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The win-win of agrivoltaics

The process of pairing solar with agriculture has proven to be mutually beneficial for farmers and solar developers.

Indiana utility activates first 465 MW solar projects

The projects are part of NIPSCO’s 2.4 GW clean energy fleet replacing a coal generation portfolio to be retired in the coming years.

Ericsson solar-plus-storage microgrid to power Texas 5G station

The mobile networking company is using six bifacial 400 W solar panels assembled with three lithium-ion battery packs on a company rooftop in Plano, Texas.


Insurer to cover up to $20 million in damage limits for solar projects

Retail clients can access quote and bind to insure U.S. C&I solar projects with limits on replacement cost of $2 million to $20 million per project site location, according to NARDAC Insurance Services.

Missouri municipal utility to launch 20-year community solar program

The initial framework calls for Columbia Water & Light to distribute solar energy using a net billing system from its first two projects in the municipality, Truman and Bernadette Fields, whose 1 MW of clean energy capacity is divided into 1.5 kW blocks for residential customers, with 15% of power capacity available to eligible low-income residents.

Electric lawn equipment stored in a solar-powered tool shed

SunVilla announced the launch of its Smart Yard power station, a 6.4 kWh power capacity semi-solid state battery system which features a 3.8 kW output from batteries and 100-200 Watt solar modules mounted on a tool shed to charge electric systems and provide storage for lawn equipment.


First Solar to support 12 GW growth trajectory with $1 billion revolving credit

On June 30, the Arizona-based producer of U.S.-made solar panels arranged a new $1 billion credit facility that includes a sub-limit of $250 million of available letters of credit from eleven financial institutions.

Duke Energy sells commercial DG business to ArcLight Capital

Combined with the sale of its utility-scale renewables business, Duke Energy has divested $3.16 billion worth of utility and distributed generation solar assets this year as the utility shifts its business to focus on its core regulated holdings.

Grassland agrivoltaics show minimal difference in forage yield to traditional growth

A Colorado State University study found that despite a 38% reduction in light availability, a C3 semi-arid grassland only reduced aboveground productivity and photosynthesis by 6%, pointing to the feasibility of grassland agrivoltaics.


DOE advances $1 billion of $7 billion clean hydrogen strategy

The demand-side initiative will help advance clean hydrogen hubs and support President Biden’s Investing in America agenda for building a clean energy economy with 100,000 jobs.


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