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Sunnova secures $3 billion Department of Energy loan

The agreement will advance Project Hestia, a low-income distributed clean energy program.
Cost and prices

Solar wafer prices fall for first time in three months

In a new weekly update for pv magazine, OPIS, a Dow Jones company, provides a quick look at the main price trends in the global PV industry.
Opinion & analysis

October 14 eclipse to cost U.S. states up to 17% of daily solar generation

In a new weekly update for pv magazine, Solcast, a DNV company, reports that North and South America are set to experience an annular eclipse on October 14, which means that some regions could lose a significant portion of their daily solar energy...

New edition - Solar springs eternal

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A manufacturer guide to complying with US module import laws

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Powerful data in PV project development

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Field protection and reliability of solar radiation measurement instruments

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New mounting systems for solar facades

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Teeing up the “Solar + Decade”

George Hershman, executive chair of SEIA and chief executive of SOLV Energy shares his perspective on aspects of the Inflation Reduction Act one year later.

Payne Institute report assesses supply chain variables for critical minerals

Multi-disciplinary experts from the Colorado School of Mines worked together to assess the social economic and policy implications of the race to secure an ethical and reliable domestic supply chain.

California ends summer with 5 GW energy storage record

As fall arrives in the northern hemisphere, California sets a record for most utility-scale battery capacity instantaneous usage, with a long stretch exceeding 2 GWh of output.
Markets & Policy

Sunrise brief: Solar module prices are falling with no end in sight

Also on the rise: The win-win of agrirvoltaics, long duration energy storage emerges, and more.
Opinion & analysis

Critical roles emerging for long-duration energy storage

As more renewable energy comes online each year, the added flexibility and resiliency that energy storage provides has never been more critical—because our grid is not as stable as it needs to be.

Press Releases

Sungrow Launches New Version of Its Management and Monitoring System iSolarCloud

As a global leading inverter and energy storage system supplier, Sungrow unveiled its upgraded version of its iSolarCloud App on September 1st, 2023. As an intelligent project management and monitoring system developed by Sungrow, iSolarCloud enables comprehensive lifecycle management for photovoltaic and energy storage plants, including data collection, plant monitoring, as well as operation and maintenance (O&M).

Briggs & Stratton Energy Solutions Showcased Powerful Lineup at RE+ 2023

Briggs & Stratton Energy Solutions will display a dynamic mix of its diversified energy solutions portfolio at this year’s RE+ in Las Vegas at The Venetian Conference & Expo Center from September 11 to 14. From best-in-class standby generators to scalable battery storage systems, the company offers a comprehensive line of intelligent energy solutions that […]

GoodWe Showcases Solar-Plus-Storage Solution and Backup Options for Homeowners at RE+2023

Solidifying its Position as a Comprehensive Solution Provider

PHONO Debuts New Products and Localized Renewable Energy Solutions at RE+ 2023

PHONO made a grand appearance at the RE+ Solar Expo in the United States with its innovative photovoltaic products and renewable energy solutions. RE+ is a global energy exhibition evoluted from SPI, ESI, and Smart Energy Week.



The energy transition is off-track, says IRENA

The global transition to carbon-free energy has fallen behind pace to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius, a key threshold set forth by the Paris Agreement.

Energy jobs were lost in 2020, but they’re coming back

Roughly 840,000 jobs were lost across the energy sector in 2020, and solar was hit especially hard. A rebound is underway, according to a new report from the Energy Department.

Bifacial solar added at two bioscience facilities

The 572 kW systems feature Prism Solar bifacial panels and are installed at a bioscience company’s facilities, which produce Covid-19 test kits.

Senate bill would give clean energy companies direct access to tax credits

The bill aims to thaw frozen tax-equity markets and help the solar and clean energy sectors recover from the economic effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Here’s what Biden’s infrastructure bill offers solar and cleantech

The $2 trillion package includes a proposed 10-year extension of the ITC and PTC and calls for further incentives to add transmission capacity. Most solar advocates liked it, but one nonprofit panned it as being too industry-friendly.

Here’s a recap of key energy proposals from the Biden administration and Congress

It’s been a busy two months since Joe Biden became president. Here are highlights of key initiatives on the energy and cleantech fronts.



Global carbon emissions-free electricity reaches 38%

A report from two senior U.S. National Renewable Energy Laboratory researchers shows the march toward an increasingly carbon-free global electricity sector.

Solar is reliably and predictably supporting the Texas grid

Utility-scale solar served a sizable portion of peak electricity demand in the grid, said the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis.

EDF Renewables signs 20-year PPA for solar and storage project with El Paso Electric

The Milagro Solar+Storage project is projected to create about 200 jobs during the peak of its construction phase and will generate an estimated $7.9 million in tax revenue during the facility’s operating lifetime.

