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FTC Solar unveils Sunops software to enhance solar plant performance

By leveraging tracker analytics, Sunops software is designed to identify and diagnose issues across a solar site, providing actionable insights to help quickly resolve problems. 

Google to sell rooftop solar mapping data

New application programming interfaces (API) datasets from Google are designed for solar marketplace websites, solar installers, SaaS developers, and any user looking to understand rooftop solar potential of a particular address.

Nextracker to deliver 3 GW of trackers to Leeward Renewable Energy

Leeward’s portfolio of 25 wind, solar and energy storage facilities across the United States totals about 2.7 GW of generating capacity, and the company reports that it has another 1.9 GW contracted and 20 GW under development and construction across 100 projects.

Sunrise brief: Meyer Burger to bring 2 GW of solar cell manufacturing to Colorado

Also on the rise: How will the latest change to net metering impact solar adoption in California? Solar contractor tool helps quote roofing and solar in one. And more.

Solar contractor tool helps quote roofing and solar in one

SumoQuote partnered with EagleView to expand its roofing tool to also offer quotes on new solar installations.

Tesla adds a ‘Charge on Solar’ feature to its Powerwall batteries

By selecting the feature in an app, Tesla owners can set their Powerwall to charge their vehicle solely on excess stored solar production.


Ericsson solar-plus-storage microgrid to power Texas 5G station

The mobile networking company is using six bifacial 400 W solar panels assembled with three lithium-ion battery packs on a company rooftop in Plano, Texas.


The top causes of solar performance issues

A staggering 62% of inspected projects were identified to have critical or major issues in a report by HelioVolta.

SolarEdge to integrate Vaillant, Samsung heat pumps with residential PV

SolarEdge is partnering with Vaillant and Samsung to integrate their heat pumps into its home ecosystem. Homeowners will be able to optimize their energy consumption by using excess PV or shifting consumption in accordance with optimal energy rates.

SolarEdge introduces commercial and industrial EV charging platform

The software manages solar-attached charging EVs for sites that require dynamic load management for multiple on-site vehicles.

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