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Anode-less redox flow batteries capable of fast cycling

Researchers in the US have demonstrated that replacing the planar lithium anode in a redox mediated lithium-sulfur redox flow battery with a high surface area scaffold enables 10 times faster cycling, up to 10 mA cm−2, without short circuit or voltage instability.

Carbon-cement supercapacitors for bulk energy storage

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has developed a scalable bulk energy storage solution with chemical with inexpensive, abundant precursors: cement, water, and carbon black. Their supercapacitors have high storage capacity, high-rate charge-discharge capabilities, and structural strength.

Solid-state lithium-ion batteries based on foil-based negative electrodes

Georgia Institute of Technology researchers used aluminum foil-based negative electrodes with engineered microstructures in an all-solid-state lithium-ion cell configuration. They have reported hundreds of stable cycles with practically relevant areal capacities at high current densities.

Separator tech to prevent battery fires

Nuvola Technology says it has developed a direct deposition polymer separator technology that can eliminate the primary cause of lithium-ion battery fires.

First Solar acquires perovskite specialist Evolar

First Solar has agreed to pay $38 million to buy Swedish manufacturing startup Evolar AB, as it seeks to expand development of high-efficiency tandem PV tech.

Sono Motors scraps development of Sion solar cars

Sono Motors, a solar electric-vehicle manufacturer in Germany, has terminated its Sion passenger car development program, as it has failed to secure enough funding to support pre-series production. It says it will now focus exclusively on retrofitting and integrating its patented solar technology into third-party vehicles.

Thermal battery offers fast, efficient performance at low cost

A scalable thermal energy storage prototype system that combines the best latent and sensible heat transfers is now market-ready after three years of testing. It consists of engineered cementitious materials and thermosiphons in a combination that enables fast, efficient thermal performance at low cost.


EV batteries alone could satisfy short-term grid storage demand

Low participation rates for vehicle-to-grid (V2G) tech of just 12% to 43% are needed to provide short-term grid storage demand throughout the world by as early as 2030, according to a group of Dutch and U.S. researchers.


U.S.-made mobile lithium-ion batteries for utility-scale market

NOMAD Transportable Power Systems (NOMAD) has started offering plug-and-play, utility-scale mobile energy storage systems. There are three versions – 2 MWh, 1.3 MWh, and 660 kWh – with a patent-pending docking platform.

Lithium battery triggers New York high-rise fire

The New York City authorities have determined that a lithium battery in an unspecified micromobility device triggered a recent high-rise fire that injured dozens in Manhattan.


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