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Maine utility admits solar interconnection faults, hiring consultants

Central Maine Power Company admitted that its solar power interconnection processes were at fault in 2020-2021, and has offered a settlement that includes hiring grid analysts, funding a working group between the industry and utility, and greatly tightening upgrade cost estimates.

U.S. geothermal lithium offers significant potential

U.S. scientists have assessed the viability and potential supply chain impact of extracting lithium from geothermal brines, and they have reported promising results.

NREL study finds that managing EV charging complements grid-connected renewables

Managed charging is valuable in systems with high levels of variable renewables because it provides the flexibility to match supply and demand.

Safety a top focus for major solar inverter provider

SolarEdge met with pv magazine to discuss the safety features of its products, as well as codes, standards, and workforce training.


Sunrise brief: Palmetto captures PV potential of roughly 75% of U.S. rooftops

Also on the rise: Aerial inspection and site data service provider, Heliolytics, acquired by NovaSource. Solar panel recycling firm teams up with Solaris. Investment gets Texas PV developer IndustrialSun ready for launch. Community solar moves forward in Illinois. International team of researchers develop solar-powered hydrogen energy platform.

Solar-powered hydrogen for domestic applications via building-integrated transparent platform

An international research group has created a closed-loop, transparent energy platform based on PV power generation and hydrogen production from photo-electrochemical cells. The system is claimed to supply power without interruption and to be transparent enough to be integrated into buildings.


Palmetto maps roughly 75% of U.S. rooftops

The company’s Mapdwell division has captured the photovoltaic potential of 107 million rooftops.


A provisional victory was scored for Massachusetts PV interconnection. What’s next?

pv magazine was joined by Borrego to discuss a recent provisional win for solar developers in the state, and how the future of interconnection costs may be distributed.

A year in PV: Technology trends in 2021

The PV industry in 2021 has largely been defined by disruption: Price increases from raw materials to final shipping have led to shortages in PV module supply and project delays the world over. Despite these upsets, innovation has continued at pace, and the year has seen plenty of technological twists and turns that are sure to spell good news for solar in the long run. Read on for a look back at some of the biggest developments.

Watch: NASA Webb telescope deploys solar array

The world’s most powerful telescope took to the skies on December 25th. The array was deployed and powered 30 minutes after launch.