Residential PV

Energy job moves at Fluence, Avangrid, Sunfolding, Sunrun, juwi, BEI, Energy Foundation, Kanin Energy

Executive, career and boardroom moves in solar, storage, cleantech, utilities and energy VC.

KB Home is now installing SunPower’s building-integrated solar racking system on new homes

SunPower has captured more than 50% market share with new solar builds in the state.

Did I mention I’m a certified solar installer?

The bullshit women deal with every day. A solar veteran and company founder shares some stories.

Vivint Solar joins EnergyHub in expanding PV and storage demand response programs

Can programs like EnergyHub and National Grid’s battery-powered DR turn utilities into residential solar fans?

PetersenDean, a regional solar installer and roofer, seeks chapter 11 bankruptcy protection

PetersenDean came to solar from the roofing world and has long been a top-ten U.S. solar installer with a multi-state regional practice.


Solar hosting capacity maps must be accurate to be useful

Solar hosting capacity maps, now required in seven states, show where solar can be added on a distribution circuit without incurring any grid expense—but only if those maps are accurate. California’s experience, says a policy paper, shows that best practice guidelines for validating maps are needed to aid state regulators.


Keeping net energy metering credits ‘clean’ in California means adding relays and meters

It’s during the interconnection review and approval processes that most developers run into the NEM integrity issue with California’s big utilities.


SEIA calls on FERC to dismiss the petition to end net metering

The Solar Energy Industries Association makes the case for the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to dismiss the petition, solely on legal grounds. A filing by Solar United Neighbors, Vote Solar and other groups makes a legal case and also rebuts the petition’s claims about net metering.


Positive news for California rooftop solar in Q2 – so far

With a data point of one (California solar interconnection data through the end of April), the author makes optimistic inferences about U.S. solar in Q2 and 2020.

Morning Brief: 184 GW of renewables were installed globally in 2019, Alabama Power to add gas units

Also in the brief: Geronimo Energy has started construction activities for two Michigan solar projects, a New Hampshire Senator is asking the Defense Department’s progress toward meeting its renewable energy goals, Nelnet launches a renewables spinoff and more.


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