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The value of net-metered solar is up for vote in California

California, the nation’s largest rooftop solar market, will soon learn what the financial compensation will be for its net-metered capacity.


Solar-powered EV car charging manufacturer receives $2.5 million in tax credits

California-based Infinity Energy plans to build $11 million facility for manufacturing solar-powered electric car charging stations


Three vastly divergent solar deployment projections

Differing renewable energy projections from IEA, S&P Global Market Intelligence, and Rystad Energy range from down 50% to nearly doubling in a year.

A cleaner grid arrives as renewables replace fossil fuels

In 2022, the United States is projected to massively increase its solar and wind generating capacity, extending a nearly two-decade march toward a cleaner grid.

Dispute settlement allows Hawaii solar project to advance

The solar power facility signed a 25-year fixed price agreement to sell its electricity at roughly 8.9¢/kWh.

Your next package delivery could be solar powered

There is still much to debate over the benefits of moving a vehicle via solar, but the market has been getting creative and is evolving quickly.

Here’s why you need to support California net metering

John Fitzgerald Weaver argues that we need net metering to fully recognize the value of solar power on our homes and businesses.


Landfills could host more than 60 GW of solar, RMI says

Landfill sited solar capacity would nearly double Biden administration goals to grow community solar while increasing total U.S. solar power capacity by about 58%.


Yotta Energy pushes the smart grid closer to rooftop solar panels

The company’s software suite has grown to standardize integrated features including the ability to dispatch electricity.

Solar-covered parking lots could offer multiple benefits

Researchers from Yale found that parking lots across Connecticut could host 7 GW of solar capacity and produce 9,000 GWh of electricity in their first year of operation.


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