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Sunrise brief: Pre-assembled nickel-hydrogen energy storage solution

Also on the rise: BP to take full control of Lightsource BP. Solar designed for curved surfaces. And more.

Imec integrates silicon heterojunction solar cells into curved surfaces

Imec has successfully integrated silicon heterojunction PV cells into curved surfaces, resulting in a 6% efficiency increase compared to passivated emitter and rear contact half cells. The cells are suitable for applications in vehicle-integrated and building-integrated photovoltaics.

Inverted perovskite solar cell achieves 25.1% efficiency via new passivation technique

A group of scientists in the United States has utilized a new passivation strategy based on sulfur-modified methylthio molecules to build an inverted perovskite solar cell with a certified efficiency of 25.1% and remarkable stability. The proposed passivation approach reportedly led to a five-fold increase in carrier lifetime and a three-fold reduction in photoluminescence quantum yield losses.

Gallium arsenide solar cell achieves 23.1% efficiency via electrochemical porosification

An international research group has utilized a new porosification technique to build gallium arsenide (GaAs) solar cells that allow the recovery of germanium films. The new cell achieved an efficiency that is reportedly in line with that of other GaAs PV devices, but can be produced at a lower cost thanks to the reuse of germanium.

Using air conditioning to cool down PV modules, dry dishes

An international research team has investigated how air conditioning may be used to reduce the operating temperature of PV panels. The researchers not only found that the proposed approach is technically viable, but they also tested the use of excess heat from the panels for drying dishes.

Long-duration storage and renewables can cut global industrial emissions by 65%

A recent report from the LDES Council finds industrial carbon emissions comprise around a quarter of annual global greenhouse gasses, and are growing by 2% every year.

Ascent Solar announces 17.55% efficiency for CIGS tech

Ascent Solar, a US-based manufacturer, has achieved an efficiency of 17.55% for its copper, indium, gallium and selenide (CIGS) technology. It says it plans to release a new CIGS solar module with this efficiency rating soon.

Solestial wins NASA contract to develop solar blanket wings for spacecraft

The company received nearly $1 million to develop ultrathin PV for the next generation for space infrastructure.

California greenhouse to integrate clear-glass photovoltaics

ClearVue clear solar glass will be installed on System USA’s greenhouse, adding 82 kW of power.

Maintaining quality, reliability and durability in the solar supply chain

At the pv magazine Roundtables US 2023, four experts weighed in on the importance of testing, inspection, standardized data and more, in the never-ending quest to build a reliable and resilient solar industry.

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