Morning Brief: Distributed Solar Development has acquired a community solar portfolio, community outreach in Hawaii

Also in the brief: solar pros running for elected office, Longroad Energy has announced a partnership with Maine’s Unity College, Central Hudson Gas & Electric Corporation has chosen a management platform for its distributed generation program and more.

Morning Brief: Navajo Transitional Energy proposes 200 MW of Solar, Florida adds 150 MW

Also in the brief: battery energy storage is getting cheaper, but how much deployment is too much? GCube Insurance is issuing a renewed warning to renewable energy asset owners about cyberattacks, REC Group’s flagship REC Alpha solar panel has won the Intersolar Award 2020 for photovoltaics, and more.

Energy investment roundup: $50M for drinking water from solar-powered ‘hydropanels’

Also African microgrids, $200 million for solid-state batteries, $20 million for utility field safety, billions for infrastructure, and millions for deep tech.

Did I mention I’m a certified solar installer?

The bullshit women deal with every day. A solar veteran and company founder shares some stories.

Solytic launches solar monitoring platform comparison tool

The Germany-based PV monitoring software startup has released this in-depth industry comparison just three months after announcing its intent to expand its user base tenfold by 2023.

Fluence’s sixth generation of storage technology has over 2 GWh of commitments at launch

Featuring a monitoring system that tracks system performance, a comprehensive operating platform and stackable system design, Fluence claims its new solution is capable of reaching gigawatt-sized deployments while driving project costs down as much as 25%.

Clipsal solar looks to deliver the world’s most customizable energy management platform

Developed to meet the needs of a rapidly-growing distributed energy market and backed by some of the biggest names in the Australian market, the team at Clipsal Solar has developed a platform they say can work with any combination of hardware and resources.

A new Argonne study will use AI to study the relationship between birds and solar projects

Yuki Hamada, an Argonne remote-sensing scientist is leading a three-year study with the end goal of creating a program that can analyze video of solar projects, identify birds that interact with projects from said video and draw conclusions into the solar-bird relationship.


Morning Brief: solar for South Carolina and batteries for Texas

Also in the brief: SolarEdge is expanding its residential and commercial power optimizer portfolio, Monterey Bay Community Power will help local school districts buy electric buses, L7 Drive has launched an energy management platform and more.

Genius hackers attempt to blackmail defunct thin-film solar company

MiaSolé has been the victim of a ransomware attack by a group that has previously targeted Michigan State University, Columbia College of Chicago, Toll Group and Bolloré. What do hackers hope to gain from a defunct company with financially-troubled ownership?

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