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Website traffic up 83% in 2022 reflects a dynamic solar industry

Greater than 5 million pages were viewed last year on pv magazine USA, driven by interest in net metering, the IRA, and rooftop wind.


Minnesota voting on 100% clean electricity today

The state’s new legislative body, now fully Democratic, is quickly moving bill HB7 through the legislature. The House is scheduled to vote on the bill today.

New Mexico law seeks solar on every roof, and an EV charger in every garage

Senator William Soules has filed SB 77, which states that all new homes must have an EV plug, and requires one watt of solar per square foot of heated home space.


Wyoming laws seek to kill net metering and EVs

The coal and oil state says that the proposed laws aim to protect its fossil-fuel related revenues, seeking to end sales of electric vehicles by 2035 and net metering by the summer of 2024.

Virginia governor kills Ford-CATL battery plant, calling it a “front for the Chinese Communist Party”

In recent weeks Glenn Youngkin nixed a Virginia Ford facility after he was informed that companies had decided to invest.


CCA must procure 1,300 GWh of supply to meet last 37 GWh of demand

Peninsula Clean Energy did a grid analysis to understand the cost and electricity demand to match hourly electricity demand with 100% clean energy resources by 2025.

It will take about a year to birth a 2 GW solar module assembly facility

The world’s fourth largest solar manufacturer joins a plethora of U.S. solar manufacturing announcements that have amounted to greater than 40 GW since the signing of the Inflation Reduction Act.

Silicon cost per watt down 96% over last two decades

Since 2004, the volume of polysilicon per watt is down by 87%, and the inflation adjusted price for polysilicon is also down by 76%.


The price of polysilicon has fallen by 54% since August

A slowdown in purchasing in China, along with a massive ramp up of supply, has led to anticipated price declines for polysilicon.

New York to add 25 GWh of energy storage for less than the cost of a slice of pizza

The state expects to save $2 billion a year, while meeting 18% to 25% of current seasonal peak demand, once the total deployed capacity reaches 6 GW by 2030.


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