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Commercial & Industrial PV

Heat pumps competitive with gas boilers in some markets, says IEA

The International Energy Agency (IEA) says unsubsidized heat pumps are already competitive with gas boilers in mature markets including the United States, Canada, Japan, Italy, and China. It says global sales will soar to record levels by 2030.

Battery manufacturer to install massive 3.8 MW solar system at Pennsylvania HQ

The behind-the-meter project is set to be one of the largest C&I solar projects installed to date.

Corporate solar doubles since 2019, displacing 20.4 million tons of carbon annually

Companies in the United States are installing solar at unprecedented rates with corporate solar now accounting for 14% of installed capacity.


Off-grid solar plus storage EV ARC systems to be deployed by Puerto Rico government agencies

Puerto Rico’s power grid requires more than $130 billion in repairs after recent hurricanes. Solar and storage companies have provided distributed energy solutions in the aftermath of increasing storms.

Solar PV Sidewalks: A pedestrian’s guide to grid intermittency solutions

Solar Earth claims its 42-Watt sidewalk-mounted PV system can provide 75% of a traffic intersection’s power in an outage, while the utility will have to cover the remainder with batteries or a generator.

Solar microgrid to power Aemetis biofuel refinery

The 2 MW solar plus 1.25 MW energy storage project is in partnership with Total Energies and Schneider Electric.

Urban Racking to focus on rooftop solar canopies in U.S. metropolitan markets

The company’s first 46 kW solar canopy was recently deployed in Brownsville, NYC, and features a low 4.5% shading factor.

American Red Cross building goes net zero with New Jersey rooftop PV deployment

The Red Cross’ New Jersey rooftop solar system will produce roughly 2.7 GWh of electricity over the next 20 years, the equivalent of powering 19 homes.

Visualizing the remarkable progress of solar energy

The last decade laid the foundation for solar to be a major energy source going forward. What will the next decade have in store?


Solar-plus-storage SEIA code proposals for risk designation receive preliminary ICC approval

Without the SEIA proposals, solar-plus-storage projects would have needed to meet FEMA code S76-22 approval for Risk Category 4 , a risk category reserved for hospitals, fire, police and emergency services.

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