SunPower borrows $110 million to refinance

The PV maker plans to pay off the high-interest mezzanine loan with revenue from its residential lease portfolio.

Getting regionalization right: an interview with Lauren Navarro, EDF

In this pv magazine exclusive interview, Lauren Navarro of Environmental Defense Fund provides insights into AB 813, a bill to allow California to participate in the creation of a regional grid in the Western United States.

A plan for California to kick the gas habit

A set of analysis by the Union of Concerned Scientists show distinct pathways for California to lower its total gas plants from 89 units today, down to 33 units. The analysis suggests a combination of 25 GW of solar, wind, storage and more.

The future of California’s grid waits on two bills

Clean energy advocates are trying to move a bill mandating 100% renewable and zero-carbon electricity and a separate bill to clear the way for regionalization of the power grid before the end of the state’s legislative session.


Sunrun hits new heights in Q2 results

The quarter’s 91 MW is the highest volume deployed to date and confirms its place as the nation’s largest residential solar company, as new IRS rules provide benefits beyond 2020.


California has only one fossil fuel plant in its future queue

CAISO’s most recent interconnection queue contains one lone gas plant. While this list can change, it reinforces the trend of a move away from conventional generation towards renewables.

Vivint Solar on a growth path again in Q2

The residential solar company unveiled a novel financing deal and grew installations and bookings, but is still struggling to reduce installation costs.

Challenges for batteries in the California fire code

A supplement to the California fired code has added a number of new requirements for stationary lithium ion batteries.

Ex-SolarCity employees allege discrimination, harassment and fake sales reports

The Tesla-owned company finds itself again in legal hot water as a suit brought by ex-employees describes a disturbing workplace culture.


Enphase within striking distance of profitability in Q2 results

The company has brought its operating margin to below -1%, as it fends off component shortages, short sellers and potential tariffs.


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