Tinder, except for solar and sheep

The American Solar Grazing Association is seeking to connect local, available sheep with O&M teams at solar power farms, and they’re raising $4,500 to build phase I of a webpage to make it happen more efficiently.

Dirt-eating solar panel coating wins government funding

Swift Coat has won a $1 million grant from the DOE to develop a solar glass coating that combines industry standard anti-reflective properties with photocatalytic titanium dioxide that breaks down organic materials on solar modules, potentially increasing energy generation by 3% over standard panels.

Arizona utility seeks 400 MW of solar power, 200 MW of it on Navajo tribal lands

Salt River Project has released an RFP requesting up to 400 MWac, in 100 MW or 200 MW increments, of solar power purchase agreements to be delivered before the end of 2023.


First Solar nears final environmental approval for 450 MW Mojave Desert solar power plant

The BLM has given the Desert Quartzite solar power plant a preliminary Record of Decision, which opens the site for a 60-day final review, after which the project will have full approval to move forward with construction.


Hardware brief: Solar panel cleaning robots, Humless’ 5kWh battery, IronRidge’s minimalist racking, more!

Intersolar is in a few weeks, so get your hardware press release out to USA-Editors@pv-magazine.com. In the meantime, modules are holding under 20¢/W, and “large wafers” are coming in a year or three!


All net new electricity generation in the US will be wind and solar power in 2020

The EIA projects that 9.3 GW of new fossil-based power will be countered by 9.5 GW of retiring fossil-fuel plants, while 32 GW of utility-scale wind and solar will be built — plus 5.1 GWac of distributed solar power.


EIA projects US solar power market to install 24 GW in 2020, blowing away prior records

The EIA is projecting that 17.4 GWdc of utility-scale solar power and 6.6 GWdc of small-scale solar will be installed in 2020. The 24 GW total is 60% greater than the 2016 record.

Residential solar power purchasing tipping points found

Researchers have looked at historical buying patterns across multiple countries and U.S. states, and found that starting near $1,000/kW of net present value broader uptake of residential solar begins, at $3,000/kw the market is really overheating, and at $7,000/kW it’s projected that 50% of viable home owners would be financially motivated to adopt solar power.


ACORE’s four policies to clean the grid

ACORE suggests the combination of a federal renewable energy standard of 50%, a tax credit for all sources of clean electricity, an up-to $55/ton carbon tax, and a refined focus on how we incentivize construction of modern transmission lines will make our electrical grid cleaner.


Hardware Brief: King Window Cleaning in SoCal, REC 25 times three, Jinko in space, more!

Please companies, get your services known, your gear covered – send press releases and datasheets to USA-Editors@pv-magazine.com. What’s on the docket today? Module pricing is going down, higher efficiency products more so – enough that you ought call you supplier, Quasar bidirectionally connects your home directly to the DC side of your cars energy storage and SolRates is refining their offerings.

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