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Facebook brings more solar to Virginia & North Carolina

Dominion is building three solar projects and acquiring two more completed plants. Add in one recently completed, and the utility will be supplying 350 MWac to feed the tech giant’s desire for emissions-free electricity.

California just made more clean energy than it needed

The state’s grid operator has shown that for most of the period between 1:50 PM and 3:05 PM on Sunday April 21, more CO2-free electricity than users demanded was generated in the region it covers.


Solar+storage can outcompete “mid-merit” gas units, not just peakers

Solar plus storage can deliver, at lower cost, the same generation profile as “mid-merit” gas generating units in a number of cases studied, per an analysis published by Fluence.

Sunrun: 2, paperwork: 0

A federal ruling granting waivers to generator filings for distributed PV systems could open the door for Sunrun and other companies to sell power from rooftop solar into wholesale power markets.


Solar powered tent eviction, solar worker death, 100% revolutions: pvMB 4/19/18

Welcome to the pvMB. Today we also bring you ComEd’s success with a community microgrid on the South Side of Chicago, Montana State’s solar car.

New York’s VDER gets a few tweaks

New York State regulators have issued an order that advocates believe will increase the ability of large solar power projects to get financing, including allowing anchor tenants on community solar projects, increased compensation for upstate projects, more predictable compensation, and small commercial net metering for those that install before 2020.

2 GW of pumped hydro storage proposed for Arizona

Of Earth’s 500,000 potential sites for closed-loop pumped hydro storage, the largest U.S. site under development is in Arizona. If the project is built, the potential for pairing with solar could open new opportunities for solar development.


2/3 of U.S. voters say 100% renewable electricity by 2030 is important

Next to funding innovation, a 100% renewable energy mandate was considered the most important of several options for fighting climate change in a new poll. However, climate competes with many other issues.


GameChange awarded monster tracker deals across the United States

In what has been an explosive start to the year for the company, GameChange Solar has announced deals that could potentially position the company among the top five global tracker suppliers.

Big solar coming (back) to Montana, banks feeling the heat over alleged DC Solar ponzi scheme: pvMB 4/18/19

Welcome to pv magazine USA’s morning brief. Today we bring you SunGrow’s new energy storage system, potential changes to the prime farmland rule in North Dakota, and PosiGen raising $20 million to deploy low- and middle-income solar.


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