Grids & Integration

Decentralization is more than a dream

Advocates say that PG&E’s power shutoffs for 750,000 California residents could have been at least lessened with the implementation of distributed solar + storage, and note that communities can keep critical facilities online with microgrids.


Orlando utility explores doubling PV capacity, groundbreaking hydrogen project

The Orlando Utility Commission will not only be adding 149 MW of solar projects to its generation portfolio, but is also developing a first-of-its-kind hydrogen storage project, with the hope it can be PV’s perfect partner in the future.

To make room for more distributed PV, harmonize smart inverter settings

New opportunities for distributed PV could be accelerated by reaching early agreement on settings for smart inverters, which are expected to become widely available in the next two years. A consulting firm explains, and offers its recommendations.

New England needs to floor it and increase solar deployments by over 1000%

The Brattle Group has released an analysis suggesting that New England should double its electricity output and deploy between 158 and 285 GW of zero-carbon resources if it is to meet its regional goal of an 80% reduction in greenhouse gasses by 2050.

Current wireless technology may be adequate for communicating with distributed solar and storage

A study advised by seven electric utilities found that current “long-term evolution” (LTE) wireless broadband technology may be adequate for sending signals to control, or guide, the operations of distributed solar and storage resources.


A water-heater-based virtual power plant and Nissan EV rebates in Hawaii: pvMB 10/4/19

Hello wonderful people and welcome to a super-rare Friday edition of the pvMB. Today we’ll be checking out Ben & Jerry’s and Sierra Club’s renewable energy partnership, Virginia’s first EVgo station, CleanSpark’s feasibility study of off-grid power solution for cannabis growers and more!

Solar (and wind) help to keep the AC on in Texas

A recent report by the state’s grid operator shows that solar and wind helped to meet peak demand on days of peak power demand in August, including the scorching afternoon that set a new all-time record.


You too can model solar, wind and storage deployment

NREL has made its capacity planning model freely available for anyone to use. The model can optimize the amounts of solar, wind and storage to be added to the U.S. electric grid. Documentation is included, but a powerful computer and additional software are required.

Los Angeles still has a feed-in tariff. And it’s growing.

The California city’s municipal utility has approved an expansion of the largest feed-in tariff in the nation by 300 MW, with 50 MW to come online next year.

San Diego demands clean community energy

The San Diego City Council has voted 7-2 to bring community choice aggregation to the city, becoming the 26th local government in California known to pv magazine to do so.


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