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Grid analysts challenge Bonneville Power’s pace in adopting advanced conductors

As the White House encourages utilities to use advanced conductors to help interconnect new renewable generation, the federally-owned utility Bonneville Power is moving slowly to use the high-capacity conductors, analysts said.

Shedding light on tandem perovskite solar cell progress

Perovskite tandem devices are at the front of the queue for commercialization but their characterization presents technical challenges.

Strategies to address thermomechanical instability of perovskite solar modules

A U.S. research team has investigated the thermomechanical reliability of metal halide perovskite (MHP) modules and cells in an effort to identify the best strategies to improve their stability under thermomechanical stressors. The scientists discussed, in particular, film stresses, adhesion of charge transport layers, and instability under light and heat.

Sunrise brief: Battery energy storage tariffs tripled; domestic content rules updated

Also on the rise: Bringing lithium-sulfur batteries closer to commercialization. Largest solar project in Wyoming moves forward. And more.

Texas is the proving ground for a new way of electric grid operation

Texas is uniquely suited to adopt virtual power plant technology due to its competitive, deregulated market. Its success highlights the “perverse incentive” of vertically integrated utilities in other states to make capital expenditures without discretion to raise profits.

Bringing lithium-sulfur batteries closer to commercialization

Researchers at the University of South Carolina have successfully transitioned their highly-durable lithium-sulfur battery technology from coin to pouch cells and reported competent energy densities.

U.S. scientists develop air-bridge thermophotovoltaic cells with 44% efficiency

U.S. scientists have developed a thermophotovoltaic cell that could be paired with inexpensive thermal storage to provide power on demand. The indium gallium arsenide (InGaAs) thermophotovoltaic cell absorbs most of the in-band radiation to generate electricity, while serving as a nearly perfect mirror.

Perovskites move into production

Perovskites remain a great hope for the future of the solar industry, once the possibilities of tunnel oxide passivated contact (TOPCon) and heterojunction PV have been exhausted. A look at the latest perovskite research shows that industry optimism is built on a strong foundation.

Solar peaks at 123% of grid, supplies 31% of California’s April electricity

The Golden State set multiple clean energy records in April, with solar power increasingly dominating the grid, supported by robust energy storage solutions.


Bladeless wind energy innovation aims to compete with rooftop solar

A compact, “motionless” wind turbine with a magnetic generator designed for large commercial rooftops provides 5 kW of capacity per unit. Aeromine Technologies secured Series A funding for scaling its innovative design.


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