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An American at Intersolar, Part II – Solar Panels

The first two halls at Intersolar Europe 2022 were packed with many variants of solar panels and innovations: from eight-foot-tall monsters, to red, green and blue modules, to small, climbable modules from Meyer Burger.


An American at Intersolar, Part I: Amsterdam to Munich

Solar panels abound, racking and battery choices expand, and robots make a move – Intersolar 2022 and ESS Europe. But first, how to get there.

A fate realized: 1 TW of solar to be deployed annually by 2030

Major players in the solar industry, such as LONGi Solar, are projecting accelerating growth in the near term.


Approximately 858 GWdc of solar and over 1 TWh of batteries are in development

Government research shows that solar-plus-storage is coming to dominate the nation’s power grid queues, representing the majority of new power plant applications.


Get your Virginia interconnection now, solar regulation increasing in 2025

The state’s Department of Environmental Quality has defined solar panels as impervious surfaces for the purpose of measuring stormwater, which will increase project cost requirements.


Top ten hybrid solar and storage plant observations

Government researchers have collected ten observations from various recent research papers looking at solar- or wind-plus-storage power plants in the United States.


Ultracapacitor sonar seeking a 100% solar and wind grid

Reactive Technologies uses an ultracapacitor to send signals into the grid that help managers determine the level of system inertia, supporting power grid stability, and they’re coming to the United States.

Missouri town declares solar farm a nuisance

The City of Bloomfield has updated their rules to require additional requirements for all solar projects larger than 50 MW, or 200 acres, declaring the sites a nuisance, and requiring NextEra to heavily alter a project.

Utility scale solar inverters need improved commissioning and upkeep

Recurring power grid faults are testing solar inverter reactions, and have exposed issues that could seemingly be solved by improvements to commissioning, operations, and maintenance.


California utility SDG&E sees utility scale solar growing greater than 10X by 2045

San Diego Gas & Electric has put out a decarbonization roadmap, and suggests that the current rate of change is 4.5X too slow to meet 2045 carbon neutrality goals.