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California bill amends ruling that gutted value of solar for multi-meter properties

If approved, SB 1374 would give schools, farms, apartments and other multi-meter properties “the same treatment” as single-family homes in solar crediting and billing structures.

Total U.S. solar module manufacturing capacity grows by 71% in Q1 2024

According to the U.S. Solar Market Insight Q2 2024 report, solar module manufacturing production capacity increased by over 11 GW.

Solar carport to provide 100% electricity needs for Los Angeles Six Flags

Recom Technologies was selected as the solar panel provider for the 12 MW solar carport.

RFP alert: CAISO and TID seek renewable energy and storage projects

Using the Ascend Analytics Energy Exchange, Turlock Irrigation District announces a request for proposals to meet its California Renewable Portfolio Standards and reliability goals.

Solar project developers face opposition from Joshua Tree conservationists

The site of the Aratina Solar Center in Kern County, California, is home to western Joshua trees, and therefore the developer has to comply with the Western Joshua Tree Conservation Act that was enacted in July 2023. Incidental Take Permits authorize renewable energy developers to remove trees with an option to pay a standard mitigation fee rather than complete mitigation actions.


Perovskite tandem solar panel integrator nets DOE investment

Tandem PV integrates perovskites with traditional silicon solar panels, a technology that promises increased power output.

In case you missed it: Five big solar stories in the news this week

pv magazine USA spotlights news of the past week including market trends, project updates, policy changes and more.

CPUC vote expected to keep California community solar from reaching its full potential

Coalition for Community Solar Access says the 3-1 vote ignored the will of the California Legislature and the broad coalition of ratepayer, equity, environmental, labor, agricultural, and business groups who have demanded a functional community solar program for more than a decade.

CPUC’s revised proposed decision could decimate California’s community solar market

Just as an increasing number of states are implementing pro-active community solar policies, the California Public Utilities Commission is set to vote on a revised proposed decision that fails to seize on the opportunity to create a vibrant market, according to the Coalition for Community Solar Access.

Texas is the proving ground for a new way of electric grid operation

Texas is uniquely suited to adopt virtual power plant technology due to its competitive, deregulated market. Its success highlights the “perverse incentive” of vertically integrated utilities in other states to make capital expenditures without discretion to raise profits.


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