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Debunking solar myths: What about nuclear?

Part three of Dan Shugar’s series on replacing fiction with facts about solar, when the proverbial Uncle Bob comes to dinner.

Module prices steady as market mulls price hikes

In a new weekly update for pv magazine, OPIS, a Dow Jones company, provides a quick look at the main price trends in the global PV industry.

Achieving compatibility between solar project developers and mineral estate holders

How to play in the sandbox: Understanding the interplay of the mineral estate and the surface estate and strategies for successful surface project development in Texas, California and elsewhere.

Calculating potential impact of EPA’s $7 billion Solar for All program

Solar for All can jumpstart the solar market and expand the benefits of solar far beyond the initial five years of the program. Clean Energy States Alliance notes that after the award decisions are announced, additional states will be evaluating strategies and more households will benefit from this funding over time.

MIT research provides roadmap to perovskite passivation

In previous work, research teams developed methods for passivation, but there wasn’t clear understanding of how the process works. The new MIT study provides details on how to passivate the material’s surface so that the perovskite no longer degrades so rapidly or loses efficiency.

The importance of community solar in all-of-the-above renewable energy strategy

Recent studies show the many benefits of community solar, and to keep it on an upward trajectory, the Coalition for Community Solar Access encourages growth in third-party programs.

DOE announces $366 million for energy projects in rural and remote communities

The funding will support solar, energy storage and other clean energy deployment across 20 states and 30 tribal nations.

Construction begins on largest utility-owned solar project in New Hampshire

ReVision Energy is building the 4.9 MW solar project on 36 acres of vacant land in Kingston, New Hampshire.

First Solar could have $5 billion impact on U.S. economy by 2026

A study commissioned by First Solar analyzed the company’s actual and forecast U.S. spending in 2023 and 2026 when the company expects to have 14 GW of annual nameplate capacity across Alabama, Louisiana, and Ohio.

Nova Scotia launches heat pump initiative

Partnering with Canada’s Oil to Heat Pump Affordability program will enable LMI households to receive funding to cover the full cost of switching to a heat pump.

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