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Huawei and Locus to monitor residential solar power from Amazon’s cloud

The three companies are coming together to monitor Huawei’s competitor to SolarEdge and Enphase: the FusionHome Smart Energy Solution.

Blockchain for energy raises $150 million in January

GTM Research shows $300 million raised by 122 blockchain companies since the second quarter of 2017. 50 of those companies are less than a year old.

New systems could help HECO add more rooftop PV

The Hawaiian utility, which has at times struggled with the state’s increasingly overwhelming rooftop PV penetration, hopes the new voltage regulators and management software might alleviate some of the grid congestion.

RMI tool helps businesses pick the right spot for solar

Most experienced installers know where the best spots are to install solar arrays on a project, but sometimes business owners struggle to understand. The Rocky Mountain Institute has developed a tool to help them.

New technology streamlines residential solar+storage installation supply

Empower Micro Systems launched the next-generation Genesys 8K™ modular smart home energy platform, whose stripped-down MLPE architecture makes it fast to install, delivering power to homeowners more rapidly and at lower cost.

Guest column: Balancing access to electricity data and privacy concerns

Digital technology is deployed on the electric grid to make it “smarter,” allowing two-way communication and the transferring of data. This information enables customers to manage electricity costs, makes the grid more reliable, and provides third party providers with the information they need to produce innovative energy products and services. But while electricity data gathered by these technologies is beneficial, balancing the privacy of customers is necessary.

New data helps developers see accurate insolation data

Vaisala recently completed the world’s largest solar dataset validation study, which compares observational data from nearly 200 ground stations across six continents with satellite derived irradiance records.

EnergyWakeup: Energy Toolbase’s John Gurski discusses how installers can create smarter proposals

In cooperation with SolarWakeup, pv magazine USA brings you a podcast by EnergyWakeup featuring Energy Toolbase’s John Gurski on how his solar startup can help installers create smarter proposals, leading to more business.

Exosun rolls out robotic solar panel cleaner

Exosun has unveiled a PV panel cleaning robot that offers a waterless “desert-proof, scalable and plug & play solution for effortless and fast module cleaning.”


Vaisala Ships First SP-12 Solar Weather Station

Vaisala has launched a new solar weather station that provides all of the instrumentation required by solar project developers, operators and engineering teams for best practice resource assessment and monitoring.

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