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Wärtsilä joins a growing field of OEMs testing hydrogen as a fuel for electric power generation

The engine manufacturer is the latest to test technology that can combust hydrogen blended with natural gas. The goal of reaching 100% hydrogen for electricity production will require more work.

Federal clean energy standard ‘one of the best ways’ to reach decarbonization goals, report says

A meta-analysis of seven studies that model clean energy policy packages highlights the “profound benefits and feasibility” of achieving 80% clean electricity by 2030.

Renewables up to 90% by 2050 would cost less than current generation mix: NREL study

Even 100% renewables could be reached with existing technology, the study said. Stanford University’s Mark Jacobson commented that system costs would be even lower with additional measures.

Renewable energy group challenges Mississippi Power plan that sidelines solar

The group called on regulators to reject the plan and asked why solar — at a near-term cost of $20 per MWh — was not selected over an existing fossil generator at $51.70 per MWh.

California explores real-time retail pricing to enable more renewables

Widespread demand flexibility is seen as vital for California to reach its renewables goal. Real-time electricity pricing is one tool being considered.

Clean energy advocates bring lawsuit to roll back FERC’s latest PURPA rules

New rules “effectively gut” the only federal policy requiring utilities to buy renewable energy, the lawsuit says, arguing that FERC’s rulemaking exceeded its authority and conflicts with Congress’s goals.


Role of distributed solar at issue in California’s net metering update

Industry groups focus on solar-plus-storage, or preserving the distributed solar industry, while a state agency aims to compensate rooftop solar at avoided costs and add a grid service charge.


Add electric vehicles, not bulk transmission, for a low-cost, clean grid: UC Berkeley study

A 90% clean grid with a transition to EVs would achieve lower electricity costs than one without, the study shows. Transmission investments would mainly be spur lines to new renewable generation.

Solar fixed charges violate federal PURPA law, says a petition to FERC

Federal law prohibits solar fixed charges for rooftop solar, says a petition from four owners in Alabama.


Report outlines rooftop solar and storage for 75% of Puerto Rico’s power, and at a lower cost

Distributed solar and storage should be the focus for $9.6 billion in FEMA funds allocated for Puerto Rico’s grid reconstruction, says a new report based on independent analysis.


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