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Fluke gains Solmetric’s high-wattage solar panel I-V curve tracer tool

Fluke aims to take the PVA-1500HE it acquired from Solmetric to the global market, filling a gap in the worldwide market with this U.S.-preferred tool.

On the Floor at RE+: $12/module recycling, Tesla Powerwall III specs, EV vegetation management, and more

During an electrifying visit to Las Vegas, pv magazine USA not only enjoyed a party in an ice bar and another in a Ferris Wheel above the city, but also attended SEIA’s “Women in Solar” event and shook hands with numerous manufacturers of solar goods.

On the floor at RE+: High-efficiency solar modules, the Erthos cleaning robot, and more

Last week the Las Vegas strip was abuzz with solar power professionals, and the pv magazine USA team was immersed in networking and exploring the industry’s latest innovations.

A terawatt of solar module capacity expected within 16 months

Clean Energy Associates projects that major Chinese manufacturers will achieve a global solar module manufacturing capacity of 1 terawatt by the end of 2024. Furthermore, this capacity is projected to hit that same mark within China’s borders by 2025.

Regulatory gaps in solar inverters: The pressing need for oversight

Power grid disturbances are causing older solar inverters to trip in ways that have been well-documented, yet asset owners are failing to update their inverter settings even after these known issues have been publicized.

Ohm Analytics details a complex distributed solar market

Third-party ownership and California are fueling residential solar growth, as interconnection and the solar coaster are slowing larger projects.

Iowa judge rules solar supports townspeople’s “health and safety”

An Iowa judge dismissed a lawsuit from townspeople opposing a solar power facility, noting that the town’s Comprehensive Plan explicitly promotes renewable energy for the well-being of residents.

California electricity pricing exploded in the last three years, far outpacing inflation

Energy Toolbase’s latest analysis reveals, following six years of stable, inflation-adjusted electricity prices, California’s electricity bills have surged, increasing nearly three times faster than the Consumer Price Index.


“Make it burn” and other lithium-ion first responder guidance

American Clean Power has published a guide for first responders on lithium-ion battery energy storage system emergencies, offering insights based on the 2023 NFPA 855 code revision.

Sunlight Financial struggles for survival

In its recent quarterly earnings report, Sunlight Financial disclosed nearly $550 million in underwater residential solar loans, after which it executed a 20:1 reverse split to bolster their stock price, aiming to maintain it above $1/share to avert delisting.

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