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Grids & Integration

NJR Clean Energy Ventures breaks ground, or rather water, on 9 MW floating solar project

The installation will provide approximately 95% of the New Jersey American Water Canoe Brook Water Treatment Plant’s annual power needs.

Sunrise brief: Elon Musk wins SolarCity lawsuit, avoids over $2 billion judgement

Also on the rise: Power Electronic Grid Interface streamlines the transition to a more modern grid. RFP Alert: Dominion Energy Virginia seeks 1.2 GW of solar and wind, 125 MW storage. Convergent announces operation of Maryland solar and storage portfolio. Ultracapacitor sonar seeking a 100% solar and wind grid.

Power Electronic Grid Interface streamlines the transition to a more modern grid

The PEGI platform, under development at NREL, shows promise for controlling and deploying upcoming power electronic devices on the grid of the future by submitting new concepts and technologies to the rigor of real-world operations.


Ultracapacitor sonar seeking a 100% solar and wind grid

Reactive Technologies uses an ultracapacitor to send signals into the grid that help managers determine the level of system inertia, supporting power grid stability, and they’re coming to the United States.

MIT, NREL researchers develop 40%-efficient thermophotovoltaic cell for grid-scale thermal batteries

The device is described as a heat engine with no moving parts that is able to produce power from a heat source of between 1,900 to 2,400 C. This concept is known as thermal energy grid storage (TEGS) and consists of a low-cost, grid-scale storage technology that uses thermophotovoltaic cells to convert heat to electricity above 2,000 C.


Utility scale solar inverters need improved commissioning and upkeep

Recurring power grid faults are testing solar inverter reactions, and have exposed issues that could seemingly be solved by improvements to commissioning, operations, and maintenance.


FERC takes major step toward transmission reform

The decision has been lauded as one that could lead to much-needed upgrades to the nation’s electrical grids, updates that would enable higher penetrations of renewable resources.

Department of Energy looks to integrate Vehicle-to-Everything bi-directional charging into US infrastructure

The US DOE released a Memorandum of Understanding that aims to bring together parties to advance bi-directional charging with cybersecurity as a core component.


BorgWarner wins $4 million prize to design American-made EV fast charger

The Department of Energy prize will support the development of a cost-effective direct current electric vehicle fast charger made of US-sourced components.

Watch: Fronius releases solar design tool

The inverter provider released a free online platform for planning, design, and sales of solar PV systems.

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