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Energy Management Systems

Palmetto launches Instant Proposal service

Using data from Mapdwell, Palmetto can now generate and design a residential solar system proposal in a minute.

Q CELLS, Samsung enter into ‘Zero Energy Home’ partnership

By combining hardware and software platforms, the two aim to create ‘zero energy homes,’ where energy is produced and used optimally on-site.

National labs identify priorities in modernizing U.S. electricity markets

The effort aims to provide foundational technical assistance to ISOs and RTOs that regulate about 70% of U.S. electricity sales.

Sunrise brief: Sempra and NREL agree to advance net-zero energy systems

Also on the rise: NB Power adds more solar in the Canadian Maritimes, Leyline Renewable finances solar in Washington, D.C., big cuts reported in CO2 emissions from power production, and Schlumberger and Panasonic partner on a novel lithium extraction process.

Li-Cycle announces partnership with Renewance, first western ‘Spoke’ plant

The two companies will work together to deliver a safe, sustainable, and cost-effective lithium-ion battery recycling solution for end-of-life energy storage systems.

California explores real-time retail pricing to enable more renewables

Widespread demand flexibility is seen as vital for California to reach its renewables goal. Real-time electricity pricing is one tool being considered.

Enteligent offers rapid shutdown module with power optimization

The startup’s rapid shutdown device is bolstered by what it said is robust power optimization.

Watch: DOE will work with 11 vulnerable communities to bolster their energy infrastructure

The Energy Department said that remote coastal and island communities often face high energy costs and vulnerable energy infrastructure due to their increased risk of natural disasters and climate change.

Duke Energy consolidates its renewable energy offerings under one brand

Duke Energy Sustainable Solutions will unify products and services offered by several subsidiaries to help companies achieve clean energy and resilient infrastructure solutions.

RPI launches energy institute with backing from Siemens and Lutron Electronics

The New York City-based institute will link architectural design and engineering to create infrastructure that is both net-zero in energy use and climate resilient.

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