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Solar power crosses the political aisle; $75 million for agrivoltaics research

In a political landscape with ever-increasing divisions, solar has repeatedly crossed the aisle. This time, a new bill aims to fund agrivoltaics research and development over five years to help determine how to best integrate solar energy generation with U.S.-style farming operations.


Solar-hydrogen racing yacht to circumnavigate the globe

A partnership between Maxeon Solar Technologies and OceansLab will result in the production of the world’s first hydrogenelectric race yacht.


Caltech researchers beam solar from space

Caltech’s space solar program began in 2011 when philanthropist Donald Bren donated more than $100 million in support of the project. In the first demonstration of solar energy beamed to earth, his vision is becoming reality.

Maxeon claims 24.7% efficiency for IBC solar module

Maxeon said it has achieved a 24.7% efficiency rating for a full-scale Maxeon 7 solar panel using its interdigitated back contact technology. National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) confirmed the result.

New standard for ultra-low carbon solar modules released

The Global Electronics Council delivered standard inspection processes built upon models combining local power grid emissions and subcomponent energy needs to determine the embodied carbon footprint of globally manufactured solar panels.

NREL adds a lab and announces plans for spending $150 million in IRA funding

Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm was on hand for the opening of the Research and Innovation Laboratory, which will focus on plastics upcycling, next-generation batteries and advanced energy materials.

Software provider introduces hail detection solution for solar projects

Hail events have historically posed a considerable risk for utility solar projects, with weather instances creating up to $100 million in damages at large projects located in “Hail Alley” states such as Texas.


PVEL releases ninth edition of PV Module Reliability Scorecard

2023 Scorecard names 250 types of solar modules from 35 manufacturers as Top Performers.

ASU to receive $70 million to research clean energy industrial processes

Arizona State University will establish the Electrified Processes for Industry Without Carbon to electrify industrial heating processes.

Bidgely releases hourly grid-monitoring distributed energy tool

An energy data software start-up company has released the 8760 Energy Model, a data set and report that provides utilities and industry stakeholders with behind-the-meter energy data tracked at the hourly level throughout the year.

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