Energy Management Systems

Think we can’t place a value on resilience? Think again

A new critical load tiering approach solves the elusive value-of-resilience challenge and facilitates the proliferation of solar-driven microgrids.

Construction of the world’s largest apartment complex VPP fleet starts next week

Soleil Energy, the EPC arm of the Wasatch Group, is beginning construction on a revolutionary virtual power plant program located on California apartment complex rooftops — with the roofs acting as community-based peaker plants.

Software could have prevented California’s rolling blackouts

Load flexibility software does what utilities and grid operators have been begging and pleading for homeowners to do manually.


Clean energy VC funding roundup: Nuclear fusion, utility-solar foundations, electric trucks, smart metering

Investors continue to invest and clean energy entrepreneurs continue to innovate — despite global setbacks. Here are four companies that won more than $45 million in funding in recent days — ranging across the cleantech spectrum. Plus $1.9 billion for Elon Musk’s SpaceX.

Money Talks: California residents earn big bucks for easing grid strain

As California’s energy crisis rages, one company has been paying customers handsomely to to power down in times of peak strain on the grid.


Morning Brief: AES expects Fluence to generate $500 million this year, Distributed Solar Development acquires Massachusetts community portfolio

Also in the brief: solar coming to coal country in Pennsylvania, Stellar Solar brings in NBA legend Bill Walton as an advocate for the company and more.

Goldin Solar gives a look at Tesla’s newest energy management offering

pv magazine spoke with Goldin Solar CEO Daren Goldin about what sets the new Tesla Backup Gateway 2 apart from its predecessor and what it means for the future of distributed energy management.

Amber Solutions is betting big on small tech

In pursuit of “disrupting the global electrical and powered products industries” Amber Solutions has developed a solid-state AC/DC enabler, as well as an AC switch, which the company claims allows for greater reliability and control than anything like it before.

The U.S. installed more microgrids in 2019 than ever before

While then vast majority of microgrid projects are still for distributed fossil generation, the share of renewable microgrids is rising, driven by high-volume adopters, like The Red Cross.

LF Energy and the pursuit of a modularized grid

In hopes of creating a grid that is modular, flexible and more resilient than the current one, LF Energy has launched its Digital Substation Automation Systems initiative, which looks to make interoperable substations that are both hardware and software agnostic.

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