Grids & Integration

1 MW battery system meets the challenge of supplying power to a remote Alaskan community

Cordova, Alaska, a small fishing community in a remote part of Prince William Sound, has been able to find long periods of fossil fuel independence thanks to a new battery system developed by Saft.


Regulatory developments shaping energy storage in 2020 so far

Customized Energy Solutions and the U.S. Energy Storage Association have released a new report analyzing the regulatory, legislative and market developments relating to energy storage across the nation’s RTOs and ISOs in the first quarter of 2020.


Hydrogen and ‘direct air carbon capture’ enter the policy conversation

While utilities, municipalities and states across the U.S. struggle to find a cost-effective way to get to 100% carbon-free power, some companies, like Wärtsilä North America, think that the answer is closer than we realize.


Dominion plans 16 GW of solar for Virginia by 2035

Under the utility’s latest IRP, Dominion plans to procure 16 GW of solar, 2.7 GW of storage and 5.1 GW of offshore wind in the next 15 years. Kicking off these new plans comes a request for proposals of 1 GW of solar or wind and 250 MW of energy storage.

Texas could add 3.5 GW of solar this year

Additional solar could help the ERCOT grid region in Texas meet its summer peak, after it faced “tight grid conditions” last summer. New task forces aim to improve ERCOT’s markets for ancillary services and battery storage.


Trump’s mysterious cybersecurity order bans bulk-generation gear from ‘adversaries’

Although it doesn’t seem to impact solar directly, energy storage might be threatened. “The order leaves more questions than it answers,” according to Norton Rose Fulbright. What is motivating the administration? China? Why now?


Southern California Edison wants its new, huge 770 MW battery storage procurement online fast

In an era of plunging battery costs, these awards point to the end of intermittent renewables and the dawn of dispatchable solar and wind.


Soros Fund Management, Siemens make a big bet on EV charging

The two companies have invested $13.2 million into Amply Power, a service that combines EV charging hardware distribution and fleet management software into one customer-focused package.

Utility-scale roundup: The days of big solar projects in the US are back

The number of large solar projects (say, 100 MW and bigger) is rapidly increasing in the U.S. — and pv magazine is keeping track. We’ve rounded up this week’s big news in big solar.


Electricity consumption up for pizza and liquor stores, down for dry cleaning and religion

Electrical demand across most, but not all, industries is down due to the pandemic. Yet, while hospitals and pizza shops drive demand, it remains to be seen how much of this new load will be met with renewable energy.


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