers at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory published an open access guide to rooftop solar and battery energy storage that covers costs, incentives, policies and more.

S-5! unveils new mounting systems for rooftop solar

S-5!, a supplier of mounting systems, plans to release two new mounting components for rooftop PV systems, including a new mount that allows for module-level power electronics to be attached directly to solar panel frames.

Sunrise brief: Community solar provider secures over half-billion-dollar investment

Also on the rise: Virginia governor signs legislation establishing community solar. How safe are LFP batteries? And more.

Community solar provider secures over half-billion-dollar investment

Nexamp secured a $520 million capital raise. It serves nearly 80,000 customers nationally and has a $2 billion investment strategy in Illinois.

Sister Margaret seeking solar, a GoFundMe opportunity

Fundraising opportunity will support a 1.2 kWdc solar power project that will offset 100% of the electricity for home for retired nuns on El Salvador.


New quantum solar cell material promises external quantum efficiency of 190%

The new material consists of an heterostructure combining germanium, selenium, and tin sulfide, which also integrates atoms of zerovalent copper. It features an average photovoltaic absorption over 80% and could help photovoltaic cells break the Shockley-Queisser efficiency limit, according to its creators.

Renewables and storage interconnection backlog grew about 30% last year

The wait for transmission interconnection studies constitutes a “major bottleneck” for solar, storage and wind projects, which accounted for over 95% of all active capacity awaiting studies at the end of 2023, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory has reported.

Triple-junction solar cells have technical potential to reach 44.3% efficiency

A research team has investigated the optical properties of perovskite/perovskite/silicon triple-junction cells and has found these devices may have a practical efficiency potential of 44.3% assuming idealized electrical parameters. These cells may also potentially achieve a fill factor of 90.1%.

How safe are LFP batteries?

Researchers found that nickel manganese cobalt (NMC) batteries generate larger specific off-gas volumes, while lithium iron phosphate (LFP) batteries are a greater flammability hazard and show greater toxicity, depending on relative state of charge.

Long-duration energy storage innovators receive DOE funding

The Department of Energy Office of Electricity announced recipients of the $15 million in EarthShot funds directed to accelerate development, commercialization and use of next-generation energy storage solutions.

Solar on canals to test potential to conserve land and water in West

Three large projects in California, Utah, and Oregon will cover water reclamation facilities with solar panels, offering co-benefits for both energy production and water conservation.