Commercial & Industrial PV

Installers react with disappointment to USITC decision

No matter what the segment, the decision did not receive rave reviews.

D-Day: USITC to rule on Section 201, injury phase

pv magazine provides you with a timeline on how we got to today’s vote.

Miltary vets beg USITC to dismiss trade petition

Arguing that a decision in favor of Suniva/SolarWorld could impair military readiness and resiliency, 14 former military personnel sent a letter to the U.S. International Trade Commission yesterday asking them to dismiss the Section 201 trade complaint.

Dog bites man: Duke Energy prevails in lawsuit, keeping its monopoly in place

At issue was whether an agreement between NC WARN, a member-based nonprofit tackling the climate crisis, was acting as a public utility by providing solar electricity to a church. The public utilities commission – and now a court – has found that it was.


Sunpreme bags deal to supply 150 MW of heterojunction solar modules to TGCM

The deal with the asset management firm is one of the largest supply agreements for heterojunction modules reported to date, and the Section 201 case may play a role.


Solar booms: 2.4 GW installed during Q2 in the United States (w/ charts)

The United States saw another strong quarter of solar market growth during Q2. However, the residential market declined year-over year, and the Section 201 trade case does not bode well for the future.

Report: Energy storage is starting to become standard for utilities

The Smart Electric Power Alliance said the vast majority of the utilities they surveyed plan to offer behind-the-meter storage programs for their residential and commercial customers.

Worth more than gold: Solar helps vault D.C. to LEED Platinum status

The nation’s capital becomes the first city in the world to earn the coveted LEED status, thanks in large part to its commitment to installing solar.

Fronius launches first inverter with telecom-based shutdown command

The new inverter will cut both hard and soft costs while complying with new NEC code system shut-down requirements set for January.

Amazon puts online New Jersey’s largest rooftop solar installation

The 5 MW-AC project sits on the 30-acre roof of a massive warehouse, as the company’s latest progress towards its 100% renewable energy goal.

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