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Neighbors like solar, to a point

Research indicates that most neighbors of solar power facilities maintain positive attitudes toward these plants until they exceed 100 MW in capacity or approximately 400 acres.

Three-decker, solar and battery powered yacht hits the water in Italy

Silent Yachts launched the first Silent 62 3-Deck yacht, outfitted with 17 kWp of SunPower X400+ rigid glass solar modules and a newly enhanced 350 kWh LiFePO4 battery storage system, propelled by dual 340 kW electric motors.


Legal experts dispel fourteen false claims about solar, wind and electric vehicles

The Columbia Law School collected and rebutted 33 false claims against clean energy technology as part of its ongoing research on climate change.


Sister Margaret seeking solar, a GoFundMe opportunity

Fundraising opportunity will support a 1.2 kWdc solar power project that will offset 100% of the electricity for home for retired nuns on El Salvador.

Solar electric plus thermal systems to be manufactured in Texas

Naked Energy signed a deal with ELM Solar to manufacture its VirtuPVT and VirtuHOT systems in Dallas, with units available for purchase in 2025.

Free solar projection tool beats commercial competition

NYSolarCast, a solar projection tool developed by the state of New York to handle its growing base of solar power facilities, demonstrated equal or superior performance compared to competing commercial alternatives, according to a year-long analysis.

Solar laggards: The five states with the least amount of solar installed

As solar power surges forward in states like California and Texas, a handful of states trail far behind, raising questions about the missed opportunities for energy independence and environmental benefits.


Slowing distributed energy growth continues into 2024

Ohm Analytics reported that the 2.3 GW of distributed generation, which includes rooftop solar, deployed in Q4 2023 marked the end of a long period of growth. Roth MKM warns that if a turnaround does not occur soon, residential solar could decline by 20% to 30% in 2024.


Direct pay process, tax credit transfer recapture risk and more

At the Solar Energy Industry Association’s annual event in Times Square, experts delved into the complexities of the Inflation Reduction Act and its impact on solar financing.

Car batteries can optimize the power grid

Australian researchers have found that if 10% of vehicles are electric and utilize V2G connections, they could reduce peak electricity demand at local substations by 6% and save car owners hundreds of dollars per year on charging costs.

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