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California bill to mandate bidirectional chargers for all EVs sold after 2026

California’s legislature advanced SB-233 last week. If the 14 million+ cars currently registered in the state had a 75 kWh battery, the combined energy storage would amount to just over a terawatt-hour.

Robotic solar pile driver three times faster than humans

Built Robotics’ RPD 35 is an autonomous robotic pile driving system that the company claims is three to five times faster than manual pile driving.

New York large-scale solar set to surge 8500%

New York’s Large Scale Renewable Energy Program has awarded over 6.8 GWac of solar projects since 2017, with 80 MW coming online this spring.

Tesla energy storage deployments increase by 360%

In its Q1 2023 report, Tesla noted that volatile weather slowed solar power deployments to 67 MW. The company was silent on solar otherwise.

Driven by solar, California’s net demand hit zero on Sunday

The CAISO region’s spring solar record setting season is upon as, with solar peaking at greater than 95% of the state’s demand.


Most solar won’t qualify for Inflation Reduction Act hydrogen incentive, per IEA data

An analysis by the International Energy Agency puts solar’s lifetime emissions, manufacturing included, at a level that would earn only 25% to 33.4% of the IRA’s $3/kg hydrogen incentive


Lazard LCOE report sees “zero cost” solar and wind due to IRA

The analyst group’s annual levelized cost of energy comparison shows increasing prices due in part to increased interest rates – with utility-scale solar power’s midpoint pricing up by 66%.

Regional Clean Hydrogen Hub applications seeking $7 billion in funds submitted across the U.S.

The DOE’s $7 billion Hydrogen Hub grant program closed its application window on April 7th, after giving encouragement to 33 applications seeking tens of billions in government funding.

Tesla announces Megapack stationary battery factory, eyes 2.3 TWh production in master plan

Tesla’s announced second Megafactory will be located in Shanghai and come online by 2024, increasing the company’s annual global Megapack manufacturing capacity to 83 GWh/year. At this rate, and according to Tesla master plan, only 55 more Megafactories are needed in order to achieve 100% clean energy globally.


Tesla Master Plan projects 3 TW of solar and 6.5 TWh of storage

Tesla releases its third Master Plan, with a broad focus on clean electricity generation and storage, as well as related manufacturing costs.

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