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Energy Management Systems

Sunrise brief: Opposition stymies solar – sometimes

Also on the rise: Solar and wind powered boat’s final voyage across the sea. Active Surfaces raises $5.6 million to develop ‘solar 2.0’. And more.

Renew Home launches with virtual power plant solution

Through the partnership of Google Nest Renew and OhmConnect, Renew Home, has a goal of expanding from 3 GW of electrical energy use to 50 GW by 2030.

Enphase Energy releases control software for home solar, battery systems

Enphase Energy, a California-based microinverter specialist, says its new power control system will give North American customers that use its energy systems more flexibility to build larger projects.

California’s electricity multi-crisis can be aided by virtual power plants

By operating distributed resources like solar, batteries and demand response devices in concert, California ratepayers could be paid $500 to $1,000 per year while improving resource adequacy.

Sunrise brief: Solar industry needs better data gathering and predictions

Also on the rise: Solar equipment distributor announces business close, inventory clearance. Solving the challenges of a growing EV industry. And more.

A “Swiss Army Knife” for home energy management

FranklinWH chief commercial officer Vincent Ambrose met with pv magazine USA to share his view of the evolving home energy storage industry.

Sunnova Adaptive Home to feature Lumin Smart Panel

The Lumin app lets homeowners monitor their energy use, create on- and off-grid circuit management schedules and automate time-of-use rate avoidance.

Homeowners improve solar plus battery payback period with virtual power plants

Virtual power plants (VPP) coordinate home energy resources, dispatching power to the grid at key times of high electricity demand in exchange for compensation.

Who’s on top of the residential solar-plus-storage market?

Wood Mackenzie’s new leaderboard ranks battery manufacturers and solar-plus-storage installers. Recent findings show that three companies have held 80% of the market since 2018, but that tide is turning as new providers enter the growing market.

Sunrise brief: WoodMac predicts 270 GW of new global PV capacity in 2023

Also on the rise: The economics of solar grazing. SMA America debuts home energy storage solution. And more.

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