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Grids & Integration

CAISO transmission plan to support 17 GW of solar within a decade

The California grid operator said that interconnection requests for projects in the zones specified in its transmission plan would receive priority in its interconnection study process.

Automated solar permitting speeds approval process

In 2022, the recently launched SolarAPP+ processed more than 11,000 residential solar power permits, accelerating projects by 13 business days compared to traditionally permitted projects. This boost coincided with a 29% reduction in inspection failures.

PJM’s pace of interconnection will not meet demand through 2028, says NRDC

States in the PJM market with renewable portfolio standard targets will “barely” be able to meet those targets through 2027, the environmental group NRDC said, while the region will consistently fall short of an estimated renewables potential.

Electrification could cost California up to $50 billion if loads are not managed

If California infrastructure needs for high electrification were met exclusively with distribution assets, without real-time dynamic rates and flexible load management strategies, the cost could reach $50 billion by 2035, a study by Kevala found.

Sunrise brief: President Biden vetoes legislation to repeal moratorium on solar tariffs

Also on the rise: Utility-scale solar interconnection costs up as much as 400%. Researchers assess degradation in PV systems older than 15 years. And more.

Bidgely releases hourly grid-monitoring distributed energy tool

An energy data software start-up company has released the 8760 Energy Model, a data set and report that provides utilities and industry stakeholders with behind-the-meter energy data tracked at the hourly level throughout the year.

Utility-scale solar interconnection costs up as much as 400%

A government analysis of the Southwest Power Pool grid region reveals that interconnection costs for connected solar power projects have doubled, and a quarter of projects are encountering costs 400% higher, leading to withdrawal.

Matrix completes its first utility solar-plus-storage project in the U.S.

The project includes 140 MW of solar energy plus 80 MWh energy storage systems.

New York law allows power authority to build renewable projects

The Build Public Renewables Act directs the New York Power Authority to plan, construct, and operate renewable energy projects in service of the state’s renewable energy goals.

Utility-scale solar installation goes automated

Powered by installation robots, on-site assembly line and digital twin software, the Terabase automated power plant construction system aims to boost productivity and cut construction costs.

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