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VC funding in solar 2020: perovskites, silicon and utility-scale foundations, plus lots of software

Here’s a list of solar firms that VCs funded during this pandemic year.

Solar 2020 year in review: Thriving markets despite a pandemic, import tariffs and expensive PV

We cover residential resilience, tariff trouble, big Texas solar, storage everywhere, IPOs, interconnection queues and more in a review of this difficult, ridiculous, successful year. Next year will be better.


World’s largest residential virtual power plant coming from Alphabet-backed SIP and OhmConnect

Like Airbnb, but monetizing spare energy: “The first big step towards opening the door to a massively transactive grid.”


Aurora Solar raises $50M for remote photovoltaic sales and design

This substantial investment signals software’s critical role in driving the mainstream adoption of solar.

What’s the value of your solar resource data?

While the median approach has emerged as a potential remedy to optimistic irradiance assumptions, it is a flawed system, one which can lead to significant cash shortcomings. So how does one get valuable, accurate data?

Intelligent energy management can be the Waze of the grid

The recent FERC order to open the country’s wholesale energy markets to aggregated rooftop solar, batteries and EVs, moves energy management technologies to the forefront of the transitioning electric economy.

Total and Google Cloud develop tool to predict rooftop PV potential

The Solar Mapper uses artificial intelligence algorithms that compile data extracted from satellite images. It can estimate solar site potential and indicate the best technology for the site.


Fluence acquires Advanced Microgrid Solutions, in bid to help customers monetize storage, renewable assets

“Storage is the first truly digital asset that you can put on the electric network. That means the smarter we are with digital, the better job we can do powering the electric network,” Brett Galura, CTO at Fluence said, declining to disclose the acquisition’s price tag.

EagleView promises to cut a week off of residential PV project time through aerial imagery

Aerial imagery company, EagleView, is looking to leverage years of experience working in the insurance industry and for municipal governments into becoming the ‘gold standard’ for solar aerial imaging.

Software is eating renewable power markets: cleantech investment roundup

Here are five companies that have raised more than $50 million in funding in recent days — with an emphasis on solving renewable energy problems with software. Plus a climate change SPAC from Mary Powell and David Crane.


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