Producing solar energy, strawberries, tomatoes and peppers in one place

A dual-use solar and agricultural site in New York will add 2 MW of solar capacity while retaining active market crop production.

U.S. energy storage sets Q2 high water mark with 1.7 GW / 5.6 GWh

Wood Mackenzie said the U.S. market will install 66 GW of storage between 2023 and 2027, 83% of which will be at the grid scale.

Sunrise brief: Los Angeles, Austin and Vermont plan to exceed 90% carbon-free power by 2030

Also on the rise: Honeywell invests in ESS to advance adoption of iron flow battery energy storage. Panasonic introduces half-cut HJT residential solar module, and more.



Manufacturing a solar powered economy

One year after the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act, federal policies help turn the page toward an economy powered by emissions-free technology and domestic manufacturing.

P-type solar products may be phased out by 2026 as n-type tech ‘rapidly’ expands

The rise of cost-effective TOPCon cell technology last year led to a ‘surge’ in production demand for solar n-type cell technology, with leading industry analysts TrendForce prophesying PERC cell capacities ‘may’ be phased out in two to three years.

Sunrise brief: U.S. energy storage sets Q2 high water mark

Also on the rise: Not all ‘lithium-ion’ batteries are dangerous. Solar industry should focus on virtual power plants, says DOE’s Jigar Shah. And more.

Honeywell invests in ESS to advance adoption of iron flow battery energy storage

Honeywell purchased $27.5 million in ESS common stock and intends to purchase $300 million in ESS product, with $15 million prepaid. The collaboration enables Honeywell to integrate ESS technology into its global offering, and ESS gains license to Honeywell’s flow battery intellectual property.

Nextracker opens steel manufacturing facility in Las Vegas

The facility will produce steel for Nextracker’s solar mounts and tracking systems. Nextracker and Unimacts held an event to dedicate the new production line, which coincided with the RE+ 2023 conference, the largest energy trade show in the country, also in Las Vegas.

Sunrise brief: IRA one year later and the future of community solar

Also on the rise: Ohio community solar pilot would unlock 1.75 GW market. On the Floor at RE+: $12/module recycling, Tesla Powerwall III specs, EV vegetation management, and more.

Markets & Policy


Shifting state policies reshape distributed solar in the U.S.

Major residential solar markets policy changes essentially necessitate battery energy storage attachment, while other policies are launching community solar markets.

The win-win of agrivoltaics

The process of pairing solar with agriculture has proven to be mutually beneficial for farmers and solar developers.

Sunrise brief: Global carbon emissions-free electricity reaches 38%

Also on the rise: Solar is reliably and predictably supporting the Texas grid, carbon electrode pervoskites are advancing, and more.

People on the move: SEIA, ACP, Rhythmos and more

Job moves in solar, storage, cleantech, utilities and energy transition finance.

Storm readiness: Shifting from generators to energy storage systems

Fossil fuel-powered generators are strapped with emission concerns, maintenance needs, and potential personal risk, whereas a battery-based energy storage system is safe, efficient and has a very low operating cost.

Vertical agrivoltaics to reduce PV curtailment, increase water efficiency

An international research group has analyzed a vertical bifacial agrivoltaics system in a drought-stricken part of Chile. They say that the solar array can improve water efficiency for crop irrigation, while the vertical system configuration optimizes PV power generation throughout the day, minimizing curtailment.



Carbon electrode perovskite solar cells on track to commercialization

Carbon electrode back-contacts for perovskite solar cells promise simpler, less energy-intense manufacturing, but low power conversion efficiency has held back adoption. However, this may change now, as researchers are overcoming the barriers to commercialization.

HVDC transmission serves mostly wind and hydro power, not solar

A report from The Brattle Group and DNV recommends clearing barriers in the U.S. to high-voltage direct current (HVDC) transmission. HVDC transmission projects show many cost-saving use cases, but so far, transmitting solar power is rarely among them.

Hydrogen stations could avoid unplanned shut-downs with predictive models, research finds

The NREL study focuses on a specific model that uses data to reduce the frequency of unscheduled maintenance, and increase the frequency of preventive maintenance.

What causes batteries to degrade?

Having discussed battery chemistry in a previous article, Volytica diagnostics here examines the causes of battery degradation and how to extend device lifetimes, ahead of a pv magazine webinar tomorrow.

Sunrise brief: Unraveling the IRA’s domestic content rules

Also on the rise: How long do residential solar batteries last? Sharp unveils all-black 420 W TOPCon solar panel with 21.51% efficiency. And more.

Heat pump design to reduce footprint of solar thermal installations

A U.S.-Mexican research team has investigated how linking heat pumps with solar thermal collectors may help reduce the surface needed to deploy the collectors themselves.

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