Illinois tightens details of solar valuation, regulates projects on farms

Illinois legislation concerning commercial solar valuation and installations on agricultural land has been signed into law by the governor.

A plan for California to kick the gas habit

A set of analysis by the Union of Concerned Scientists show distinct pathways for California to lower its total gas plants from 89 units today, down to 33 units. The analysis suggests a combination of 25 GW of solar, wind, storage and more.

China to file WTO complaint over Section 201 duties

China’s Ministry of Commerce is arguing that the 30% import duties on solar products from China and other nations do not comply with WTO rules. The Chinese government added that its solar industry could be seriously damaged.

Solar could replace 2.73 GW of PacifiCorp coal units, at lower cost

A simple comparison of per-MWh costs for solar versus PacifiCorp’s existing coal-fired generation found that new solar would cost less than the going-forward costs of 11 coal units with a combined 2.73 GW of capacity.

Dominion acquires 240 MW-AC of solar in Virginia

The company has reached a deal with local developer Urban Grid to acquire two upcoming projects, which, when complete, should be the largest in the state of Virginia.

SEIA hires John Smirnow, Tony Chen

Trade lawyer and former VP John Smirnow will rejoin the trade group. SEIA has also hired Tony Chen, formerly of SolarCity and Cool Earth Solar.

Saudis may take Tesla private

Elon Musk has revealed that a Saudi sovereign wealth fund has approached him with a definite offer, and has announced advisors as the company forms a special committee.

Fossil interests, utilities spend almost 10x more than renewables industries on lobbying

Drexel University researchers have shown that $2 billion was spent lobbying Congress on climate-related issues between 2000-2016. Electricity utilities, fossil fuel producers and transportation groups dominate the sources of money put into this process.

Florida regulators clear the way for Vivint’s solar lease

Vivint Solar has joined other national residential solar companies in the Florida market as state regulators confirm that their solar lease contract does not violate state law by constituting the sale of electricity.

Duke to upgrade pumped-storage station to accommodate renewables

The energy giant is upgrading its Bad Creek pumped hydro storage facility from 1,000 to 1,300 MW.

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