Energy storage deployments double *and* triple in first quarter

Wood Mac reports that in the first quarter of 2019 energy storage power deployed grew 232% year over year to 149 megawatts, while capacity increased 110% to 271 megawatt-hours as Arizona, New Jersey and New York strong saw growth.

“Unlimited” capacity hydrogen storage facility developing in Utah

An MOU was signed by Mitsubishi and Magnum Developers in Utah to develop a 1,000 MW power facility at underground salt caverns in Utah that can be used to store renewable hydrogen and compressed air, while also deploying flow batteries and solid oxide fuel cells at the site.


Scaled-back energy bill signed in MN, stable module pricing, more! : pvMB 6/3/19

Happy Monday and welcome to the pvMB! Today we bring you a solar medical bus, solar and copper, Google’s desire to watch ALL power plants from space, and Clarksville going 100% solar, as the first 100% city in Arkansas!


To be, or not to be – a solar facility or a utility?

Iowa solar contractor Eagle Point Solar is suing Wisconsin utility WE Energies for blocking its solar lease with the City of Milwaukee, stating that it would make the contractor an electric utility. The contractor contends that a private agreement does not denote public sale of electricity.

Wind+solar trade for coal fails, but shows the path forward

Guzman Energy has proposed to finance the early closure of most of 1.1 GW of coal generation in Colorado and New Mexico, as part of a deal to offer 1.2 GW of wind and solar generation, plus storage backed by gas. Tri-State Generation has declined the offer.


New York’s winter time solar duck curve cometh

A site origination exercise and load analysis by Cornell University suggests that 9 GW of solar will reduce peak demand in New York by nearly 10%. However it also finds that solar needs better capacity valuations to make for a stronger market, and will drive a wintertime duck curve during the season of lower electricity demand.


California’s largest floating solar, goes live, Ohio shuts wind+solar out of coal bailout, more!: pvMB 5/24/19

The sun is out, the stories are out! Sunworks is installing solar +storage for schools, pricing in the solar module supply chain is stable, EIA is offering up new data formats, more!

Sunrun’s securitizations pay 99.1% of the time

The Kroll Bond Rating Agency has issued a preliminary rating of “A-” on 88 MWdc of residential solar PPAs and leases being offered for purchase by Sunrun. The 14,377-unit portfolio has a current delinquency rate of 0.09%.


BEST bill seeks $300 million for long-term energy storage projects

Starting with $60 million in 2020 and with contracts to be signed by the end of 2023, the “BEST Act” seeks five grid-tied energy storage projects with 6-100 hours of duration, which can run for twenty years.

Rapid shutdown gets its first Sunspec certification in Fronius

The Fronius Symo Advanced product line, which had already been NEC 2017 compliant when coupled with a Tigo TS-4, is now also certified for rapid shutdown by the SunSpec Alliance.


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