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New standard for ultra-low carbon solar modules released

The Global Electronics Council delivered standard inspection processes built upon models combining local power grid emissions and subcomponent energy needs to determine the embodied carbon footprint of globally manufactured solar panels.

Meyer Burger considers U.S. solar cell manufacturing, in talks with Sunrun & Sunnova

In a recent interview with Roth MKN, Meyer Burger indicated that new guidance on the domestic content requirement, along with manufacturing incentives, have boosted their interest in manufacturing the solar cells for their 2 GW Arizona module factory.

U.S. Government eyes $9 billion liftoff for long duration energy storage by 2030

The U.S. DOE has published a report outlining the requirements for LDES to achieve technical and financial self-sustainability by the end of decade. An estimated $6 billion to $9 billion dollars in capital investment would be necessary, potentially leading to 6 GW to 10 GW of project deployments.

New Jersey’s agrivoltaic program moving forward, fighting interconnection

With a 200 MW solar pilot program and three Rutgers-based R&D initiatives, New Jersey is gearing up to unveil an agrivoltaic blueprint for public deliberation this summer.

Automated solar permitting speeds approval process

In 2022, the recently launched SolarAPP+ processed more than 11,000 residential solar power permits, accelerating projects by 13 business days compared to traditionally permitted projects. This boost coincided with a 29% reduction in inspection failures.

Flirting with fossils: the faux crusade for ‘responsible solar’

An ostensibly fossil-friendly group has been quietly orchestrating faux concern campaigns to disrupt the renewable energy landscape. We outline the history and apparent motives of Citizens for Responsible Solar, and its growing network of affiliates.


Utility-scale solar interconnection costs up as much as 400%

A government analysis of the Southwest Power Pool grid region reveals that interconnection costs for connected solar power projects have doubled, and a quarter of projects are encountering costs 400% higher, leading to withdrawal.

Wind and solar energy saved Texans $11 billion in 2022

A recent analysis reveals that amid the abnormally high-priced natural gas market in 2022, wholesale electricity rate savings from wind and solar surged nearly 300% from previous years to exceed $11 billion, totalling $31.5 billion in energy savings since 2010.


California gold rush supporting 2023 residential solar market

Ohm Analytics reports an uptick in third-party ownership in several states and believes NEM 2.0 projects will support California installers for many months, while other regional market outlooks vary by energy costs and local incentives.

California bill to mandate bidirectional chargers for all EVs sold after 2026

California’s legislature advanced SB-233 last week. If the 14 million+ cars currently registered in the state had a 75 kWh battery, the combined energy storage would amount to just over a terawatt-hour.

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