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Valentin updates tool for designing heat pump systems

GeoT*SOL 2023 includes a photovoltaic option and configurable diagrams.

California coalition calls for RTO in the West

“Lights On California” believes it’s time for California to consider clean energy solutions both within and beyond its borders to prevent blackouts, reduce energy costs, and transition to 100% clean energy.

Rapidly growing U.S. microgrid market achieves 10 GW in 2022

Driven by a rising demand for uninterrupted services, corporate ESG goals, and military resilience plans, Wood Mackenzie estimates the U.S. microgrid market has seen a 47% increase in solar and storage capacity in 2022 compared to 2017 levels.

Minnesota senate passes 100% clean energy standard

The first clean energy standard passed in the nation this year, the Minnesota bill mandates a transition to 100% carbon-free energy by 2040.

Solar development partnership supports Tribal communities and corporate ESG goals

Former Tesla project manager joins Seneca Solar to integrate the program management expertise of Seneca with AEDG’s growing portfolio.

Interest in solar apprenticeship expands in response to IRA

Apprenticeship programs across the country, such as Rethink Electrical Advanced Program in Illinois, are seeing record numbers of students who are learning the ins and outs of solar installation.

Enphase demonstrates bidirectional EV charger

The bidirectional EV charger enables vehicle-to-home and vehicle-to-grid applications, and integrates into Enphase home energy systems.

Two groups challenge grid operator rules that restrict renewable energy

Earthjustice filed a complaint with FERC on behalf of SEIA that challenges a MISO rule that prohibits renewable energy resources from providing ancillary services.

Five community solar projects coming to disadvantaged communities in California

The five projects, to be built by Renewable Properties, will fulfill the remaining capacity of PG&E’s Disadvantaged Communities Green Tariff program.

Generac introduces residential EV charger

Generac said the Level 2 home charger can charge a car battery in as little as four to six hours, and the J1772 connector is compatible with most EVs on the market today.

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