Morning brief: Elon Musk’s battery day ‘will blow your mind,’ Chinese module prices expected to rise 12.5%


Chinese module prices are expected to rise 12.5% due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Existing inventory is expected to keep this price rise in check to some degree. It’s unclear when prices will return to previous levels, as modules are expected to be roughly 4¢/kWh higher than estimates even through Q4. Source: Power Technology

Tesla watchers expect the company to announce a new benchmark for its batteries that, if successful, would take its models to a long-sought Holy Grail — side-by-side cost parity with gasoline vehicles. The anticipation among Tesla’s feverish fans is around a big unveil next month on “Battery Day,” where they expect CEO Elon Musk to announce that he either has or will soon achieve the battery equivalent of the two-hour marathon — the $100 per kWh lithium-ion battery. In January, Musk told analysts that what he had to say “will blow your mind. It blows my mind.” Source: Medium

Powerhome has partnered with Generac to offer customers an energy package that includes Generac battery storage components and generators with any solar panel installation. The system is the PWRcell, a scalable battery solution that can store between 8.6 kWh and 17.1 kWh of energy. Source: Powerhome

Duke Energy is donating $150,000 to help low-income customers in North Carolina who are struggling to pay their utility bills during the COVID-19 crisis. The funds will be provided to approximately 600 households through the company’s Energy Neighbor Fund and Share the Warmth programs. Outside of this financial relief, the company has suspended disconnections due to nonpayment, waived late-payment charges and waived returned payment/check fees, among others. Source: Duke Energy Foundation

Seychelles readies the world’s largest salt-water floating solar plant: Located in the Indian Ocean archipelago, and with a population of just 25,400, Seychelles is putting together the world’s largest floating solar power plant on saltwater. According to the IRENA energy agency, the country currently has an installed 0.9 MW of solar capacity. The 5 MW solar PV plant will use 13,500 solar panels, deployed across 40,000 square meters of water. Construction will begin in July on a lagoon on Mahé, the main island of the archipelagic nation. Source: ZME Science is a comprehensive list of solar rebates state-by-state along with other stats to help individuals maximize their benefits of switching to solar.

Something you should see today: Bodega Cats, the Twitter account dedicated to curating pictures of cats in New York City’s bodegas, looking like they own the place.

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