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Commercial real estate to host VPP-connected flywheels and batteries

U.S.-based technology provider Torus has agreed to supply nearly 26 MWh of energy storage for Gardner Group’s commercial real estate portfolio. The project will integrate battery and flywheel energy storage systems (BESS, FESS) with Torus’ proprietary energy management platform.

Global PV installations may hit 660 GW in 2024, says Bernreuter Research

Bernreuter Research says low module prices will drive demand in the second half of this year. The researchers note the shipment targets of the world’s six largest solar module suppliers, who are aiming for an annual growth rate of 40% on average.

NREL guide for anyone seeking more solar and storage in utility resource plans

A guide to utility resource plans aims to help state regulators and others engage effectively with utilities in reviewing the plans, which have often been challenged for limiting solar and storage in projections of new generating capacity needed.

BASF, NGK launch sodium-sulfur battery with less than 1% degradation rate

A set of technological improvements incorporated into the new product NAS MODEL L24 allows for lower maintenance costs compared to the earlier sodium sulfur battery type developed by the two manufacturers.

A look at what caused U.S. solar stock slump in April

Financial and regulatory uncertainty plus rising module prices are affecting project timelines in the United States and domestic companies must contend with a gray market at home and aggressive pricing abroad. Jesse Pichel, of Roth Capital Partners, explores the key trends in a tough month for U.S. solar stocks.

Sunrise brief: Titan Solar latest in residential solar business closures

Also on the rise: Reshore solar manufacturing but don’t stall construction with tariffs, suggests union official. Princeton NuEnergy scores $30 million in funding for lithium battery recycling. And more.

Solar antidumping tariffs back in the spotlight

After a two-year pause, antidumping and countervailing duty (AD/CVD) tariffs on solar components shipped from Southeast Asia are set to resume in June 2024.

Princeton NuEnergy scores $30 million in funding for lithium battery recycling

The low-temperature plasma-assisted separation process, developed at Princeton University and now trademarked as LPAS, produces battery-grade cathode and anode materials suitable for direct reintroduction into cell manufacturing.

Bill seeks to establish community solar market in Michigan

Community solar projects are non-utility owned assets that allow customers to subscribe to a portion of the project’s electricity generation capacity in exchange for bill credits.

Soltec launches specially designed floating PV tracker

Soltec has developed a floating PV tracker with pumps in the central tank for mobility and ballast, enabling operation in wind gusts above 100 km/h.

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