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Cost and prices

US 2021 solar panel shipments total $9.8 billion at $0.34/W

Imports, exports, and domestically produced solar modules installed in the United States in 2021 were valued at nearly $10 billion.

US lifts tariffs on solar products from Canada, Mexico

Canada, the United States, and Mexico signed an agreement to lift Trump-era tariffs, after an independent panel said that the duties violated the provisions of existing trade agreements.

One-third of global PV manufacturing capacity is at medium or high risk of bankruptcy, IEA says

A new report from the International Energy Agency stresses the importance of geographically diversifying the global PV supply chain. This would prevent supply chain vulnerability to bankruptcies and underinvestment.


Sunrise brief: Polysilicon prices rise over 200% in 2022 amid supply shortages

Also on the rise: Entergy seeks to grow renewables up to 2500% over next decade. A zinc-based alternative to lithium-ion batteries. And more.

Cold-climate heat pump efficient in -10 F weather

Lennox developed the first prototype that achieved the DOE’s Cold Climate Heat Pump Technology Challenge’s standards about a year ahead of schedule.


ACORE outlines reduction in solar investment and development if tariffs persist

The US attracted $228.3 billion in renewable energy, grid-enabling technology and transmission for renewable integration investment since the launch of ACORE’s $1 Trillion campaign in 2018.


New York announces 2 GW of new solar across 22 projects

The awards represent the largest land-based renewable energy procurement in the state to date, and once installed, will bring the state’s renewable energy mix to 66% renewable, in pursuit of 70% by 2030.

An American at Intersolar, Part II – Solar Panels

The first two halls at Intersolar Europe 2022 were packed with many variants of solar panels and innovations: from eight-foot-tall monsters, to red, green and blue modules, to small, climbable modules from Meyer Burger.


DOC clarifies scope of anti-circumvention investigation, but what’s actually new?

While the update clarifies that wafers produced outside of China with Chinese polysilicon are not under investigation, just how much wafer capacity is there outside of China?


Anti-circumvention survey results indicate that ‘baseless investigation’ stands in the way of achieving President Biden’s climate goals

More than 600 respond to SEIA anti-circumvention survey, indicating a threat to business profits, careers and a slowing of the tremendous progress that the US solar industry has made toward a clean energy future.