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Technology and R&D

Ultrathin solar cells self-repair radiation damage in space

Third-party testing confirms a high level of resilience to the conditions of space in silicon-based solar cells developed by Arizona-based Solestial.

Get what you pay for with high-efficiency PV modules

Clean Energy Associates (CEA) has calculated the price premium that solar developers will swallow in return for the levelized cost of energy (LCOE) savings offered by the latest generation of high-efficiency PV modules.

Silicon anode lithium-ion battery cell with 500 Wh/kg density

Amprius received third-party verification of the performance of its battery cell that offers high power density in a lightweight package.


Sunrise brief: Robot dogs monitor for faults at solar plants

Also on the rise: Solar project updates in California, Texas, Arkansas, Tennessee. Transferability, or selling tax credits, top of mind at SEIA Finance. And more.

Global study highlights potential of floating solar

An international group of researchers has calculated the potential for floating solar across the world. The results show a generation potential of 9,434 TWh per year across 114,555 global reservoirs, with 30% of their area covered. The United States leads with 1,911 TWh per year of potential, followed by China at 1,107 TWh per year and Brazil at 865 TWh per year.


Midsummer develops 24.9% efficient 4T tandem perovskite-CIGS solar cell

Midsummer and researchers from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), say that their new tandem PV cell is suitable for the company’s Duo production equipment, which makes 56 mm x 156 mm CIGS cells on a flexible stainless steel substrate.

Semi-transparent organic photovoltaics for greenhouse applications

Scientists from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), have used an antioxidant known as L-glutathione as an interlayer in an organic PV cell to prevent other materials from oxidizing. The cell has an efficiency of 13.5% and an average visible transmittance of 21.5%. The researchers said it is suitable for applications in solar greenhouses.

TOPCon shingle solar cell achieves 22.0% efficiency via thermal laser separation

Scientists from Germany’s Fraunhofer ISE and US panel maker Solaria have applied thermal laser separation and post-metallization passivated edge technology to tunnel oxide passivated contact (TOPCon) cell production. They have developed shingle PV devices that are more efficient than cells built with conventional laser scribing and mechanical cleaving methods.


Distributed generation finance platform raises $25 million

Banyan Infrastructure is raising a $25 million Series B equity round from Energize Ventures, SE Ventures and Elemental Excelerator to digitize the manual process of procuring project finance between banks, investors and project developers.

Honda reusing vehicle fuel cells to build 500 kW stationary fuel cell system

Honda has revealed that it is testing a pilot stationary fuel cell stationary power system in California.

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