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‘Build here,’ BLM says of Utah land targeted for up to 600 MW of solar

Milford Flats is available due to the Energy Act of 2020, which aims to deploy 25 GW of solar, wind, and geothermal on public lands no later than 2025.

Solar powered EV truck charging on a megawatt scale is coming to California

The 1 MW solar-powered chargers will deliver 320 miles of range to a Class 8, 80,000 pound truck in 30 minutes.

California looks to speed up energy storage deployment

The state’s Energy Commission wants to grant licenses in less than 45 days for battery energy storage systems 20 MW or larger in size.

Here’s how you can help bring emergency solar to New Orleans

The Footprint Project is seeking hardware and monetary donations to construct solar power plus energy storage mobile microgrids in New Orleans. It also is the focus of a GoFundMe page.

Energy storage appears to be fully charged for exponential growth

Lithium-based energy storage volumes are expected to grow by multiple orders of magnitude in the coming years, with a 1,000% capacity increase by 2023.


Residential solar pricing down 6.3%, hints of greater drops coming

Residential solar installation price declines have accelerated over the past year. However, energy storage pricing has gone up, with Enphase taking an increasingly larger share of the market.

Comment period opens for 1 GW of solar + storage in the California desert

The Bureau of Land Management reviewed the projects’ potential environmental impacts, but issues may arise as the public comment period opens.

Solar highlights in the Senate’s $3.5 trillion budget proposal

The budget bill aims to fight climate change with investments in clean electricity and home electrification, to be funded by higher taxes on corporations.


You’ve got $30 billion to spend and a climate crisis. Nuclear or solar?

Research suggests we can power 80% of the U.S. with wind, solar, and 12 hours of energy storage, but being able to replace a nuclear power plant hasn’t been financially viable. Is that about to change?


Solar 101: Go solar, but go with your eyes open

Solar is uniquely virtuous among energy industries. But like all industries, consumers need to pay close attention to protect themselves.