Energy Storage

Morning Brief: Elon Musk hints at yet another battery breakthrough, CAISO provides details on California blackouts

Also in the brief: A surge of nuclear outages in the U.S. this summer, Japan’s struggle to drive down renewables costs


SimpliPhi predicts a cobalt-free battery takeover sooner than anyone expects

pv magazine spoke with SimpliPhi CEO Catherine Von Burg to discuss why she believes lithium-iron-phosphate is the chemistry of the near future.

Sunrun and GRID fight California blackouts with free batteries for low-income households

“Storage is critical for equity,” says Sunrun CEO Lynn Jurich — and putting more standalone storage on the grid means less electricity going through wires in wildfire-prone areas.


Morning Brief: PV plant providing grid ancillary services in Chile, Capital Dynamics to develop nine batteries

Also in the brief: Global Energy Generation’ proposed 4,500-acre Mammoth Solar project in Pulaski County, Indiana, may have a role to play in Winamac’s revitalization efforts, Dominion Energy acquired a solar power project in Orange County, the laws that prevent carbon cutting and more.

LS Power completes the world’s largest active battery storage system

It’s a title that is becoming more contentious by the day, but for the time being, LS Power’s 250 MW Gateway project in San Diego, California is the biggest battery in the world.


Energy Jobs: Vote Solar has a new programs director, plus Primergy, Ginlong, Leidos, Aypa Power, Prologis, US Bank

Executive, career and boardroom moves in solar, storage, cleantech, utilities and energy VC — plus some select job openings.

The battery chemistry schism is imminent

According to a new report from Wood Mackenzie, lithium-iron-phosphate is poised to overtake lithium-manganese-cobalt-oxide as the dominant stationary storage chemistry within the decade, making footholds in battery storage before moving onto EV dominance.


The ‘Rubber-Band Effect’ on renewable energy project margins

On the journey from concept to monetized power plant, renewable/storage projects tend to get tugged toward “zero” margin (from either direction); and the further the rubber band is stretched, the stronger the pull back toward zero.


Morning Brief: VP nominee Kamala Harris’ climate-change agenda, One grid battery to rule them all

Also in the brief: Capacity deferral is the primary source of storage value, Trump administration ‘to lead the world’ in energy storage

Vistra approved to build a grid battery bigger than all utility-scale battery storage in the US combined

A permit to expand Vistra’s natural gas-fired Moss Landing generation station in Monterey County, California to 1,500 MW/6,000 MWh has been approved, setting the stage for the world to see gigawatt-scale battery energy storage for the first time ever.


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