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Fracsun introduces AI-powered solar soiling loss simulator tool

Dust, dirt, and debris can cause losses to solar production. Fracsun introduced software for measuring potential losses at a given project location.

The secret to keeping a highly renewable island grid stable

It may seem counterintuitive to operators who are familiar with traditional grid management methods, but the key to stabilizing the destabilizing effects of more renewables on the grid is–more renewables.

Startup launches online platform for residential PV system purchase

Two-year old Monalee developed an online platform for homeowners looking to buy solar PV and storage systems. Its software enables the process from quotes to financing, installation and after-sales support.

PVRadar offers solar project risk assessments factoring in historical climate data

PVRadar Labs has expanded its software platform to include PV project risk assessment functionality, reportedly enabling more realistic performance estimates based on historical climate data.

FTC Solar introduces automated hail stow for solar tackers

After collaborating with VDE Americas on studying the impact of hail events on solar installations, FTC developed a hail stow strategy that positions solar modules to minimize the impact from direct hail and wind.


PVFarm launches online tool for early stage PV project planning

U.S.-based PVFarm has released a web-based application for large-scale solar PV project planning at the early stage. It includes real-time energy models and building information model (BIM) features, reportedly supporting PV plant electrical, mechanical, civil, energy, and procurement aspects.

Stem dips on Q1 earnings, announces new solar and storage asset software

Stem Inc, an AI-driven software provider for clean energy solutions, posted a 62% slide in revenues year-over-year while net losses grew.

Sunrise brief: Solar cell prices fall for 3rd consecutive week

Also on the rise: Enphase Energy releases control software for home solar, battery systems. Final rules for renewable energy development on public lands And more.

Enphase Energy releases control software for home solar, battery systems

Enphase Energy, a California-based microinverter specialist, says its new power control system will give North American customers that use its energy systems more flexibility to build larger projects.

Sunrise brief: Focus on impact of eclipse shows significance of solar on the grid

Also on the rise: Free solar projection tool beats commercial competition. Solar on canals to test potential to conserve land and water in West. And more.

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