It’s cheaper to build new solar than it is to operate coal plants

New analysis released by Lazard compares the levelized cost of energy for various generation technologies on a $/MWh basis and shows that renewables, specifically utility-scale solar and wind, are the economic frontrunners.

Henk Rogers and the blueprint for a 100% renewable Hawaii

Henk Rogers, of Tetris Fame, talks shop about saving the planet, the future of energy storage in Hawaii and how a life-changing experience dictates how he tackles each day. Tam Hunt interviews the entrepreneur.

New York Power Authority, environmental groups explore ways to replace gas peakers with cleaner technology

In a report this May, the PEAK Coalition said that New York City’s gas peaker plants are “perhaps the most egregious energy-related example of what environmental injustice means today.”

America’s highways have significant solar potential

A report just released by the University of Texas at Austin’s Webber Energy Group has tackled how much solar each state could develop along interstate interchange and exit locations and how much this solar could potentially be worth.


The oil and gas industry is ‘not simply going to roll over’

If you think the oil and gas industry is going to allow itself to be made obsolete by renewables and the energy transition, think again. Smart people are innovating in every industry in order to be able to thrive in a low-carbon world.


Not all solar panels are created equal, according to the Ultra Low-Carbon Solar Alliance

As the world accelerates towards decreasing carbon emissions, so too should the solar industry’s supply chain. This was the idea that has led to the founding of the Ultra Low-Carbon Solar Alliance, which officially launched today.

Off-grid solar funding concentrated in just three companies

With a previous 50-50 split between equity and debt investment funding for the off-grid market shifting to 84% debt, and commentators stating most of this year’s backing was agreed before the onset of Covid-19, fears are mounting about the prospects for the sector.

Nuclear ‘not an effective low carbon option’

Researchers in the UK have analyzed 25 years of electricity-production and carbon emissions data from 123 countries. Their findings show renewables are considerably more effective than nuclear in reducing carbon emissions from energy generation and that the two technologies tend to get in each other’s way when considered in a joint approach.


Investing in equitable access to solar energy for Hispanic communities

As one of the fastest growing American communities, the Hispanic population has been historically underrepresented in solar energy. The barriers that have excluded Hispanic people from solar, however, are not permanent and work can be done to ensure an equitable energy transition.


Is BlackRock just ‘tinkering at the edges’ of its commitment to sustainability? 

New report calls out BlackRock, the world’s largest asset manager, Vanguard and other investment managers for slow-walking on commitments to hold corporate boards accountable for real progress on climate goals and the transition to clean energy.

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