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Cost and prices

U.S. solar deployment to grow 40% this year, remains lowest-cost option

U.S. solar deployment is set for takeoff over the next two years, with the full effect from the Inflation Reduction Act being noticed by 2025, said the International Energy Agency.

US renewable PPA price hikes cool off as material costs fall

An Edison Energy report shows prices increased more moderately (4%) in Q4 2022, as compared to the steep price hikes experienced since 2021.

Sunrise brief: Polysilicon prices drop 54% since August 

Also on the rise: Solar in the fight for energy justice. Leading solar inverter trends of 2022. And more.

Market headwinds persist through 2023 for rapid deployment of renewable energy, report finds

A Deloitte survey of power sector executives found that 56% of respondents think it could take two to three years to ease supply chain constraints in the U.S. clean energy market.

Solar and storage prices soared as a result of market disruptions, NREL reports

The Covid-19 pandemic, tariffs, the Uyghur Forced Labor Act all created such significant market disruptions between Q1 2021 and Q1 2022 that NREL researchers looked at both short-term distortions and long-term trends in its most recent annual cost benchmark report.

REC Silicon Q3 report reveals 24.7% dip in polysilicon sales

The company reports that disappointing earnings are the result of ongoing supply chain constraints affecting global shipments and order timing, indicating that it will pursue an additional price increase in 2023.

Utility-scale solar construction costs halve 2013 averages, while wind and natural gas are relatively flat

Utility-scale solar projects used to cost nearly $4,000 per kW to build in 2013. By 2020, they fell to $1,655 per kW.


Renewable PPA price relief from the Inflation Reduction Act may take time

LevelTen Energy’s Q3 report shows U.S. solar and wind offer prices rose 9.6% in-quarter, and current market forces may continue this trend for some time.

US 2021 solar panel shipments total $9.8 billion at $0.34/W

Imports, exports, and domestically produced solar modules installed in the United States in 2021 were valued at nearly $10 billion.

US lifts tariffs on solar products from Canada, Mexico

Canada, the United States, and Mexico signed an agreement to lift Trump-era tariffs, after an independent panel said that the duties violated the provisions of existing trade agreements.

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