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Commercial & Industrial PV

Solar on U.S. houses of worship triples relative market share of other non-residential buildings

Houses of Worship represent only 0.6% of all non-residential buildings, but account for nearly 2% of solar installations on such buildings. These locations offer a unique opportunity to promote solar and a blueprint for equitable solar deployment in communities across the country.

50 states of solar incentives: Iowa

Iowa has made headway in its adoption of solar since 2020 when its utility-scale market took off. Wind energy continues to dominate the generation mix in the state.

Arizona county approves solar-powered cobalt sulfate production facility

The facility expects to produce  7,000 tonnes of cobalt per year and calls for 28.4 MW of on-site solar power generating arrays to be installed on 105 acres of the company’s 139-acre property in Yuma County, Ariz.

Sunrise brief: Raptor Maps points to growing problem of PV system underperformance

Also on the rise: Distributed generation finance platform raises $25 million. Honda reusing vehicle fuel cells to build 500 kW stationary fuel cell system. And more.

School district reaps $1.5 million in savings over initial term of solar-plus-efficiency upgrades

The Croton-Harmon Union Free School District in New York state reports that it recovered $1.5 million over an initial 18-month term for an energy savings project that integrates a 350 kW rooftop solar array, LED lighting and temperature control upgrades, as well as HVAC system upgrades.

U.S. added 6.4 GW of small-scale PV last year

Small-scale PV additions last year exceeded additions in 2021 by 1 GW, and additions in 2020 by 2 GW.


Solar tower of power shows benefits of vertical installations

Three Sixty Solar, a commercial and utility solar developer, published a report this week that provides background on its vertically-mounted solar system’s initial 16 months in operation.


NABCEP recognition a catalyst for solar developer’s growth

Yes Solar Solutions sees NABCEP as the gold standard for electrical installers and the only accreditation for solar installation companies.

Sunrise brief: Lasers, gloves, trees, and more on the floor at RE+ Northeast 

Also on the rise: Where renewable energy policies are working in 2023. Municipal franchise agreements could drive up to 911 TWh of renewable energy. And more.

Net-metered industrial solar developer receives equity investment

Austin, Texas-based Industrial Solar was formed in 2021 to install grid-scale solar projects that alleviate high demand charges levied on industrial companies across Texas using a net-metered industrial solar system.

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