Utah PSC decides to lower export rate, impacting a recovering rooftop solar industry

In a long-fought battle, Utah’s PSC just decided to lower the rooftop solar export credit rate from 9.2¢/kWh to about 5.8¢/kWh. Both solar advocates and the utility are expected to be unhappy with the decision.

Morning Brief: Tesla working with Panasonic on 4680 battery cell pilot line at Giga Nevada, Another profitable quarter for Freedom Solar

Also in the brief: The Trump administration is burying dozens of studies detailing the promise of renewable energy, Kansas utility goes for “grid access” charge, plus sonnen working with Stanford

What Tesla’s solar pricing strategy tells us about how to thrive during market disruption

And how has homeowner thinking changed since the pandemic?


Breaking: PanelClaw acquired by Esdec in a consolidating solar racking market

The solar racking market has quiet revenues of billions of dollars and continues to consolidate — driven by equity firms such as Esdec and Tenex. The market segment has become a small hotbed of M&A.

SunPower raises guidance after solid Q3 driven by energy storage, new homes and new ways of selling solar

It took a pandemic, but the residential solar and storage industry has finally figured out how to lower customer acquisition costs. SunPower is seeing residential storage attach rates greater than 20% in California.

Morning Brief: Solar FlexRack goes Northeast, Aggreko delivers grid stability, Namasté Solar and Solaris win up to 10 MW of PV at CSU

Also in the brief: The Trump administration is burying dozens of studies detailing the promise of renewable energy, plus battery stewardship and recycling

Leader of Swinerton Renewable Energy speaks on construction, solar projects and warfare logistics

The head of EPC Swinerton Renewable Energy: “We look at a solar project as somewhere between warfare logistics, with thousands of people and trucks driving into the middle of nowhere, and a manufacturing facility. Somewhere between there lies a utility-scale solar project.”

Morning Brief: The Trump administration is burying dozens of studies detailing the promise of renewable energy

Also in the brief: Global solar PV installations to hit 115 GWdc in 2020, Trump’s pullback of pollution controls is even more hazardous than you think.


One size does not fit all female residential solar adopters

Solar marketing has a gender gap, says Matthew Hirsch, chief marketing officer at TerraCurrent. To sharpen its messaging toward women, the industry needs to consider the various social factors involved in converting female leads into customers and brand champions.

Solar startup wins $7.6 million in VC funding for innovative ribbon silicon furnaces

Leading Edge Equipment Technologies falls in the kerfless solar wafer or direct solar wafer category. According to the company, its “drop-in” manufacturing technology reduces wafer costs by 50%, increases commercial solar panel power by up to 7%, and reduces manufacturing emissions by over 50%. It’s the emissions piece that might be winning over investors.

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