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Energy Management Systems

Sunrise brief: WoodMac predicts 270 GW of new global PV capacity in 2023

Also on the rise: The economics of solar grazing. SMA America debuts home energy storage solution. And more.

SMA America debuts home energy storage solution

The Sunny Boy Smart Energy hybrid inverter is at the heart of the energy storage solution and it can be equipped with SMA’s Backup Secure to control the home’s energy, sending it to chosen appliances when needed.

Electric lawn equipment stored in a solar-powered tool shed

SunVilla announced the launch of its Smart Yard power station, a 6.4 kWh power capacity semi-solid state battery system which features a 3.8 kW output from batteries and 100-200 Watt solar modules mounted on a tool shed to charge electric systems and provide storage for lawn equipment.


Panasonic introduces new generation home battery

The EverVolt home battery supports both DC and AC coupling for new and existing solar arrays.


Bidgely releases hourly grid-monitoring distributed energy tool

An energy data software start-up company has released the 8760 Energy Model, a data set and report that provides utilities and industry stakeholders with behind-the-meter energy data tracked at the hourly level throughout the year.

Solar Earnings Recap: SunPower, Sunrun and SolarEdge

pv magazine USA’s recap of notable upstream solar, integrated solar, finance and rooftop installers that reported quarterly or fiscal year earnings over the last week.

HVAC, lighting and solar integrator raises Series E round

The add-on funding brings the energy services company’s cumulative Series E round to $250 million, and represents a significant step towards expanding Redaptive’s offerings and procuring new customers, the company said.


LG launches U.S. residential energy storage system

The new residential storage system connects two 10-hour batteries or 16-hour Prime battery modules in parallel to offer a capacity of 19.2 kWh to 32 kWh, with a maximum output of 9.6kW from the inverter.


SunPower paid customers via app to support the grid at peak demand

In a virtual power plant partnership with OhmConnect, SunPower customers can earn rewards for managing electricity use during peak electricity demand hours.


Electriq Power secures financing to support Sustainable Community Networks in California

$300 million in financing will help enable access to zero-up-front-cost, clean energy systems for California homeowners.

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