Grids & Integration

Renewables rise to meet 38% of demand on California’s grid in 2017 (w/ chart)

The latest data shows renewables surging in California, as the state’s grid operator moves to become its own reliability coordinator

From the editor: Renewable energy and information pollution

A recent article in Bloomberg View illustrates clearly the mythology and misinformation that abounds regarding renewable energy, which in many cases is spread by the media.

IEA explores paths to PV and wind integration

The International Energy Agency has released a manual for policy makers on the issues involved in the large scale integration of solar and wind power into power grids.

DOE funds $12 million in solar-generation modeling research

Despite some fears that the Department of Energy might stop funding solar research under the leadership of Secretary of Energy Rick Perry, the department continues to provide money for solar research.

Puerto Rico welcomes solar: An interview with San Juan Mayor Yulín Cruz

Three months after Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico, about half the capital San Juan is still waiting for the lights to come back on. In this interview with journalist Daniella Cheslow, Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz says this is an opportunity for private capital to help transform the city and the territory into a solar laboratory.

NERC: More work needed to integrate wind and solar

The regulatory authority says that while assessment of the capacity contributions of wind and solar is improving, that more work is needed to capture the benefits of such resources, and notes that a lack of visibility into distributed solar represents a new challenge.

Solar is meeting more than 10% of electric demand in three states

During the first nine months of 2017, Hawaii and Nevada joined California among the club of states that get more than 10% of their power from solar.

National laboratories issue study on growing flexibility and variability of power generators

Lawrence Berkeley and Argonne National Laboratories examine the growth of solar, wind and natural gas power plant operations on wholesale power markets and the impact on nuclear and coal generators.

Market report discusses microgrids past, present and future

A GTM Research report examines the state of existing and future microgrids, including market and geographic segments and the inclusion of PV and other clean energy technologies.

California, Illinois and Texas lead grid modernization efforts

The report’s authors believe clean energy targets by states, cities, and corporations are driving utility efforts to accommodate rapid growth in distributed efforts like rooftop solar and wind, among others.

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