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In case you missed it: Five big solar stories in the news this week

pv magazine USA spotlights news of the past week including market trends, project updates, policy changes and more.

All indoor PV technologies at a glance

A review of indoor PV cell technologies by an international research team delves into recent progress, characterization, and design strategies used to develop highly efficient cells. The study presents 250 commercial and laboratory devices, as well as applications and performance reporting.

Sunrise brief: Protecting smart inverters from cyberattack

Also on the rise: Texas solar shines through Tropical Storm Beryl. Generac and Enphase release new EV chargers. And more.

Generac introduces residential EV charger

The Level 2 charger offers between 25 and 30 miles of charge per hour.

Enphase Energy releases EV charger for commercial fleets

The CS-100 provides up to 19.2 kW of continuous power output and enables the fleet operator to set up charging schedules using the Enphase proprietary COSMOS interface.

GoodWe unveils double-glass TOPCon bifacial solar modules

GoodWe has developed new double-glass tunnel oxide passivated contact (TOPCon) bifacial solar modules for its Polaris series, available in 530 W and 580 W variants.

Solar panel cleaning with electromagnetic waves

Three companies, including Massachusetts startup Sol Clarity, are experimenting with electrodynamic screen systems to clean solar panels using minimal electricity and no water.

Anker launches new all-in-one home storage solution

Anker has developed a new all-in-one home storage solution with up to 30 kWh of capacity, available in single-phase and three-phase configurations.

Transfer switch for home solar power integration

Nature’s Generator now offers a 50-amp, 12-circuit switch to manually power up selected circuits from backup system.

Sunrise brief: California approves 525 MWac of solar and 320 MW of geothermal

Also on the rise: Global solar installations to nearly quadruple by 2033. Vineyard installs solar to keep distillery warehouse cool. And more.

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