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Sunrise brief: Consider maximizing California’s front-of-meter distributed solar

Also on the rise: Fluence Energy achieves profitability, posts 85% revenue growth. New York State hits a milestone with 2 GW of community solar installed. And more.

Consider maximizing California’s front-of-meter distributed solar, advocates say

California should evaluate front-of-the-meter distributed solar on an equal footing with transmission-connected utility-scale solar and behind-the-meter solar, not as an afterthought, say several advocacy groups.

Los Angeles looks to expand community solar to lower-income customers

Expanding community solar is among the strategies that would help the Los Angeles municipal utility improve equity, found a study led by NREL and UCLA.

U.S. utility’s sagging electricity line sparked 2022 wildfire, media reports

A sagging electricity line managed by major Californian utility Southern California Edison (SCE) is alleged to have caused a 2022 wildfire which led to two deaths, local media reports. An SCE spokesperson tells pv magazine the company cooperated with Californian authorities during its review of the blaze.

California slashes rooftop solar export compensation for renters, schools, farms

The California Public Utilities Commission made yet another ruling to harm the value of rooftop solar and create beneficial market opportunities for the state’s large investor-owned utilities.

Sunrise brief: California aims to absorb renewable generation with flexible demand appliances 

Also on the rise: Long-duration storage and renewables can cut global industrial emissions by 65%. DSD Renewables secures $250 million strategic investment. And more.

U.S.-sourced 500 MW solar / 1 GWh storage project in California achieves operations

Intersect Power achieved commercial operations for the project that includes 250 MW of 4-hour duration energy storage on site.

California aims to absorb renewable generation with flexible demand appliances

California plans to shift 3 GW of load from dirtier, more expensive times of day to cleaner, less expensive times by setting flexible demand standards for many types of electric appliances. Global interest in California’s work is high, said a state agency commissioner.


Sunrise brief: California rooftop solar policy struggles serve as warning to nation

Also on the rise: Shoals posts 48% year-over-year growth in record quarter. Strategies to deploying solar in underserved communities. And more.

California rooftop solar policy struggles serve as warning to nation

In the pv magazine Roundtables US 2023 live event, four expert panelists shared their views on the post-NEM 3.0 California rooftop solar market, and how energy storage will need to play an increasingly important role.


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