The Solar Decathlon winner designs solar+lifestyle living space

Virginia students have won the 2019 Solar Decathlon Design Challenge with their treeHAUS highly sustainable solar+storage+trees+food waste+sound and so much more design, focused on expanding their local campus’ student housing resources.

New York energy storage incentive details: $280 million available *today*

New York State has launched bulk and retail energy storage subsidies to support the first 1 GWh of the state's 1.5 GWh target. The bulk incentive starts at $110/kWh, while retail starts in Block 1 at $350/kWh.

California is learning to trust 100% residential solar power

California utility PG&E has tested levels of residential solar power up to 100% penetration, and how to mitigate the effects of voltage and thermal overload via smart inverters and traditional transformer and circuit upgrades – with smart inverters shown to allow for up to 100% penetrations at cost-effective pricing.

New York’s Green New Deal demands power from big solar, wind

New York has launched its third annual solicitation to acquire renewable energy credits in 10- to 20-year terms, adding qualifying points to projects with energy storage and load-following abilities, as well those that avoid disturbing agriculture.

NextEra: wind+solar+storage the “next phase” with 21 GW available

NextEra continues to show growth in both projects deployed and its pipeline of solar, wind and energy storage, with solar projects alone growing by 485 MWac.

California just made more clean energy than it needed

The state’s grid operator has shown that for most of the period between 1:50 PM and 3:05 PM on Sunday April 21, more CO2-free electricity than users demanded was generated in the region it covers.


New York’s VDER gets a few tweaks

New York State regulators have issued an order that advocates believe will increase the ability of large solar power projects to get financing, including allowing anchor tenants on community solar projects, increased compensation for upstate projects, more predictable compensation, and small commercial net metering for those that install before 2020.

It’s all about the efficiency

An analysis by mono PV maker LONGi shows the math on how increases in module efficiencies drive down balance of system costs.


London IPO raises $200 million to invest in solar in the Americas

US Solar Fund has completed its initial public offering on the London Stock Exchange, raising $200 million with a goal to investing in $4.8 billion in utility-scale projects across the Americas.

California’s solar power record setting season is here

California’s grid operator reported breaking 11 GW of instantaneous power from large-scale solar power on Saturday at 1:50 PM. Twenty minutes beforehand, the CAISO grid was exporting a record 1.5 GW of electricity, and last Wednesday it hit 93% clean electricity for a moment.


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