Tesla’s solar lease contract headed to Florida

The Florida Public Service Commission has recommended an approval for the residential solar lease contract submitted by Tesla, noting that it doesn’t make them an electricity utility.


On the floor in picture form at Solar Power Northeast

While the Super Bowl victory parade rolled by, solar energy professionals shook hands, shared stories, made deals and visited more than 80 industry exhibitions on the floor in Boston, Massachusetts.

Massachusetts to pay energy storage its fair share

Massachusetts lawmakers have approved energy storage as a part of solar+storage net metering programs, and have also approved privately-owned energy storage installations to receive payments from the forward capacity markets.

Modeling the renewable energy modelers

NREL has begun an effort to improve its ability to model deployments of variable renewable energy sources across the U.S. power grid. This effort has begot two papers as of yet – one a broad analysis of how four specific models work and how to improve them, and the second a comparison of the varying outcomes of models under normalized conditions.


Nine laws that helped Nevada solar applications grow 450%

NV Energy’s recently released Renewable Generations report showed that solar power interconnection applications increased by 450% in 2018 versus 2017, with half of the systems applied for installed as well.

Behind the meter is where the power is, but barriers exist

CALSSA has released a whitepaper to guide policy makers in refining legislation to maximize the value of customer-sited solar plus storage.

Texas rules in favor of wind and solar

Texas regulators have ruled that any renewable generation source connected to the state’s HVAC grid does not have to account for marginal losses, as the market turbulence it would cause isn’t worth the benefit, and it would go against the original spirit of the project.

Getting solar to the other 329 GW of homeowners

PosiGen has raised $90 million from the Connecticut Green Bank for a credit facility to fund low- to moderate- income households, which represent 42% of residential buildings in the United States.


Solar demand overwhelms Michigan utility – not “predictable”

Consumers Energy has asked Michigan regulators to suspend solar power interconnection applications as the increase in applications was “substantial, and too sudden, to allow to Company to respond” with appropriate resources.


Killing coal in Colorado with solar+wind+storage by 2025

Per an analysis by Vibrant Clean Energy, it’ll take approximately 2.8 GW of solar power, 8 GW of wind and 765 MW / 3 GWh of energy storage to allow Colorado to shut down its 4 GW of coal by 2025, while also lowering electric rates by 5%.


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