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Residential solar pricing up an inch 2021, up a foot in 2022

Government research suggests that residential solar prices increased by about 10¢/W in the second half of 2021, and are up 20¢/W in the first half of 2022. However, accounting for inflation, residential solar prices are flat or decreasing.


Start-up plans solar manufacturing in disadvantaged communities

Great expectations from startup CHERP, manufacturing their new solar panels in 30 MW/year micro solar module assembly facilities located in underserved communicates, via public-private partnerships.

Clean energy cost savings motivates Republicans and Democrats alike

Researchers presented different messages about clean energy to groups from both political parties in the U.S. to learn what message motivated them the most. Cost savings won out, with the economy/jobs coming in second.

Transfer payments vs tax equity, a utility-scale analysis

Segue Sustainable Investments compares and contrasts the newly available transfer payment finance technique with the industry standard tax equity investment structure.


Solar inverter reactions to forest fires analyzed

After forest fires caused power grid issues in 2016 and 2017, the North American Electric Reliability Corporation inverter reliability team determined that inverter settings need work to help them better react.


It’s no longer ‘if’, but ‘how’ to get to 100% emissions free electricity

NREL explores the complexities of the various technology paths to 100% emission-free electricity in the United States, which include 540 GWac to 1 TWac of solar power being installed by 2035.


Polysilicon price relief in 2023 as industry scales to 500 GW capacity

CEA has suggested that solar wafer pricing will fall 23% by the end of 2023, while Bloomberg NEF sees 500 GW of manufacturing capacity online by the end of next year.

Lab manufactured perovskite solar panel goes nine months, loses 25% of its efficiency

Researchers built and deployed a nine perovskite solar panel array that showed little generation loss due to high temperatures, and performed better over time than researchers expected.

To PTC or ITC, that is the financial question

CohnReznick Capital has released an analysis comparing the returns on investment of the newly available Production Tax Credit to the standard 30% Investment Tax Credit.

Ohm sees a 90% disconnect in California’s emergency electricity policy

The demand response leader OhmConnect believes that their customers should have access to the same program that Tesla’s VPP customers are in – which pays nine times more.


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