Commercial & Industrial PV

New York to get its largest rooftop solar power plant, battery

EnterSolar is building a 2.4 MW solar project on the roof of a building just north of New York City, while Key Capture Energy will build the state’s largest lithium-ion battery – 20 MW – in Saratoga County.

Monster 690 MW Solar Project outside Las Vegas announced

The two-phase Gemini Solar Project would be larger than any operational single-site solar project in the United States known to pv magazine.

Goldman Sachs buys 204 MW of East Coast solar from SJI

Goldman Sachs Asset Management is paying $350 million in cash for a portfolio of C&I solar at 143 sites in New England, New Jersey and Maryland.

Solar at the stadium

A new report from SEIA finds that more and more franchises, from the NFL to Indycar, are choosing to add solar power to their stadiums and venues.


South Carolina net metering cap increase derailed

The SC Senate budget committee has removed an amendment that would have lifted the restrictive 2% caps on net metered-solar from the state’s budget bill. The caps could be hit in both utility service areas by the end of the year.


Solar bond pays for 12 solar installations, with no taxpayer cost

The City of Albuquerque has revealed details of the first phase of $25 million in solar power investments, as part of its goal to bring the city to 25% renewables. The first 12 projects are on local structures including fire and police stations, increasing resilience.

Ska Brewing adds solar to renewable arsenal

Named after everbody’s favorite mashup genre, the company has gone 100% renewable with the addition of their new solar project


Maui College going 100% solar

The latest ambitious goal in America’s most renewable-aggressive state is the first to focus strictly on solar.

New York expands Megawatt Block solar incentives

The state will allow projects up to 7.5 MW to participate in the C&I portion of the program, as well as including “adders” for brownfield, landfill, low-income and parking canopy installations.

Texas developer sells solar portfolio for $100 million

Fengate Real Asset Investments announced a $100 million equity commitment and co-development partnership with Texas-based PowerFin Partners, along with the acquisition of a 9.1 MW portfolio of operating solar projects in Austin and San Antonio.

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