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Cost and prices

An American at Intersolar, Part II – Solar Panels

The first two halls at Intersolar Europe 2022 were packed with many variants of solar panels and innovations: from eight-foot-tall monsters, to red, green and blue modules, to small, climbable modules from Meyer Burger.


DOC clarifies scope of anti-circumvention investigation, but what’s actually new?

While the update clarifies that wafers produced outside of China with Chinese polysilicon are not under investigation, just how much wafer capacity is there outside of China?


Anti-circumvention survey results indicate that ‘baseless investigation’ stands in the way of achieving President Biden’s climate goals

More than 600 respond to SEIA anti-circumvention survey, indicating a threat to business profits, careers and a slowing of the tremendous progress that the US solar industry has made toward a clean energy future.


The sky may not be falling: Heliene CEO speaks on anti-circ investigation

“What I’m trying to say is that there’s not an import duty in one country that will change the dynamics and the price of the product worldwide.”


SEIA speaks on potential devastation of the solar anticircumvention investigation

In a preliminary presentation of data from its survey on the impact of the investigation, SEIA shared that 90% of those who responded expect a severe or devastating impact on their business.

SEIA calls on solar workers to highlight impact of Auxin Solar Petition

The organization has compiled a survey for installers and developers to use to provide a holistic and qualitative sense of how those working in the solar industry every day expect the anti-circumvention investigation to impact their businesses and workforce.


Manchin and the BBB, Intel+Microsoft and ESG, and SEIA in NYC

There was a lot of optimism about the BBB Act, ITC, solar potential in NY and more at the Solar Finance, Tax, & Buyers Seminar in New York — lawyers, CPAs, developers, and solar politics.

Anticircumvention investigation: An industry reacts

The decision has shaken the clean energy world, and many of the solar energy industry’s thought leaders have chimed in with their perspective on the decision and its ramifications.


What we have here is a failure to communicate solar generation data

Washington DC Attorney General Racine has filed a complaint against utility PEPCO for general incompetence in managing the community solar program, with a focus on additional hardware requirements and a failure to properly measure and compensate solar electricity generation.


BREAKING: Dept. of Commerce to move forward with solar anticircumvention investigation

The announcement of the investigation brings the US solar industry ever closer to what has been described as a worst-case scenario for the companies that supply 80% of the country’s solar cell imports, with no domestic manufacturing to alleviate the pressure.


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