Seasonal patterns show a need for more solar in the U.S. electricity mix

An abundance of hydroelectric power and wind is pushing up renewable energy in the spring months, but there is a need for more power during the summer peak, as well as issues with the geographic location of resources.

California regulators choose clean energy and storage over existing gas plants

CPUC has turned down a request by Calpine for lucrative contracts for three gas plants and ordered PG&E to hold a solicitation for energy storage and/or “preferred resources” instead.

AES and Siemens launch energy storage platform with world’s largest li-ion battery

Collaboration between the U.S. energy firm and the German power electronics giant officially licensed on January 1, as details of a massive 100 MW/400 MWh lithium-ion battery storage project in California announced.

Solaria raises $23 million, will triple manufacturing capacities

The high-efficiency PV maker plans to expand its annual production capacity to 300 MW by the end of 2018, with more production in both the United States and South Korea.


Nearly 500 MW of large batteries installed on the U.S. grid in three years (w/ chart)

The latest report from the U.S. Department of Energy finds an acceleration in the deployment of batteries over the last three years, dominated by lithium ion technology.

California is already getting 30% of its power from RPS renewables (w/ chart)

The latest report from the California Energy Commission shows that the state is within striking distance of its 33% by 2020 renewable energy mandate, with solar providing more than a third of RPS-eligible power.

Utility-scale solar doesn’t have to impinge on agricultural lands in California

A new study highlights four alternative types of land that would allow the state’s fertile Great Central Valley and utility-scale solar installations to co-exist in harmony.

Renewables rise to meet 38% of demand on California’s grid in 2017 (w/ chart)

The latest data shows renewables surging in California, as the state’s grid operator moves to become its own reliability coordinator

From the editor: Renewable energy and information pollution

A recent article in Bloomberg View illustrates clearly the mythology and misinformation that abounds regarding renewable energy, which in many cases is spread by the media.

The top 5 solar stories of 2017

In this article pv magazine USA looks at the big themes over the course of what has been a difficult year for the U.S. solar industry.

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