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Powering drones with ultra-thin, flexible perovskite PV cells

An Austrian research team has demonstrated that lightweight, flexible and ultra-thin perovskite solar technology can power palm-sized autonomous drones.

FERC transmission rule to shore up the nation’s power grid

The ruling, which is being praised by industry groups, is the first time in more than a decade that the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has addressed regional transmission policy as well as the need for long-term transmission planning.

Reflective ground covers boost solar energy production

Researchers in Canada are testing the use of reflective surfaces to boost electricity production in bifacial solar panels.

Longi announces 27.30% efficiency for heterojunction back contact solar cell

The Chinese module manufacturer said the new efficiency record was confirmed by Germany’s Institute for Solar Energy Research (ISFH).

$20 Million federal initiative targets low-emission silicon and thin film research

The Solar Energy Technologies Office has launched a dual initiative to propel upstream advancements in a collection of solar cell types, and to reduce the emissions of solar-grade polysilicon under 1 kg CO2 per kg.

DOE proposes ten “national interest” transmission corridors

Eight of the ten transmission corridors proposed by the U.S. Department of Energy would facilitate transmission between grid regions; one would expand transmission within the Mid-Atlantic’s PJM grid region; and one would expand transmission in the Northern Plains.

Was 2023 the peak for global electricity sector emissions?

A report from Ember highlights how “a new era of falling fossil generation is imminent.”

Powering homes exclusively with hydrogen, solar, batteries

Researchers in Spain has found that combining PV power generation with fuel cells and battery storage may help homes considerably reduce their levelized cost of energy. Their simulation reportedly demonstrated homes may also become completely self-sufficient.

Hotter times will drive rooftop solar value

An analysis suggests rooftop solar will increase in value by between 19% to 25% due to warming and changing weather patterns increasing onsite electricity demand.

NREL interactive chart of solar cell efficiency now including ‘hybrid tandems’

The new cell category includes perovskite/silicon, perovskite/CIGS, III-V/silicon and perovskite/organic tandem PV devices. It will list the absolute record efficiency for all-perovskite, two-terminal tandems regardless of the number of junctions.

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