Spatial and temporal specificity: the new high bar for 100% renewables

Google, already 100% renewable powered via PPAs offsets of fossil fuels, is now aiming to make sure they’re clean energy powered 24/7 – even as the sun sets, and winds die down.

Solar maps to the golden state back in four days

California’s Integration Capacity Analysis (ICA) maps were ordered returned to public availability by a judge before October 14. As parties fine tune the updated broad ICA 2.0 release in December, the 1.0 version was temporarily removed for security reasons.

Duke forgets to bring the sauce to the energy storage BBQ

Duke Energy has announced plans to invest $500 million to build 300 MWh of energy storage in the Carolinas over the next eight years, which breaks down to an average of 37.5 MWh per year.


Hawaii’s march to 100% adds 260 MW solar + 1 GWh storage

Hawaii’s investor-owned utilities are in negotiations with developers to build seven solar projects across three islands.


Zero energy homes make cents – as Vivint builds in Rhode Island

RMI has released an economic analysis of Zero Energy homes, suggesting their economics meet industry standards and stay within homeowner appetites for larger investments, while Vivint Solar has built such a home in Rhode Island.


Best practices for building residential solar power and market confidence

SEIA has released an update to its residential solar best practices guidelines. The guide’s purpose is to build trust in public observers of the solar market, and can be used to educate detail-oriented customers.

Michigan rules on five solar programs: three move forward

State regulators have authorized two Consumers Energy green pricing programs, while telling a third – by DTE Energy – to do a bit more cost calculations. Additionally, Consumers’ Solar Gardens program was approved.

Nevada primed for up to a gigawatt of energy storage

A report by the Brattle Group for Nevada regulators suggests that by 2030 – depending on pricing – 700 to 1,000 MW / 2.8 to 4 GWh worth of energy storage could be cost-effectively deployed statewide.


Solar modules on the floor at Solar Power International 2018

pv magazine walked the floor at SPI 2018 seeing many well known faces, and known products, plus new names bringing new ideas.


Solar powered single-axis trackers and the algorithms that love them

SmarTrack by Array Technologies, looks to optimize solar electricity production using machine learning algorithms in complex terrains.

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