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Solar assets are underperforming by 8%, kWh Analytics reports

The 2022 Solar Generation Index report showed a continued trend of solar asset performance falling below estimates.

Design framework for BIPV shading devices

Canadian researchers have developed a new model to improve the performance of building-integrated PV (BIPV) shades in buildings. They considered solar electricity, heat transferred through windows, and interior daylighting quality.

PNNL team proposes how storage as transmission could earn market compensation

Pacific Northwest National Lab researchers have developed a framework for compensating energy storage as a dual-use asset, earning revenue both as a regulated transmission asset and as a competitive market participant, while reducing both system and customer costs.

PV windows cut energy use by 40% in glazed buildings, says NREL

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) has shown that perovskite-based thin-film PV, transparent PV, and dynamic PV glazing technologies can reduce the energy use of glazed buildings by around 40% across eight regions in the United States.

Solar and storage prices soared as a result of market disruptions, NREL reports

The Covid-19 pandemic, tariffs, the Uyghur Forced Labor Act all created such significant market disruptions between Q1 2021 and Q1 2022 that NREL researchers looked at both short-term distortions and long-term trends in its most recent annual cost benchmark report.

DOE priorities for $3.8 billion in grants include distributed resource aggregations

Under a U.S. Department of Energy program to promote grid flexibility and resilience, distributed energy resource aggregation projects may seek to share in $1.1 billion in smart grid grants.


Spacing between PV cells effectively cools panels down, study finds

In a typical PV plant, where modules operate nearly 25°C above the ambient temperature, energy loss can reach 12%.

Sunrise brief: One of the largest solar-plus-storage facilities in Texas achieves operation

Also on the rise: Powin partners with SMA America for 2 GW supply agreement. Corporate solar doubles since 2019, displacing 20.4 million tons of carbon annually. And more.

NPUC report ranks large U.S. utilities by decarbonization goals, renewables mix

The industry report tracks the leading utilities by fuel mix, emissions curbing, long-term decarbonization goals and clean energy investments as a share of capital expenditures.


Corporate solar doubles since 2019, displacing 20.4 million tons of carbon annually

Companies in the United States are installing solar at unprecedented rates with corporate solar now accounting for 14% of installed capacity.