Commercial & Industrial PV

Berkeley Lab finds negligible potential rate impacts from distributed solar

The latest report from the respected national lab finds that even if – big if – behind-the-meter solar is raising the rates of other utility customers, the impacts are tiny, especially compared to other activities.

Air Force, Navy march toward a solar future                   

Coronal Energy and Gulf Power joined forces to break ground on a combined 120 MW at Eglin Air Force Base and Naval Air Station Pensacola.

New Jersey reaches 2 GW of installed solar

With a strong market in 2016, New Jersey retains the fourth-largest installed capacity and the 2nd largest capacity of distributed generation in the United States.

CleanCapital and Generate Capital enter $300 million partnership to focus on distributed solar

The two U.S.-based companies have announced a major partnership for the acquisition of $300 million in operating clean energy assets, with a focus on distributed solar projects in the near-term.

Stion & Powerway install trackers at Tulare, CA PV plant

Stion CIGS thin modules were supported by Powerway’s single-axis PowerTracker. The array consists of 16 rows, each of which includes a 15 panel block that is three panels wide in a portrait orientation. The project was connected to the grid on January 4.

Duke Energy connected 500 MW of solar in 2016

Just because the calendar turned to 2017, however, doesn’t mean the utility is planning to slow down its solar acquisition. It’s seeking to add at least 460 MW this year as well.

iDemand wins 1 MW storage deal in San Diego

iDemand Energy Storage (iDES3) has begun engineering and design work on a $4.1 million solar-plus-battery storage project for five buildings owned by San Diego County-based biotech company.

Renewable energy advocates slam utilities for slow progress under REV

Comments filed by AEEI and SolarCity on the Supplemental Distribution System Implementation Plan (DSIP) say utilities should do more to get ready for and assist with the integration of distributed renewables and storage, and AEEI says utilities should go back to the drawing board.


DOE report reveals solar now employs 374,000

In 2016, the industry maintained its status as the largest electricity-generation employer by a factor of two.

BNEF: Global solar investment fell 32% in 2016

While much of this decline is due to lower system costs, it was a difficult year for the solar industry despite a 20% growth in installation capacity.

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