California board votes to limit who can install energy storage

The vote by a committee of the Contractor State License Board was not the worst outcome, but it begins a process to limit the kind of energy storage systems that solar installers who do not have an electrician’s license can put online.


Hawaii, Massachusetts shine in energy storage rankings

Hawaii and Massachusetts utilities represented six of the top 10 for per-customer watts of energy storage deployment, with Kaua’i knocking it out of the park.

Massachusetts’ (proposed) solar home mandate, Capital Dynamics acquires 180 MW: pvMB 8/7/19

Welcome one and all to the first Hump Day MB of August. Today we’ll be looking at Pivot Energy’s 25 MW community portfolio award, Vision Solar’s expansion and the success of Lightsail 2!

Duke keeps rolling in 2019 with a strong second quarter

Duke Energy’s financial results for Q2 2019 results show strong earnings, driven partially by the exponential year-to-year growth of the commercial renewables sector, as well as a short-term forecast of PV development.

Bankrupt PG&E trading time for solar and storage discounts

Pacific Gas and Electric Company has requested that its bankruptcy court judge approve a 10% and 11% reduction on five contracts for solar and storage projects under development, in exchange for extensions ranging from 12 to 24 months to deliver working projects.


California city seeks “community microgrid” to defend against fire season

Calistoga, California has begun a feasibility analysis with Clean Coalition to build a “community microgrid” to power the city during times of high fire danger when PG&E proactively shuts off its power.


California could restrict who can install energy storage

CALSSA says that a pending vote by the Contractors State License Board which could restrict most solar contractors from installing batteries could have “catastrophic” impacts on the state’s energy storage market.


Wind, solar, batteries and carbon taxes in California and Texas

Researchers show how deploying 60 GW of renewables using various types of energy storage and carbon tax values in California and Texas increase CO2 reductions, while lowering electricity curtailment – but in vastly different amounts.

California gas plant to be re-powered with batteries + solar

For the second time in a month a fossil fuel-fired power plant in California is set to be replaced by a battery powered by a solar, including distributed solar. A small portion of the former plant will be retained.


345 MWh energy storage investment seen as a low risk growth strategy

Southern Company has partnered with esVolta in development of four energy storage projects totaling more than 86 MW / 345 MWh located in California.


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