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PV Intel announces Solar Development Training consulting service

With the U.S. projected to double the amount of PV available by the end of 2025, opportunities abound for solar developers. PV Intel experts offer the fundamentals of solar project development.

Managing uncertainty in the solar module supply

PVEL and PI Berlin, both members of the Kiwa Group, outline the steps that companies can take to ensure that the modules they are deploying in their projects meet quality standards for the U.S. market.

Commerce Department AD/CVD ruling calls for continued tariffs on solar imports

The ruling is a mistake that the solar industry will have to deal with for the next several years, according to a solar trade group CEO.

Ideematec trackers chosen for 7 GW portfolio in Texas

Solar Proponent and Ideematec are working together with an EPC contractor to finalize the delivery schedules for the first Texas project of approximately 650 MW.

Artificial intelligence helps solar to shine

Renewable energy sources such as solar are complex and unreliable due to constantly changing weather conditions, but artificial intelligence can be a force for good, helping remove obstacles and unleash the true power of solar.   

Portable off-grid solar and battery kit from Canada

SEI Logistics secured nearly $40,000 in Canadian tax incentives for its portable, folding solar panels with batteries, designed to work in harsh and remote environments.

Solar and storage prices soared as a result of market disruptions, NREL reports

The Covid-19 pandemic, tariffs, the Uyghur Forced Labor Act all created such significant market disruptions between Q1 2021 and Q1 2022 that NREL researchers looked at both short-term distortions and long-term trends in its most recent annual cost benchmark report.

Why the solar industry has a trust problem (and how to fix it)

By aligning industry measurement practices, we can create more trust among everyone involved in the solar installation journey.


Guidance for solar tax credit prevailing wage and apprenticeship requirements

The Treasury Department released details today on how clean energy developers can receive full value of Investment Tax Credit by using a percentage of registered apprentices and paying prevailing wage.

Corporate solar doubles since 2019, displacing 20.4 million tons of carbon annually

Companies in the United States are installing solar at unprecedented rates with corporate solar now accounting for 14% of installed capacity.


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