Solar and storage groups call for dynamic pricing of electricity in California

Dynamic pricing could advance renewables while cutting both customer costs and system costs, suggests a petition from solar and storage industry participants. They call for a rulemaking process to give all customers the option to choose real-time pricing.

Massachusetts’ SMART program fills up fast

The new program has already been over-subscribed for 25 kW or larger projects in two of five utility service areas, and is nearly full in a third.

Stanford University to become 100% solar powered

Thanks to a power contract with Recurrent Energy, the Cardinal will become the third college in the nation capable of entirely offsetting their electricity usage with solar.

IRENA clarion call for G20 leaders may fall on deaf ears

In an advisory requested by Argentinian hosts, agency reports on the role solar can play in firing the energy transition up to 2050 – but was anybody listening?

Residential solar power interest rates headed down

Dividend Solar has received a preliminary rating on a portfolio of $103 million of residential solar power loans from KBRA. The presale report shows a history of decreasing interest rates over the past year across three portfolios offered by Dividend.

Inverters from China to be spared 25% tariffs – for at least 90 days

Enphase, Huawei and other companies which make inverters in China may be the beneficiaries of a compromise struck between Presidents Donald Trump and Xi Jinping.

18 incoming Members of Congress back call for Green New Deal

The radical call for a rapid energy transition and jobs program now has the stated support of more than 4% of the U.S. Representatives who will take seats in January.

SolarWindow Technologies invests $25 million in manufacturing lines and hiring

Founder and Chair Harmel Rayat is the source of the cash raise. The organic photovoltaic solar cell film technology has scaled from its original one quarter the size of a grain of rice to a one foot square glass pane.

Mars electricity generation record set with 29.5% efficient solar cell

The NASA InSight lander generated 4,588 watt-hours during sol 1, a new record for electricity generation on Mars.


Milwaukee eyes its own rooftop solar mandate with a California clone

The proposed legislation would require all new residential units in the city to include solar arrays, starting in 2019.


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