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Residential PV

Massachusetts initiative assists affordable housing adoption of solar

The Massachusetts STAR program announced its fourth phase of program participants.

U.S. residential solar prices drop, strong interest in storage

The 18th edition of the EnergySage Marketplace Report finds the residential solar segment in the U.S. is rocked by persistent inflation, the California NEM 3.0 and rising loan fees. Yet prices have fallen and consumer interest in storage is strong.

BloombergNEF says global solar installations could hit 574 GW this year

BloombergNEF says in a new report that developers deployed 444 GW of new PV capacity throughout the world in 2023. It says new installations could reach 574 GW this year, 627 GW in 2025, and 880 GW in 2030.

Rooftop solar has technical potential to meet 45% of U.S. electricity demand

Today, it only represents about 1.5% of the electricity used. A report from Environment America shows how installed rooftop solar increased 1000% in the past decade, and how it has a long runway of growth ahead.

Sunrise brief: California bill to reevaluate rooftop solar net metering 

Also on the rise: 26% of battery storage systems have fire detection and suppression issues. Solar glass manufacturing comes to Georgia. And more.

Reducing cost of residential solar financing with virtual power plants

Solrite Energy says its new power purchase agreement has more agreeable finance terms due to the ability of distributed solar-plus-storage to make money as part of a virtual power plant.


Sunrun solar-plus-storage powers the grid during peak demand

In partnership with utility Pacific Gas and Electric, the residential solar installer enrolled distributed batteries to serve the grid during times of peak demand.


Building not your average dream home: The roof

A benefit to designing the roof for optimal solar production is the ability to plan for all the ventilation and plumbing to be on the north-facing side to both maximize system size and prevent any energy losses from shading.


U.S. solar power generation forecast to grow 75% through 2025

The Energy Information Administration expects solar generation to grow from 163 billion kWh in 2023 to 286 billion kWh in 2025.


SolarApp+ speeds solar permitting for more than 160 communities

The Solar Automated Permit Processing Plus software platform has helped local governments approve nearly 33,000 solar projects.

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