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Elastocalorics could replace heat pumps, air conditioning systems

Elastocalorics have the potential to replace current air conditioning and heating systems, offering significant energy savings when paired with technologies such as photovoltaics.

IRENA calls 16.4% annual renewable growth to hit COP28 targets

Statistics from the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) shows that if the world were to continue with a 14% annual growth rate in renewables capacity, as seen in 2023, it will fall 1.5 TW short of meeting deployment targets set at COP28.

Amazon hits 100% renewable energy goal seven years ahead of schedule

The retail giant matched 100% of the electricity used in its operations with investments in renewable energy in 2023.

Solar for small-scale brewing

Researchers in Spain have investigated the potential of using photovoltaic (PV) or photovoltaic-thermal (PVT) systems in microbreweries and have found that PVT systems can cover more energy demand but have a longer payback time.

The secret to keeping a highly renewable island grid stable

It may seem counterintuitive to operators who are familiar with traditional grid management methods, but the key to stabilizing the destabilizing effects of more renewables on the grid is–more renewables.

Sunrise brief: U.S. household energy can wield 15 GW to affordably meet electricity demand

Also on the rise: University solar projects model institutional responsibility. Public input sought for large-scale solar project in Arizona. And more.

University solar projects model institutional responsibility

With a goal of achieving net neutrality by 2030, the University at Buffalo is not just generating clean energy with its solar installations, but serving as an example of how solar can become part of the landscape.

Rutgers University studies co-locating solar energy with crop production

The university is working with SolarEdge to study the practices of agrivoltaics, or co-located solar and farming.


Carbon removal necessary for solving climate crisis

By combining a rapid shift to 100% clean energy with large-scale deployment of carbon removal solutions, we can create a true climate restoration future – one with a healthy, livable planet for generations to come.

Data-driven electricity demand to double from 2022 levels by 2026

The world’s reliance on the internet, the shift to cloud computing, and the emergence of AI all fuel demand for more and more data centers. The International Energy Agency (IEA) projects that by 2026, data centers will consume more than 800 TWh annually, more than double their consumption in 2022. Tristan Rayner takes a look at the role that renewable generation plays in powering a digital world.

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