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Solar-to-hydrogen project to be first stop on a California-to-Texas “hydrogen highway”

A 75 MW solar-to-hydrogen facility proposed for Bakersfield, California may mark the beginning of Fusion Fuel and Electus Energy’s green hydrogen vision for the United States.


Sunrise brief: Proposed regional clean hydrogen hubs to compete for $7 billion in DOE funding

Also on the rise: Renewable PPA price relief from the Inflation Reduction Act may take time. Salient Energy zinc-ion battery passes UL safety testing. And more.

Proposed regional clean hydrogen hubs to compete for $7 billion in DOE funding

Several teams plan to propose regional hubs in which large-scale clean hydrogen production would be paired with industrial and other end-uses for hydrogen. DOE gave examples of technologies that could meet its draft standard for “clean” hydrogen.

Sunrise brief: Global polysilicon capacities may nearly double by end of 2023 to 536 GW

Also on the rise: California school district saves $70 million with 8.1 MW solar installation. Rooftop solar adoption rises sharply as system value to homeowners increases. And more.

Electric buses to be deployed at community centers as emergency backup power

Schneider Electric announced a project with the California Energy Commission to demonstrate the value of bidirectional EV charging.


GM aims to compete with Tesla as it moves into energy storage

The new GM Energy unit will provide a range of energy system with Ultium products for home and commercial markets as well as Ultium Charge, a public charging service.


Sunrise brief: Proposed FEMA building code may hamper solar deployment

Also on the rise: Using AI to optimize and unlock the value of co-located solar and energy storage. Treasury seeks public input on the implementation of tax incentives in Inflation Reduction Act. And more.

Generac to bring EODev hydrogen fuel cell power generators to North America

The generator uses a fuel cell and a lithium iron phosphate battery, so it is silent and emits only warm water and filtered air.


World’s largest underground hydrogen storage project

Mitsubishi Power Americas and Magnum Development are set to begin construction on a 300 GWh underground storage facility in Utah. It will consist of two caverns with capacities of 150 GWh, to store hydrogen generated by an adjacent 840 MW hydrogen-capable gas turbine combined cycle power plant.


Sesame Solar mobile nanogrids powered by solar and green hydrogen

Climate resilience solutions come pre-fabricated to generate clean, off-grid power for essential services and emergency response needs.

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