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Energy Storage

Lithium-ion battery fire danger causes recall of 433,000 solar LED umbrellas

The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission and Health Canada issued a joint recall for patio umbrellas due to fires caused by the lithium-ion batteries. overheating


Pacific Gas & Electric calls for participation in Tesla virtual power plant pilot

California residents who own a Tesla Powerwall can take part in the emergency load reduction program pilot, which could become the largest distributed battery resource in the world.


Sunrise brief: Senator Schumer–Prioritize sweeping clean energy legislation

Also on the rise: Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and colleagues questioned the emergency declaration. First Solar lands order from National Grid for 2 GW of solar modules. And more.

Sunrise brief: Renewables may replace hydro dams to restore endangered salmon

Also on the rise: Construction complete on largest solar farm in Nebraska. Renewable Energy Test Center releases 2022 Module Index Report. Job moves. And more.

Renewables may replace hydro dams to restore endangered salmon

In a race between governmental processes and the process of extinction, top elected officials in Washington State consider replacing hydro dams with solar and wind in an attempt to save the salmon.


Sunrise brief: Consortium commits to spending $6 billion on US-made solar modules 

Also on the rise: Utility Dominion Energy Virginia enters rooftop solar space. New “on demand” rooftop solar investing platform. And more.

Sunrise brief: Environmental group calls on PG&E to design grid around distributed rooftop solar

Also on the rise: $27 million in land lease payments for two solar facilities on public land. Strategy announced for preventing the importation of goods mined or produced using forced labor from the Chinese region of Xinjiang. And more.

Sesame Solar mobile nanogrids powered by solar and green hydrogen

Climate resilience solutions come pre-fabricated to generate clean, off-grid power for essential services and emergency response needs.

Sunrise brief: Residential solar offers price certainty in chaotic electricity markets

Also on the rise: ZiGGY the robot that comes when your EV needs a charge. Why every state can learn from Hawai‘i’s solar journey. And more.


Alsym Energy emerges from stealth mode to introduce non-flammable batteries

Alsym’s batteries, made from readily available materials without lithium or cobalt, will be produced for electric vehicles, stationary storage, and marine applications.


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