Entergy sells Louisiana’s largest solar project, completes the state’s largest rooftop project

The two big solar announcements come on the heels of Entergy’s new commitment to achieve “net-zero emissions” by 2050, even though these plans still rely heavily on natural gas generation.

Hiring for solar jobs during a pandemic

In spite of industry-wide job loss and economic slowdown associated with the pandemic, Kevin Gillespie, President of Headline Solar, shares how he has actually been able to make new hires and keep his business not just operating, but thriving.

EagleView promises to cut a week off of residential PV project time through aerial imagery

Aerial imagery company, EagleView, is looking to leverage years of experience working in the insurance industry and for municipal governments into becoming the ‘gold standard’ for solar aerial imaging.

Cutter Rail: Clenergy’s new mounting system just made for installers

Solar industry participants have produced a new Australian-manufactured rail for PV modules that has been engineered to ensure safety and longevity, while catering to the needs of installers who work on residential and commercial rooftop projects.

GE, Shell looking for exits as clean energy transition accelerates

The two energy giants have announced their intent to pivot away from fossil fuel generating assets and expand their renewable footprints.

North America’s first lithium-ion battery recycling hub is coming to New York

Li-Cycle, a Canadian battery recycling firm, has chosen Rochester as the home for its planned $175 million recycling facility, which promises to deliver recycled battery materials, beyond just lithium-ion, at market scale.


Duke University buys 101 MW of solar from Duke Energy

Three projects across North Carolina are being developed to fulfill a new agreement between Duke Energy and Duke University, under the utility’s Green Source Advantage program. The university is the first academic institution to come to terms on a renewable power contract under the program.

Facebook doubles down on renewable commitment in Utah with 235 MW in solar contracts

Facebook now has contracts for 694 MW of solar power in Utah (63% of the state’s solar generation capacity) in its pursuit of becoming entirely renewably-powered by the end of this year.

8minute Solar Energy inks contract for one of the nation’s largest solar + storage projects

With 400 MW of solar capacity, complimented by 180 MW/540 MWh of energy storage, the Rexford 1 Solar & Storage Center is a development of considerable size. The project now has an energy offtaker, with 8minute signing a 15-year contract with Clean Power Alliance.

Yann Brandt: WoodMac’s residential solar finance forecast is ‘worst forecast of 2020’

A recent report by Wood Mackenzie has asserted that U.S. residential solar finance will “falter” in 2020 has been dubbed the “worst forecast of 2020” by a prominent industry figure. And while the market seems to be sustaining financial health, decreasing installation figures could be cause for concern.