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Technology and R&D

The mobility rEVolution: Zero-cobalt cathode for highly stable lithium-ion batteries

U.S. researchers say they have developed a way to make cobalt-free lithium-ion battery cathodes, while Ford says it has broken ground on a new $5.6 billion production complex for electric vehicles and batteries.


Solliance hits 30.1% efficiency on perovskite/silicon tandem solar cell

The Solliance consortium achieved a 29.2% record efficiency for the solar cell in November 2021, from just 28.7% in March 2020. In recent months, it increased the perovskite cell for the tandem device from 17.8% to 19.7%.


American-Made Solar Prize pitch showcase at RE+

Ten hardware and ten software track finalists compete for $1.4 million prize.

Model to assess microclimates in vertical agrivoltaic systems

Swedish researchers have developed a model to analyze the microclimate parameters of a vertically mounted agrivoltaic system. They validated their model by comparing its estimations with measurements of solar irradiance, PV module temperature, and ground temperature.


Start-up plans solar manufacturing in disadvantaged communities

Great expectations from startup CHERP, manufacturing their new solar panels in 30 MW/year micro solar module assembly facilities located in underserved communicates, via public-private partnerships.

RE+ announces three new co-located clean energy events

The Center for Transportation and the Environment, the Center for Hydrogen Safety, and Idaho National Laboratory will be hosting events at RE+ 2022 in Anaheim California.

Perovskite solar cell achieves 24% efficiency, retains 87% of output after 100 days

Researchers at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory made a breakthrough in high efficiency and stability for perovskite solar cells.

It’s no longer ‘if’, but ‘how’ to get to 100% emissions free electricity

NREL explores the complexities of the various technology paths to 100% emission-free electricity in the United States, which include 540 GWac to 1 TWac of solar power being installed by 2035.


Aluminum-sulfur battery for small-scale storage at $8.99/kWh

Massachusetts Institute of Technology researchers have developed a battery with two electrodes made of aluminum and sulfur, and a molten salt electrolyte placed between them. They said the sulfur electrodes with a high loading of 12.0 mg cm2 can sustain a high capacity of 520 mAh g–1 over 100 cycles at 5 C.


Lab manufactured perovskite solar panel goes nine months, loses 25% of its efficiency

Researchers built and deployed a nine perovskite solar panel array that showed little generation loss due to high temperatures, and performed better over time than researchers expected.

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