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Over 3 GW of solar panels have been held in US customs under forced labor law

ROTH Capital Partners reports 3 GW have been seized under enforcement of the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act.


Global energy storage deployment may reach 500 GW by 2031

Wood Mackenzie forecasts the US and China will represent 75% of global demand in a highly consolidated market.

Global solar capacity to grow 30% this year, said analyst

Bloomberg senior clean energy analyst Rob Barnett forecasts a 30% increase in global PV deployment this year, and double-digit growth through 2025.

Sunrise Brief: US nears 50% emission-free electricity, wind and solar set records

Also on the rise: Just one solar panel offsets the carbon emissions equivalent of 10 trees. Diversifying the solar supply chain necessary to meet climate goals. And more.

Solar tariffs are not the answer

As energy touches all aspects of our economy, tariffs compromise the ability of solar to provide inexpensive, clean energy. Michael Lamb, chief executive of New Power Partners tackles the problem of US tariffs imposed on Chinese solar goods.


Diversifying the solar supply chain necessary to meet climate goals

IEA report looks at how government policies boosted China’s solar manufacturing and can do the same in other parts of the world.


Polysilicon prices rise over 200% in 2022 amid supply shortages

Polysilicon, a key material in the creation of solar panels, has undergone steady price climbs as output has been cut for a variety of reasons.

Sunrise brief: Reports reveal which manufacturer is believed to have product seized under UFLPA

Also on the rise: California launches incentive program for cities to adopt SolarApp+. Enel launches EV charging network business. And more.

Solar tariff moratorium creates upside, but supply challenges still loom

Wood Mackenzie boosted its utility-scale solar deployment forecast following the executive branch two-year pause on antidumping tariffs, but the uncertainty caused a latent effect on the industry. Plus, other uncertainties persist.

Sunrise brief: Groundbreaking ruling in California simplifies grid connection process for distributed solar and storage

Also on the rise: Single axis trackers on a commercial rooftop increase generation 37%. Tesla Powerwall owners called to take part in the emergency load reduction program pilot. And more.