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Sunrise brief: Ohio board approves 577 MW solar project, GM drives ahead with EV charging deals

Also on the rise: An AC battery that works without an inverter, Mexico plans a big solar project south of Arizona, and SolarApp+ launches as a one-stop shop for automated permits.

Factorial achieves capacity retention milestone for its solid-state technology

The first startup to reach the 40 Amp-hour benchmark for a solid-state cell has now achieved a breakthrough capacity retention rate of 97.3% after 675 cycles.


Sunfig’s goal: Simplify project design optimization

Promising a 5-to-15% increase in returns for utility-scale solar projects, Sunfig’s SIFT can evaluate multiple layouts, site conditions, performance goals, and financial models to deliver a range of project configurations.

In high tide or low tide, solar plus storage by your side

With apologies to Bob Marley, we take a look at a solar-powered yacht that represents part of a larger push to decarbonize the shipping industry.


Solar 101: Accessorize your rooftop PV with batteries, panels, and EV chargers

Rooftop solar is just the start, as energy storage, smart electrical panels, and EV chargers enter the mainstream for solar owners. Here’s a guide to matching your solar array with some of the most popular accessories.


Sunrise brief: Ohio has public hearings for 350 MW of solar

Also on the rise: Solar Alliance and Boyd CAT form a partnership and open an office in Kentucky, Heliogen and Athena Technologies announce business combination, NYSE listing.

Do engineers dream of solar panel efficiency?

A true next generation of solar cell technology is upon us. It is time to contemplate the benefits.


Solar 101: How to ‘Goldilocks’ your solar project to make it just the right size

Too big? Too small? Just right? Many factors need to be considered when deciding how large or small to make your rooftop solar array. Here are our pro tips.


Urban Electric Power’s long-term storage solution takes battery storage back to the basics

Using a modified version of the same technology used in AA batteries, Urban Electric Power was accepted into EPRI’s Incubatenergy Labs program to prove their technology’s worth in front of some of the nation’s top utilities.


Reinventing utility scale solar from the ground up – literally!

Erthos forgoes tracking mounts and installs utility-scale solar directly on the dirt.


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