Sunnova scores an A- on $202 million solar securitization

KBRA has given Sunnova a preliminary A- rating on a portfolio of nearly 15,000 residential PV systems, totaling 108 MW-DC across 17 states and three island territories.

EQ Research: Utilities failing at fixed charge increases

The research firm’s latest analysis of utility rate case filings finds regulators often rejecting the hikes on fixed charges that many utilities are asking for. However, the general direction of fixed charges is still upwards.

Best practices for building residential solar power and market confidence

SEIA has released an update to its residential solar best practices guidelines. The guide’s purpose is to build trust in public observers of the solar market, and can be used to educate detail-oriented customers.

Reverse power flows

In this op-ed John Farrell of ILSR looks at what the big picture of distributed solar and battery deployment means for who makes decisions regarding our electric grid, suggesting that an era of centralized power may be ending.


Solar grows in Brooklyn

Solar power is about to make affordable housing in Brooklyn and Queens a little more affordable.

A voice for the solar consumer: the SRA

The Solar Rights Alliance is officially only seven months old, but is already shaking things up in the California state capitol as a voice for PV system owners in policy.

EnergySage finds $236 million tax on solar due to Section 201 tariffs

The online solar marketplace describes the tariffs as a tax on solar, and notes that both the finding of injury and the tariffs themselves drove up prices.


Sungevity rebounds with two Hawaiian grid edge providers

The residential solar company’s move in one of America’s most complicated solar markets may be a key to getting ready for a more complex future.

Locals suing for net metering, utility wants scale and energy storage

Jacksonville, Florida’s municipal utility has gotten rid of net metering and lowered the rate paid for excess solar produced electricity. Concurrently, the utility is pushing larger scale solar and energy storage programs.

Solar installation costs declined 5 to 11% in 2017, little so far in 2018

This year’s version of Berkeley Lab’s Tracking the Sun report saw residential installs fall 6% to $3.50 / W, small business fall 11% to $2.90 / W and large business fell 5% to $2.20 /W in 2017, with light changes in early 2018. However, these averages cover wide price variances in different markets.


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