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Vertical agrivoltaics to reduce PV curtailment, increase water efficiency

An international research group has analyzed a vertical bifacial agrivoltaics system in a drought-stricken part of Chile. They say that the solar array can improve water efficiency for crop irrigation, while the vertical system configuration optimizes PV power generation throughout the day, minimizing curtailment.

Solar industry should focus on virtual power plants, says DOE’s Jigar Shah

With the days of solar net metering “numbered” and more utilities looking to deploy virtual power plants that compensate owners of distributed storage, industry veteran Jigar Shah sees virtual power plants as a route to industry success.

Not all ‘lithium-ion’ batteries are dangerous

As the energy storage trend unfolds, stories litter the media landscape about lithium-ion batteries catching fire, and even exploding. It’s a valid concern, and the time for consumers to understand a basic truth about lithium-ion batteries is long past due.

Sunrise brief: Los Angeles, Austin and Vermont plan to exceed 90% carbon-free power by 2030

Also on the rise: Honeywell invests in ESS to advance adoption of iron flow battery energy storage. Panasonic introduces half-cut HJT residential solar module, and more.

U.S. and Canada to spend $12 trillion on renewables and grid by 2050

The intrinsic efficiency of renewables will lower the overall cost of energy from 4% of GDP today to about 2.5% by 2050, said a report from DNV.

Honeywell invests in ESS to advance adoption of iron flow battery energy storage

Honeywell purchased $27.5 million in ESS common stock and intends to purchase $300 million in ESS product, with $15 million prepaid. The collaboration enables Honeywell to integrate ESS technology into its global offering, and ESS gains license to Honeywell’s flow battery intellectual property.

Los Angeles, Austin and Vermont plan to exceed 90% carbon-free power by 2030

A dozen U.S. utilities have targeted at least 80% carbon-free generation by 2030. The Smart Electric Power Alliance hopes that their strategies to get there will influence other utilities to accelerate their own clean energy commitments.

Sunrise brief: U.S. energy storage deployments to exceed 10 GW this year

Also on the rise: Nextracker opens steel manufacturing facility in Las Vegas. Briggs & Stratton launches new lithium iron phosphate battery packages. And more.

Accelerating heat pump adoption in Canada

The Canadian Climate Institute released a report that details how to unlock lower-cost heating and cooling in Canada, outlines barriers to adoption, and makes recommendations for streamlining the loan and grant application process.

Nextracker opens steel manufacturing facility in Las Vegas

The facility will produce steel for Nextracker’s solar mounts and tracking systems. Nextracker and Unimacts held an event to dedicate the new production line, which coincided with the RE+ 2023 conference, the largest energy trade show in the country, also in Las Vegas.

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