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Aging solar panels present an opportunity for a circular economy

Analysts at NREL modeled PV recycling strategies and found that current incentives are not well-aligned to drive recycling.


McDonald’s, eBay sign up to purchase solar from 345 MW Louisiana project

The two companies have signed on to purchase shares of the energy generated by Lightsource bp’s upcoming 345 MW Ventress Solar project.

EPA superfund site to become community solar installation

CEP Renewables has taken charge of developing a 25.6 MW community solar installation atop a former landfill that has been improperly shut down since 1982.

BlackRock acquires developer National Renewable Solutions

The acquisition is aimed at helping NRS accelerate work on its more than 3.5 GW pipeline of solar and wind projects.

Lagunitas Brewery serves up solar-brewed beers

In this case study, LG solar takes a deep dive on the company’s work with Lagunitas Brewery, showing the struggles overcome and the innovation needed to deliver the best beer the sun can brew.


Voters in the West support a Federal Clean Electricity Standard

President Joe Biden’s proposed Clean Electricity Standard received bipartisan support among voters in Colorado and Arizona, states that have already enacted their own standards.

Who is working against distributed solar: State campaigns in the Midwest and West

A new report explores who is behind efforts to curb distributed energy and solar deployment. In this part, we look at the report’s investigation of state-level campaigns focused on the Midwest and West.

U.S. to net-zero carbon by 2050 will be a steep climb

Under one scenario, Worley and Princeton estimated that the U.S. would need to build 800 MW of solar every week for the next 30 years to achieve carbon neutrality.


Farmers opting for solar leases over carbon sequestration contracts

In a recent Purdue University survey, farmers reported adopting solar leases at more than double the rate of carbon sequestration plans as a much higher price-per-acre was offered.

New Jersey is set to pass two key pieces of solar legislation

S2605 establishes a successor to the state’s solar renewable energy certificate program, incentivizing the development of at least 3,750 MW of solar, while S3484 would establish a dual-use solar project pilot program for unpreserved farmland.

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