Solar carports go national: photo essay

Even if your car is baking in the hot summer sun, you can imagine it staying cool under one of these solar carports recently built all across the country. Technologies include prefabricated framing, double cantilever canopies, and water management systems.


Warren proposes $2 trillion for clean energy manufacturing

Senator and Presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren calls for “big and bold investments in American research, American industry, and American workers” to counter climate change.

Scientists see global PV rocketing to 10 terawatts by 2030, for starters

A Science journal article describes how to reach “a future with ~10 terawatts of PV by 2030 and 30 to 70 terawatts by 2050, providing a majority of global energy.”


Texas real-time pricing provider plans to expand with EDF Group funding

The pioneering firm Griddy says that its real-time pricing app shows customers when they can use more low-priced solar and wind power, while saving money in the process. An investment from EDF Group will help Griddy expand its reach to the New York and PJM grid regions.

Georgia solar groups call for a hosting capacity map

A hosting capacity map saves time and money for developers of distributed solar. Utilities in California, New York, and elsewhere have already posted these maps online, and now two Georgia solar groups have asked state regulators to require Georgia Power to provide a hosting capacity map for its service area.

Pumped hydro with better financing can compete with batteries

Pumped hydro storage is highly cost competitive for large-scale energy storage, according to a report published by the San Diego County Water Authority. The report models a pumped hydro project as securing better financing terms than battery storage.


Solar + storage bypassed in Dominion Virginia’s resource plan

By excluding storage from its resource plan, the Virginia utility also excluded solar + storage, proposing up to 3.2 GW of gas-fired peaking units instead. Separately, a solar association and the utility agreed that modeling should use a solar capacity factor higher than the 23% value specified by regulators.


1100 GW new solar by 2035 in Inslee’s climate plan

Democratic Presidential Candidate Jay Inslee has called for 100% “clean, renewable and zero-emission” electricity by 2035. Solar could meet half that total if installed capacity increased at a compound annual growth rate of 19 percent.


4 GW of Georgia solar now would save customers money, says state solar association

A Georgia solar association and a citizen’s group have brought analyses showing a much greater cost-saving solar potential in Georgia than the meager 1 GW that Georgia Power proposed in its 20-year resource plan.

Solar+storage can outcompete “mid-merit” gas units, not just peakers

Solar plus storage can deliver, at lower cost, the same generation profile as “mid-merit” gas generating units in a number of cases studied, per an analysis published by Fluence.

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