Commercial & Industrial PV

Rocky Mountain Institute issues guide for greener cities

The RMI handbook provides a template to reduce and eliminate cities’ carbon footprints, including solar implementation strategies and examples.

Community battery systems? Yep – if Colorado co-op’s pilot succeeds

The idea of community solar has been largely accepted by both the industry and public alike. Could purchasing part of a backup battery system be far behind?

Changing tides: Utilities and solar

An increasing number of U.S. utilities are embracing the low and predictable costs of utility-scale solar. But conflicts remain over distributed generation, and the real question is who will own the solar that is being built.

Virginia certainly not for small-scale solar lovers

What happens when you set up a solar-promotion commission and it doesn’t do, like, anything to promote solar? Exactly what you’d expect: nothing.


Tennessee coalition wants the Tennessee Valley Authority to get with the solar program

Diverse interests in the Volunteer State have formed an umbrella group to compel the TVA to adopt policies and programs to allow more solar installations

Wells Fargo will purchase 100% renewable electricity in 2017

Joining a growing Who’s Who list of the world’s top companies, the banking giant is moving on from its interim goal to its long-term goal of funding new sources of green power by 2020.

NRG Yield shows modest progress in Q3

The yieldco has closed on a drop-down of 38 MW of solar from NRG, and formed an investment partnership in $50 million of community solar projects.

AEP to invest $1.8 billion in renewables over the next three years

One of the nation’s largest power companies is looking to increase its renewable energy portfolio five-fold in value and has identified a 1.37 GW solar pipeline.

Battery Up! National laboratories offering study and webinar on commercial PV and storage

Lawrence Berkeley and National Renewable Energy Laboratories team up on modeling optimal PV and energy storage packages for a wide variety of commercial applications targeting demand charge reduction.

Pennsylvania requires solar SRECs to come from within the state

Previously solar renewable energy credits (SREC) could come from outside the state, but not be sold outside. Will the new law help the state’s very low SREC prices?

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