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Cost and prices

Home solar makes EVs cheaper, reduces emissions

The maintenance cost of an electric vehicle is estimated to be significantly lower than internal combustion engines, and studies show home solar furthers the cost savings and boosts carbon emission reductions.

Go big and go home: The case for solarizing 30 million homes

A new report argues for the largest solar buildout the country has ever seen, which it said would create 1.77 million jobs and drive $69 billion in energy savings over five years.

North Carolina bill hides reduced utility oversight behind lots of new renewables

House Bill 951 would lead to a huge procurement of renewables, but is soured by the additions of gigawatt-scale natural gas capacity, reduced regulator authority, and potential multi-year rate hikes.


Sunfig’s goal: Simplify project design optimization

Promising a 5-to-15% increase in returns for utility-scale solar projects, Sunfig’s SIFT can evaluate multiple layouts, site conditions, performance goals, and financial models to deliver a range of project configurations.

Answering YOUR questions: The importance of soiling monitoring & mitigation

pv magazine takes another look at monitoring and mitigation of solar system soiling to answer questions from you, the audience.


Here’s why regulators rejected Duke Energy’s IRPs in South Carolina

Not a single IRP presented under South Carolina’s Energy Freedom Act has been accepted by state regulators. Could that be because the utilities are acting like the law doesn’t exist?

Urban Electric Power’s long-term storage solution takes battery storage back to the basics

Using a modified version of the same technology used in AA batteries, Urban Electric Power was accepted into EPRI’s Incubatenergy Labs program to prove their technology’s worth in front of some of the nation’s top utilities.


Does the Southeast need wholesale power markets in order to hit its renewable goals?

A new report from ACORE, the American Clean Power Association, and SEIA explores the benefits of instituting real-time, wholesale energy markets across the 12 Southeast states as a way to accelerate renewable resource adoption.


Solar manufacturing tax credit is introduced in the Senate

The Solar Energy Manufacturing for America Act would establish a tax credit for domestic solar manufacturers in an effort to boost the U.S. solar supply chain, create American clean energy jobs, compete with Chinese manufacturers, and support energy independence.


How do factors related to solar modules impact site-wide tracker costs?

With the market for solar modules ever-evolving, Array Technologies and PVEL released a study looking at the different module characteristics that affect site-wide tracker costs.

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