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U.S. researchers develop perovskite solar mini-module with 19.21% efficiency

The scientists built the panel with perovskite solar cells treated with trifluoromethane sulfonate to combat iodide defects. The mini module reportedly achieved the highest efficiency ever recorded for its size to date, with the result being confirmed by the US National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL).

The solar rebound effect in residential PV

The rebound effect consists of a reduction in expected gains from a more resource-efficient technology as a result of behavioral or systemic change. An international research team has investigated this phenomenon in the residential PV segment in Vietnam and has found that it could happen in any country where the policy supporting solar power is not fully and scientifically explained.

Radiative cooling tech for vertical solar panels

Developed by a U.S.-Saudi research group, the novel technique employs two 45-degree inclined mirrors on the two sides of a PV module.

The effect of PV plants on albedo, vegetation, land temperature

Scientists have used remote sensing to analyze the effect solar farms have across 116 sites worldwide. They found that the cooling effect is higher during the daytime, with albedo decreasing by 0.016 for most facilities.

Utility scale solar farms contribute to bird diversity

New research has shown that solar parks can play a positive role in promoting bird diversity in the agricultural landscape of Central Europe. The scientists said solar farms offer food availability and nesting sites.

MIT researchers plan to use acenes to make singlet fission solar cells

Acenes are benzene molecules with unique optoelectronic properties. Singlet fission solar cells can produce two electrons from one photon, making the cell more efficient.

Photovoltaics for marine wildlife telemetry devices

A research team has tested mini solar modules in marine data collection devices, using animal hosts for water column profile measurements. The findings suggest that submarine PV can effectively operate in these applications at depths of up to 22 meters.

New MPPT approach for multi-string PV systems under partial shading

Egyptian researchers have developed a multi-string PV system with a converter control strategy, achieving 99.81% efficiency with a direct duty cycle for maximum power point tracking (MPPT).

Using air conditioning to cool down PV modules, dry dishes

An international research team has investigated how air conditioning may be used to reduce the operating temperature of PV panels. The researchers not only found that the proposed approach is technically viable, but they also tested the use of excess heat from the panels for drying dishes.

Monoprice unveils new PowerCache batteries with up to 1,000 W of output

Monoprice, a U.S. consumer electronics supplier, says its new portable batteries can store electricity from solar panels and wall outlets. They range in price from $199.99 to $799.99.

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