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Artificial intelligence helps solar to shine

Renewable energy sources such as solar are complex and unreliable due to constantly changing weather conditions, but artificial intelligence can be a force for good, helping remove obstacles and unleash the true power of solar.   

Rallies underway in 10 California cities to combat anti-rooftop solar policy

In opposition to a 75% cut of utility payments for excess rooftop solar customer production, California residents, environmental activists, and renewable energy workers will hold rallies across the state on Thursday, December 1, calling on the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) and Gov. Gavin Newsom to keep rooftop solar growing and affordable.


NPUC report ranks large U.S. utilities by decarbonization goals, renewables mix

The industry report tracks the leading utilities by fuel mix, emissions curbing, long-term decarbonization goals and clean energy investments as a share of capital expenditures.


Which IRA credits offer greatest motivation to invest in clean energy?

Palmetto Solar conducted a survey of 350 of its customers to learn which of the IRA credits push them to invest in high-efficiency appliances, sustainable building improvements, electric vehicles, battery storage devices, and solar panels.


ComEd to roll out residential energy storage systems for grid resiliency in northern Illinois

Initial demonstration projects are focused on select customers that have experienced outages in recent years.

Honnold Foundation receives $5 million to bring solar energy to underserved communities

The gift to the famous rock climber’s charity will launch the Levine Impact Lab, which plans to partner with 50 initiatives from around the world by 2050, working toward supporting the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

Off-grid solar plus storage EV ARC systems to be deployed by Puerto Rico government agencies

Puerto Rico’s power grid requires more than $130 billion in repairs after recent hurricanes. Solar and storage companies have provided distributed energy solutions in the aftermath of increasing storms.

Building renewables emits carbon, building them faster emits far less

Nothing is free, not even renewable energy. A study by Columbia University’s Climate School traces the carbon emissions needed to build renewable energy, and demonstrates how the faster we build, the less emissions will be embodied in our renewable infrastructure.


Solar PV Sidewalks: A pedestrian’s guide to grid intermittency solutions

Solar Earth claims its 42-Watt sidewalk-mounted PV system can provide 75% of a traffic intersection’s power in an outage, while the utility will have to cover the remainder with batteries or a generator.

Sunrise brief: More solar module manufacturing coming to the U.S.

Also on the rise: The day Indiana rooftop solar died. Is hydrogen about to have its solar moment? And more.

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