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Solar electricity “a good idea” for 83% of poll respondents

Support for solar electricity has declined by 8% since 2013, according to a recent RFF poll.

Solar panel cleaning with electromagnetic waves

Three companies, including Massachusetts startup Sol Clarity, are experimenting with electrodynamic screen systems to clean solar panels using minimal electricity and no water.

California approves 525 MWac of solar and 320 MW of geothermal

Southern California Edison received approval from the State of California to proceed with power purchase agreements for three solar power projects and two geothermal projects from startup Fervo Energy.


Tesla battery deployment up 157%; Megapack pricing down 44%

In its latest quarterly press release, traditionally focused on vehicle production, Tesla revealed a significant increase in energy storage deployment, officially reporting revenue for 9.4 GWh of deployed storage products.

Perovskite degradation, record solar efficiency, batteries, and more at Intersolar

The Intersolar conference Munich 2024 drew over 100,000 solar professionals, completely filling the massive convention hall. Discussions focused on low module pricing, technology breakthroughs, batteries everything, general electrification, and so much more.

Solar tax transfer for smaller projects: Dissecting a $600,000 tax credit transaction

Basis Climate has closed its smallest IRA transferable tax credit deal to date, marking the end of an era dominated by million-dollar minimum tax credit transactions.

GCL says perovskite solar module passes silicon degradation tests

At Intersolar Europe, the Chinese manufacturer said the perovskite-silicon tandem module would cost 50% of a crystalline silicon module that costs $0.15 per W, meaning $0.075 per W.

Aiko presents ABC solar module with world record efficiency of 25.2% at Intersolar

The Chinese back contact module maker said its new products rely on the company’s all-back-contact (ABC) cell technology and feature a temperature coefficient of -0.26% per C.

New York continues long duration energy storage investments with $5M funding initiative

NYSERDA is allocating $5 million to fund up to 50% of project costs for developing energy storage systems capable of operating for 10 to 100 hours, addressing key integration challenges and promoting viable economic products within New York’s energy grid.

New York invests $5 million in agrivoltaics

The Empire State seeks “active farming,” such as cattle grazing, cannabis, corn, foraging, or specialty crops, on solar power sites. Offers up to $750,000 per site for demonstration projects that share data publicly.

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