Los Angeles households to get 121 MW of solar power from 8minutenergy

8minutenergy has entered into a definitive agreement to sell its interest in the 121 MW-DC Springbok 3 Solar Farm to Capital Dynamics. The project has a 27-year contract to sell power to the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power.

RBI goes more vertical with Solar BOS

The combination of these companies offerings shows that one plus one sometimes equals three.

Cutting down the soft costs: an interview with Standard Solar

In this interview from the Solar Power International 2018 conference, pv magazine USA talks with Standard Solar CEO Scott Wiater and Chief Development Officer Tony Clifford about the challenges that the U.S. commercial and industrial (C&I) solar market is facing, and how to move past them.

SunCast: Grid integration of high levels of renewable energy

In this special edition, SunCast host Nico Johnson talks with pv magazine Americas editor about grid integration of high levels of renewable energy, and what’s going on at SPI

Canadian Solar unveils new 400+ Watt bifacial poly PERC black silicon module

The Chinese-Canadian module manufacturer says its P4-based BiHiKu panel, for large commercial and utility-scale solar projects, is able to provide up to 30 per cent additional output from the rear side.

EDF Renewables acquires 50% stake in EnterSolar

The acquisition will serve as a marriage between EDF’s established solar+storage expertise and EnterSolar’s history of C&I project development.

Ten batteries to power the world

ARPE-E has chosen ten projects as part of its DAYS energy storage program aiming for 10 to 100 hours of energy storage at affordable fixed costs per cycle.

The consolidation continues: AlsoEnergy merges with Locus Energy

AlsoEnergy has acquired/merged with its third energy monitoring and asset management company this summer. This most recent move brings 25 GW and 190,000 projects under AlsoEnergy’s responsibility.

Members of congress warn of REC Silicon plant closure

A group of senators and representatives from Washington and Montana led by the top democrat on the U.S. Senate Energy and Natural Resources committee are calling on President Trump to negotiate with China and save REC’s Moses Lake facility.

SPI 2018: Contradictions, disasters, resilience

This year’s opening session for largest gathering of solar professionals in the United States alluded to many of the themes that the solar industry is grappling with.

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