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Center for Model Policy Development brings unity to clean energy transition

The Solar and Storage Industries Institute launched the Center for Model Policy Development, a new effort to help harmonize state policymaking around barriers to clean energy deployment.

What causes batteries to degrade?

Having discussed battery chemistry in a previous article, Volytica diagnostics here examines the causes of battery degradation and how to extend device lifetimes, ahead of a pv magazine webinar tomorrow.

Lithium-ion battery fire in California energy storage facility

Homes and businesses within a quarter mile of the Valley Center Energy Storage Facility were evacuated and a shelter-in-place order was in effect for anyone a half mile from the site. Owner, Terra-Gen, issued a statement saying that the facility’s design systems are keeping the incident contained.


Redflow and Ameresco to deploy prototype microgrid at Stewart Air National Guard Base

The Department of Air Force plans to use the repowered solar microgrid with 1.2 MWh to 1.4 MWh of energy storage to provide energy resilience for critical loads on the base. The microgrid will also provide a dispatchable solar-plus-storage resource capable of peak shaving.

Unraveling the IRA’s domestic content rules

Clean Energy Associates (CEA) made a presentation in a recent pv magazine webinar about domestic content bonuses available under the U.S. Inflation Reduction Act (IRA). CEA Senior Policy Analyst Christian Roselund provides some takeaways.

Strengthening the solar supply chain

From Covid disruptions to concerns about forced labor to volatile prices, the U.S. has been dealing with a myriad of supply chain disruptions. What we need now is certainty.

How local is local in solar manufacturing?

With more than 50 GW of module manufacturing announcements made in the United States, annual production capacity will exceed demand by 2025, says S&P Global’s Alex Kaplan.

U.S. utility testing 5 MW, 10-hour organic solid flow battery

German battery manufacturer CMBlu is supplying its 5 MW, 10-hour-duration organic solid flow long-duration battery technology to a US utility project, featuring high-performance organic energy storage molecules.

Equity-centered regulation is vital to a clean energy future for all 

True energy equity requires that everyone have the opportunity, knowledge, and access to participate fully in the regulatory process.

Planes, trains, or automobiles: Which has the lowest carbon footprint?

Three industry professionals traveled 3,000 miles across America. Their mission: to dissect their carbon footprint. What they found was a complex calculation, with results more tightly-knit than anticipated – and a CO2 revelation.

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