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Technology and R&D

Partners turn to blockchain to expand solar module recycling

The technology is being developed in Japan and should be able to inspect solar modules to provide data on traceability and components used.


Perovskite-silicon tandems could rapidly scale solar

Halide perovskites combined with conventional silicon could help solar break the 26% efficiency barrier, disrupting the technology without disrupting business systems.

Lithium-metal battery with capacity retention of 88% over 1,000 cycles

German scientists have applied a new combination of cathodes and electrolytes to improve the stability of lithium-metal batteries. They fabricated a device with an energy density of 560 watt-hours per kilogram and a Coulombic efficiency of 99.94%.


New class of photocatalyst has implications for hydrogen fuel production

A group of scientists at Shoolini University have highlighted the potential of covalent organic frameworks, which have a range of properties that may have applications for green hydrogen production.

Sunrise brief: Bill Gates-backed battery startup secures $144m in funding

Also on the rise: LS Power launches Rev Renewables, El Paso Electric issues an RFP for renewables, and Biden’s infrastructure agenda clears one big hurdle but faces still more.


Recovering waste heat from solar cells using a thermoelectric generator

The device recovers waste heat from the PV unit and produces additional power.

Solar power from space by 2030? Advocacy group shows how

In Beyond Earth’s vision, space solar power systems would include photovoltaics and concentrators, along with wireless power transmission systems, including microwave and laser power transmission.

Crystal arrangement results in 1,000x more power from ferroelectric solar cells

Researchers discovered a ferroelectric crystal lattice that increases a solar cell’s photovoltaic effect by a factor of 1,000.


Startup Sunday: EnergyX aims to cut Li-ion battery costs with a novel technology

Also starting up: Edgehog secures funding for its self-cleaning, anti-reflective glass; and Maana Electric looks to the Moon for its shipping container-sized PV module factories.


Battery companies join research partners to improve lead battery cycling

By targeting a specific organic material used in lead batteries, the group hopes to improve charging efficiency, which would result in longer battery life.

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